VigRX Oil is a herbal massage oil that strengthens your erections with increased blood flow to your penis.


Everyone wants a quick and fast acting results when it comes to male enhancement. VigRX Oil is a topical male enhancement delivering a powerful synergistic blend of ingredients specifically formulated to achieve harder and larger erections. Simply rub VigRX Oil onto your penis prior to sexual intercourse.

VigRX Oil is a fast-acting male enhancement formulation without adverse side-effects, no waiting and DO NOT require time-consuming penis exercises.

VigRX Oil Primary Ingredients

VigRX-Oil-Logo* Epimedium Leaf Extract
* Cuscuta Seed Extract
* Ginkgo Biloba Leaf
* Asian Red Ginseng
* Muira Pauma Bark Extract
* Catuaba Bark Extract
* Hawthorn Berry

Benefits Of Using Topical Performance Enhancer

Quicker and harder erections
Increase blood flow to the penile tissues through peripheral penis tissue vasodilators
Increase sexual drive and stamina through increasing cardiovascular dilation hence improving blood circulation
Boost sexual and self-confidence through improved performance
Achieves better and more intense orgasms
Fast acting due to transdermal delivery system

VigRX Oil is an erection oil to be applied directly to the penis. It has been regarded as a topical viagra. Due to its transdermal delivery system, it makes it very quick for the ingredients to be absorb by the skin upon application. If you want quick enhancement results, this topical male enhancement is a perfect choice.

Transdermal delivery system is a method of applying oils or lubricants directly to the penis. The same method used in drug patches like those nicotine and pain reliever patches. Through its unique formulation, this helps the ingredients to be absorbed by the skin easily and quickly, giving an almost instant results for enhancing a man’s erection size, firmness and improving blood flow throughout the penile area.

VigRX Oil’s all-natural ingredients along with the transdermal delivery system deliver a synergistic blend of ingredients specifically designed to benefit a man’s penile health. This amazing blend of herbal ingredients made this product safe and effective. Furthermore, it has been dermally-tested safe.

How VigRX Oil Male Enhancement Works?

Germany’s new transdermal technologies have made it possible to encapsulate active herbal ingredients into an oil to be applied topically providing an immediate effect. Male enhancement or male erection oils are ideally silky, non-greasy and very well compatible with condoms.

It provides a naturally occurring nutrients and herbal extracts directly to the male organ via a breakthrough method known as the transdermal method. This is the latest scientific development in beneficial nutrient absorption through the skin, so the naturally-derived therapeutic ingredients, botanical extracts, vitamin complexes and antioxidants go straight into the tissues of the penis, creating fast and effective results.

Male enhancement oils are designed to penetrate the deepest layers of the penile tissue and testicles instantaneously, and give noticeable results within 30 to 90 seconds upon application. Because the absorption is direct to the genitals using the transdermal method, 95% of the beneficial ingredients are absorbed, compared to approx 5% to 10% with an herbal capsule or tablet.

Furthermore, it has one other big advantage as it lets you be ready for anything at anytime. The last-minute nature of this product means you can use it right when you need it with nothing else to remember or take.

Male enhancement oils are part of the next generation of sexual products, and are revolutionizing the industry with their effectiveness. Although commonly referred to as oils, many of these products are water-based. VigRX Oil is water-based maintaining its maximum effectiveness when use with condoms. Unlike the oil-based ones, it reduce its effectiveness with latex the material used in condoms.

She(Your Partner) Will Like VigRX Oil Just As You Would

When it comes to sexual intercourse and intimacy, it is essential that both partners should enjoy the experience. Men who are VigRX Oil users are only half the equation as in reality, they’re not the only ones enjoying the experience but their female partners, too. Majority of couples find VigRX Oil to have helped them improve intimacy and consider it more than just a typical sexual lubricant. It’s all-natural, gentle and scintillates both partners genitals.

VigRX Oil is does not cause stickiness causing discomfort or numbness. The natural ingredients in this erection enhancement oil works naturally without harsh side-effects, it’s water based and condom compatible, safe when use for oral sex, and reduces chafing allowing both partners to enjoy longer, more comfortable and intense orgasms.

Survey Results From Men Who Are VigRX Oil Users

The effectiveness and potency of VigRX Oil is steadily renewing men’s sexual life who are using this topical male enhancement regularly.

Using this proven erection enhancement oil is not only rewarding when it comes to results, but also fun especially if you get the partner involved in applying the oil.

Here are the results from the survey conducted from male VigRX Oil users;

91.67% of men have reported to noticeably enjoy sexual intercourse after using the oil

85.04% of men have rated VigRX Oil from High to VERY HIGH when it comes to a level of boost in sexual desire

81.06% of men who previously unable to penetrate sexually were able to do so after using VigRX Oil

80.77% of men who have difficulty maintaining an erection during intercourse were able to maintain when using VigRX Oil

VigRX Oil Guarantee

Every purchase of VigRX oil comes with a 60-day FULL money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not fully satisfied, simply return the bottle within 2 months. You will receive a full 100 percent refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

VigRX-Oil-BenefitsJust as with any products you are interested you might have some common questions about it. Although, details are provided in this article, it would be helpful for some who want a quick look about what the product is all about, and how it it might help them.

Below are frequently asked questions in which VigRX Oil team have gathered.

Q: How does VigRX Oil compare to other topical male enhancements?
A: VigRX Oil formulation is based on natural ingredients. Moreover, there are no reported side effects for those who have used the product, and there were no adverse evidences when it was tested in a laboratory using Acute Dermal Toxicity Test. VigRX Oil offers an almost instant results due to its transdermal delivery system giving added benefits to the skin through the potent and natural herbs is is formulated from.

Q: Can VigRX Oil be use with a condom?
A: YES! It is a 100$ condom compatible and it’s a water-based.

Q: Does VigRX Oil results to oily or greasy residue?
A: Short answer is NO as is scientifically formulated to give immediate absorption into the penis skin tissue without the oiliness and greasiness.

Q: Can it be use during oral sex and is it safe?
A: This topical male enhancement oil is safe to be use during oral sex as it has no synthetics chemicals, artificial colors and fragrance, or photochemical by-products in its formulation. Its natural-based therapeutic ingredients are safe and effective.

Q: How to apply the oil?
A: Application of the oil is easy. Simply massage the VigRX Oil onto the penis shaft until erection is fully achieved. In fact, VigRX Oil can be use as masturbation lube, too.

Q: Can it triggers STD(sexually transmitted disease) complication?
A: VigRX Oil should NOT be use on individuals with Herpes or with other open skin sore in the genitalia areas.

Q: How does a topical male enhancement compare to an enhancement pill?
A: Topical male enhancement oil like VigRX Oil is scientifically formulated to quickly penetrate the innermost later of penile tissues in order to achieve quicker results than pills. As a matter of fact, more or less 95% of VigRX Oil ingredients are absorbed quickly than 5% to 10% absorption rate of a low-quality herbal enhancement pill. Of course, unless you’re taking a natural supplementation like VigRX Plus that contains BIOPERINE for quick and better absorption.

Q: May I know what are the ingredients within VigRX Oil?
A: Definitely! The VigRX Oil team is transparent about ingredients they used in the formulation. Ingredients are proprietary selection of natural and potent herbs and substances blended together to form a safe and effective combination. Click here to learn more about its ingredients.

Q: Does VigRX Oil helps improve sexual performance and erection quality?
A: Yes, it does help improve sexual drive and stamina achieving firmer and longer erections.

Q: Does topical male enhancement helps increase penis size?
A: Due to its properties in boosting erection quality, penis may appear bigger and harder. However, this is not a penis enlargement solution. If you want to achieve a bigger penis in the long-run, you have options like manual exercises, hydro penile pumps, and penis extenders.


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VigRX Oil Gives you a Stronger Erection—Instantly!

VigRX Oil is a herbal massage oil that strengthens your erections with increased blood flow to your penis. It works instantly to provide a harder erection for more pleasurable sex. The active ingredients soak through your skin and enter the bloodstream to provide near-instant results. This product does not cure erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, but it can make you bigger and stronger in bed.

Product Features

VigRX Oil has several important features:

No chemical or artificial ingredients
Instant effects
Condom compatible
100% safe
No exercises
No prescriptions, shots, or painful surgeries

VigRX Oil has all-natural herbal ingredients that have long been trusted aides to men’s health. These ingredients include Aloe Vera Gel, Korean Red Ginseng, Hawthorne Berry, and Gingko Bilboa, among other ingredients. Because these ingredients don’t have any harsh chemical components there are no side-effects to worry about.

This oil feels pleasant as you rub it directly onto your penis right before you have sex. It starts to give you a harder, firmer erection almost immediately by stimulating your blood flow. You can add a condom if you want to, or you can use VigRX Oil as an additional lubricant for direct sexual pleasure.

Because your erection will be firmer it will last longer, which will give you more confidence and stamina in bed. There’s no waiting for the effects like there would be for a pill or a patch, and since applying lubricant is a natural bedroom activity there’s no need for embarrassment, either. You could even get your date to help you apply it!

Some penis enhancement products require strenuous, annoying exercises. Some might advocate dangerous methods like extenders or weights. Some methods require prescriptions, doctor’s visits, injections, or thousands of dollars in painful, expensive surgery that could leave your manhood even worse than it already is. This is a no-pain way to get the kind of results you want in the bedroom.

What Buyers Like About VigRX Oil?

VigRX-Oil-GuaranteeBuyers had some very nice things to say about VigRX Oil:

Bigger erections
More arousal
More staying power in bed
Powerful orgasms
Fair price
Pleasant sensation

Men who tried VigRX Oil reported noticeably bigger erections. A large percentage of men who tried the product who were unable to get erections before trying it were able to achieve erections after trying it.

One man reported the ability to maintain his erection for much longer than he’d ever been able to maintain it before.

One man reported having some of the most powerful orgasms of his life after trying VigRX Oil.

Another man reported a noticeable increase in the length and girth of his erection soon after applying the VigRX Oil.

Several men reported a very pleasant sensation when they rubbed the oil in.

What Buyers Didn’t Like About VigRX Oil

There were a few things that buyers didn’t like about VigRX Oil.

Scant directions
Shipping slowness

One man reported that he found the directions were insufficient to help him be sure how to use the product. He wasn’t sure whether he needed to apply the oil all of the time or before sex only.

One man reported dissatisfaction with the amount of time it took him to get his VigRX Oil, though he didn’t say how long it took. It’s uncertain whether he simply got impatient for his product during a normal amount of shipping time!

VigRX Oil Review

How long have you been bothered by the condition of your penis? If you answer is close to forever, there is this wonderful product that does the magic you’ve been hounding the heavens for. It is none other than the VigRX Oil and all you have to do is to understand what it could do for you. Such review on this product is not all about advertising its usage and benefits but simply giving ease to your torn and tattered self-confidence especially when the moment of truth ends up soft and worthless. A good number of men are experiencing the same worries and this product would be their only hope too.

What is the VigRX Oil all about? This product is made up of several ingredients that aids in lasting erections, increased seminal fluid and minimal premature ejaculations for a lasting night of lovemaking. There is no magic behind its ingredients – Icariin which is used to increase erection; Gingko Biloba which helps the blood circulation through the penis as well as relaxes muscles in the important cylinder of the penis which is the corpus cavernosum; Water; Aloe Vera Gel; Shea Butter; Apricot Kernel Oil; Vegetable Glycerin and Vitamin C to name a few. All these natural ingredients that are infused in the oil have the single purpose of creating longer lasting erections.

This product is known to have immediate solutions to a lagging and boring sex life. The penis immediately becomes rigid and hard and the added bonus here is that after applying a few drops of the VigRX Oil on the entire shaft, one can delay sexual release since the penis gets to stay really firm and erect for a longer duration. All it takes is a few strokes of the heaven-sent oil, intercourse will feel so different since it makes the penis feel smoother and thanks to the instant absorption to the skin, sexual partners would be very amazed at the sudden change.

VigRX Oil – Does It Work?

VigRX oil is an erection oil. It is specially developed to aid supercharge your nitric oxide levels. It sends rounds and rounds of strong herbal ingredients directly to your penile tissues for immediate results. The immediate results are namely:VigRX-Oil-Survey-Results

1. Stronger and bigger erections
2. Rock-hard erections
3. Long lasting erections
4. Fuller, thicker looking penis
5. Intense arousal
6. Intense orgasms

What makes this erection enhancement oil different from a lot of erection oil on the market is its ability to overcome numbness on your lover. It functions once it comes in contact with your penile organ. Erection occurs as a result of blood flow to the penis. What results to the blood flow is nitric oxide. It is this oxide that induces the involuntary muscle of your penis to loosen up, broaden up and becomes congested with blood.

Furthermore on this review, drug firms who produce the well known “small blue pills” have been taking advantage of this strategy for over 10 years now. Some medical experts discovered the function of nitric oxide in erectile performance. The truth is that you do not have to purchase these costly ethical drugs to enhance the levels of nitric oxide and boost your erection quality and lasting power. The reason is because VigRX oil is a safe, cheap and effective means to achieve this aim.

VigRX oil is known to cause no side effects and it is recommended by leading medical doctor. It is made using an enormous with strong rounds and rounds of virile constituents. It contains an interactive mix of herbal concentrates, vitamins, amino acids and aphrodisiacs. All of them are meticulously selected by naturopathic professional for their known functions. VigRX plus does work.

VigRX Oil – The Way VigRX Erection Oils Function

Cutting-edge transdermal technologies have made it possible to encapsulate active, plant-based ingredients into an oil that you can put right to the core of the action – so they produce a result right away. You just massage a little oil onto your male organ, and allow the fun begin. Too good to be true? Nope. Transdermal oils really are effective, and their use as an erection and sexual stamina enhancer is like a match made in heaven.

How it works: Ideally, the oil is silky, rubber-suitable (aka: water based), and not greasy. It imparts naturally occurring nutrients and plant-based extracts straight to the male sexual organ via an advanced method – known as the transdermal method, or in some brands like VigRX Oil, the German Transdermal Delivery system. This is the most advanced scientific advancement in beneficial nutrient absorption through the skin, so the natural beneficial ingredients, herb extracts, vitamin complexes and antioxidants go at once to the tissues of the male organ – quick, specifically targeted, and at once active. Satisfactory-quality oils in this category should yield more penile hardness, an increase in penile tissue engorgement, a longer-lasting erection, and a far reduced incidence of premature ejaculation.

So how are these oils different from an oral tablet for male enhancement? Enhancement oils are designed to pass through the deepest layers of the penile tissue and testicles instantly, and give obvious results within 30 – 90 seconds. Because the absorption is right to the genitals using the transdermal method, almost 100% of the beneficial ingredients are absorbed, compared to only about 5 to 10% with plant-based capsule or tablet. The other perk: It allows you to be ready for anything! The instant nature of this brand means you can use it right when you need it with nothing else to remember or take.

Male enhancement oils are part of the next generation of sexual brands, and are revolutionizing the industry with their effectiveness. Even though commonly called oils, many of these brands are water-based. If you’re going to be using your “oil” with condoms, be sure the product you choose is water based as oil based products diminish the effectiveness of latex. If you are not sure which brands are okay to use with latex, we suggest you try VigRX Oil. The ingredients vary broadly by company, but can include a number of non-synthetic plant-based pharmaceuticals, vitamins, amino acids and taste enhancers. One of the main ingredients in helping with the sexual improvement is L-Arginine, an amino acid which turns into to nitric oxide, a basic building block to the cycle of orgasm in men. A couple of other excellent benchmarks of distinction are the means of manufacture and the longevity of the maker, that is, how long they’ve been in business.

Since oils are one of the most effortless and most fun products to test, the primary method to find out about them is just by using them. For all-around effectiveness and Q.C., we like VigRX Oil, made by the same manufacturer as the most sought after male oral supplement available, VigRX pills. The standards for a good oil are all met by VigRX Oil.

Questions About VigRX Oil Topical Erection Oil

What is contained in topical erection oils?

The formulations vary by manufacturer as to their exact components. They may contain herbs, vitamins and minerals , amino acids and some other pure components. Scan for an announcement that verifies the brands purity and effectiveness, and also for information about the transdermal delivery of ingredients. Preparations without the careful requisites for transdermal delivery may not be as adequate.

In what way do topical erection oils measure up against Viagra? Numerous consequences are in reality alike, nevertheless, topical erection oils are obtainable in transdermal form, and are spread onto the penis, hence in contrast to Viagra, one doesn’t swallow anything. An advantage to this is that topical oil works promptly – within seconds – considering there is no waiting for a substance to be absorbed into the digestive system. Next, topical erection oils are non-synthetic, based on traditional herbs and modern transdermal technology. This means you can get the preparation without need for a doctors order, there are no bad reactions. Erection oils are potent and far cheaper than prescription drugs. Are topical erection oils condom-compatible? This differs from product to product, as well as the type of rubber you are using. Latex condoms mustn’t be used with oil, so if this is a concern, look for preparations that do not include petroleum jelly or mineral oil. Water based preparations, like VigRX Oil, are most appropriate.

VigRX-Oil-TestimonialMight it leave a oily or fatty deposit? Once more, inquire about the individual components of a formula. Water-based preparations provide direct absorption into the cells of the male organ without an fatty or oily sensation. grease based preparations have a tendency to have fatty debris, so peruse the product information meticulously.

Which topical erection oils are okay to put on for fellatio? Oils with no manufactured, chemical, petrochemical side-products, fake colors and/or scents are okay to use. VigRX Oil, the industry key player, has a pure base with the health -giving elements to give the safest, most potent brand available to date. This differs from brand to brand, and the answer to this query is most regularly found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

How do I apply it? When applying any concoction or ointment on sensitive areas of your skin, it is better to try it out on a small scale first. If there are no complications on the trial area, try massaging the oil into the male organ all over until an erection is effected. When you first start to test the product, we suggest masturbating with it prior to using it during sex to become used to the amount required and the feeling it creates.

Could these oils exacerbate sexual disease? Erection oils are not recommended for persons with a Herpes Simplex Virus outbreak or any other open sores or skin infections in the genital area. Ask your doctor for right convention whenever you have any sexual health questions. How is this different from an oral tablet? The effects are undifferentiated, but, topical oils are intended to deliver an direct reaction that endures throughout your sexual activity. Pills tend to be more long-term and general-sexual-health centered, offering ongoing benefits all the time. Oils are scientifically intended to penetrate the innermost strata of the penile tissue rapidly providing distinct reactions within 1.5 minutes. With an oil, close to 100% of the therapeutic elements are absorbed, in comparison to almost 5-10% with a botanical capsule or tablet. The brands can be applied simultaneously; however, we feel its most desirable to select oil and a tablet from the same manufacturer that were designed to work together. VigRX(TM) pills and VigRX Oil are a good example – these are produced by a respectable company and can be used together risk-free and with outstanding reactions.

Will this magnify male genital and sexual ability? Yes, one is most no doubt going to recognize the good results in the areas of vigor and hardness of the penis and also a lessening in the incidence of premature ejaculation.

Will this oil add to the thickness of my male sexual organ? Since oils will provide for greater blood flow to the male sexual organ, you may detect your erection seems more robust and appears bigger in dimensions and robustness. Although your male sexual organ will not increase in size from the brand, it will realize its maximum measurement capacity.

What type of guarantee do I get? We would urge that you never purchase from a company that doesn’t give a full money-back guarantee. Before you , you should feel that if you don’t notice a sizable improvement in the hardness of your erections, or improved sexual performance, then you can give it back for a refund, no questions asked. This is the VigRX Oil guarantee, and we think it should be the industry standard. Sadly, not everyone offers a guarantee as good as this.

Are there additional ways to augment my sexual health? Of course, the most recommended way to improve any facet of your health is to give up undesirable habits like smoking and too much drinking, give yourself a better diet and exercise on a regular basis. While you’re trying to improve on healthier living overall, including a male enhancement supplement can bring you to an higher level of sexual performance and pleasure.

VigRX Oil Review – Must Read Before You Buy VigRX Oil!

My personal experience with VigRX Oil motivated me to send this article. The review might help other persons like me.

VigRX-Oil-Before-And-AfterI had reached that point in my life where I had to push the panic button. After so many years of wonderfully being able to lead a great sex life, suddenly I could not do it any more. My erections seemed to be lost forever. This incapacity leads me to react in a totally unexpected way. I lost my self-esteem and kept away from my partner because I really did not want her to know. Actually I was not aware that this kind of sexual incapacity strikes most men in their mid years and that it would go away by itself. I started to believe that I had lost my virility and did not know how to handle this truth.

Now I was not ready to try out all those pills because I feared the worst. It was too bad already that I was not able to get my things working here and I did not want to end up with a worse health condition. I could not risk taking in things that that I knew nothing about. Again, going to the doctor was too embarrassing for me and the store guy would not let me have the medicines unless I showed him the prescriptions.

Finally I read this great review about a topical lubricant for enhanced erections from VigRX Oil. It promised instant results as well. Also I would not need a prescription to avail it. Now this was really good news. I rushed down to its website and got one for me. I followed the instructions on the pack and know what; I actually got a good erection that night. I could hardly believe my good luck. Also, next morning I had nothing wrong about myself. There were absolutely no side effects from this product.

I have been using VigRX Oil for some time now and it has worked each and every time for me without fail. Now that is what call real worth is for your money! I think now I have absolutely nothing to be worried about. My erection should be fine in some time and till then VigRX Oil would be like the perfect answer to my problems. This way I do not need to fear using a medication for erection and also I get no side effects as well. My partner says I have improved a lot with VigRX Oil. Who knows, I might continue using this one product for some improved sex and a great life ahead!

The Advantages of VigRX Oil Transdermal Delivery

Researchers never stop. The recent breakthrough in transdermal technologies created a whole new family of products, including potent condensed herbal oil that, if applied on your sexual organ, will enhance your erection and boost your sexual stamina. The effects are fast, but long lasting. Too good to believe in this? Quite the contrary. The high technology and natural herbal ingredients have made it possible to give you real results really fast.

Here’s how the oil works if applied properly. Because it is soft like and not a bit greasy (the oil is based on water, not fat), it is very easy to apply and a condom can be worn without any problems. The transdermal method used by the oil to deliver ingredients directly into the cells of your male sexual organ makes all oil ingredients (natural restorative ingredients, extracts of herbs and even some vitamin complexes along with antioxidants) to be absorbed by your male organ cells almost instantly. That’s why the effects can be seen almost immediately after the application. All good transdermal oils such as VigRX Oil cause increased penile firmness as well as longer time or erection, increase of penile size and only minimal chances of too early ejaculation.

Male enhancement pills are much less effective if compared to new generation of oils. For one, oils are engineered to get to the deepest parts of testicles and male sexual organ almost instantly, with the first results beginning to show as soon as forty-fifty seconds. As oils are applied directly “on target”, they are able to deliver 95% of their ingredients to their intended destination compared to 5-10% in case of oral pills. What is even better, topical application makes it possible to use them right before the action, without thinking about anything else.

An important thing about the male enhancement products industry is that the oils are now turning it upside down. The revolutionary technologies introduced by the oils are extremely effective, making people turn from the pills to oils. Here are a few hints concerning the oils. First, check if the oil you are about to buy is oil-based or not. While oil-based transdermal oils are also relatively effective, they must never be used with condoms as they noticeably limit their efficiency. Fortunately most of oil, for example VigRX Oil, is water-based and can be freely used along with condoms. Another thing is the oils’ ingredients. The oils may contain various herbal remedies, nutrients and amino acids as well as some taste enhancers. The most important however, is L-Arginine – an amino acid that is a necessary ingredient of a male orgasm mechanism. another important thing is the process of creating the oil (extremely important, but it’s often hard to find any reliable information concerning the process) and the time its manufacturer has already spent in business.

As the transdermal oils are among the funniest products in the business, it is best to check them just by purchasing them. We recommend VigRX Oil for a start, as it is both extremely effective and thoroughly tested. What is more, it is manufactured by a producer already known from another quality product, the VigRX Pills. This water-based oil meets all conditions of a good and reliable sexual enhancement product and is a fun to use. As VigRX Oil is a product of a reliable company, there is a “full money back” assurance issued for that product. It has been tested and authenticated, it is safe and really works.

VigRX Oil Reviewed

Enhancement of Erections with VigRX Oil

For various individual male needs there are a large variety of enhancements available.
Different formulations of enhancements are available such as natural, chemical and long-lasting formulations. The VigRx Oil covers an area where few if any other products compete, fast acting.

Information on VigRX Oil

A quick and easy way to enhance ones sex life has been developed by Albion Medical. The all natural VigRX Oil presently on the market has no chemicals and no side-effects.

VigRX Oil delivers a blend of natural ingredients exclusively selected for the health of a man’s penis and also offers enhancement to his sexual health.

By a method known as Transdermal Delivery system, which helps active compounds pass straight into tissues of the penis, VigRX Oil provides the nutrients and extracts for immediate and concentrated effectiveness. Greater penile firmness, longer-lasting erections and diminished premature ejaculations are all benefits from this delivery system.

VigRX Oil is composed of these ingredients:

Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Squalene, Apricot Kernel Oil, L-Arginine HCl, Biosomes A&E Complex, Vitamin C, Korean Red Ginseng extracts, Hawthorne Berry, Ginkgo Biloba, Muira Puama, Catuaba Bark, Cuscuta Seed.

VigRX-Oil-For-MenDirect results are provided by the use of VigRX Oil

– Erections are improved (vasocongestion of the erectile elements is rapidly caused in the corpus cavernosum)

– Rigidity and hardness is Increased

– Improved control of ejaculation

VigRX Oil has had secondary benefits from using the ingredients which have been noticed:

– Excess testosterone released

– Peripheral tissue vasodilatation has increased blood circulation to the genital tissues

– Toning and strengthening of the sexual glands

– Supporting the production of sex hormones

– Enhancing the cardiovascular function and improving circulation thereby Increasing stamina and sex drive

– Providing restorative nutrients to the nervous system thus eliminating stress and anxiety

– By supplying adrenal gland tonics allows reversal of low adrenal energy

– With various aphrodisiacs it enhances the sexual energy

– Helps in supporting the health and normal functioning of the pituitary gland

– Preventing the apparition of hypogonadism and the diminished activity of the testes

– Increases the sex drive, orgasmic potential and mends fatigue

The transdermal delivery system has been adopted in the VigRX Oil so the ingredients now cross the epidermis much easier, allowing these benefits to take place.

Department of Pharmacology at the University of Dublin have done studies that show that the uppermost absorption rate of a lot of supplements can be obtained by delivering the supplement through the skin by means of an oil or cream. Thus allowing the product to go directly into the bloodstream avoiding the digestive system and liver where they would be broken down and eliminated.

VigRx Oil – Customer Reviews – Does This “Topical Viagra” Enhancer Works?

We have stumble across the VigRx Oil ads to mention that this sexual lubricant method are formulated to work in a matter of seconds absorbing quickly right through the skin immediately into the cells of a man’s organ to achieve “amazing results” of several positive features.

Yes, lets find out exactly what this product actually does and if it really does what it claims. Read on!

What Is VigRX Oil™ ?

The official website of this product promotes to be a “Topical Performance Enhancer” and states that it’s an advanced formula to give better experience in a sexual related.

They mention to gain rock-solid of hardness erections immediately, powerful orgasms and increase sexual performance by just applying this VigRx Oil onto the penis.

The company of this product added to achieve fast results for satisfaction.

Unlike male enhancement pills or any other methods, have to wait for a period of time for the ingredients to hit the bloodstream then see improvements but not the VigRx Oil since it should kick in right away, as they explained.

Furthermore, the manufacturer that produced this “Topical Performance Enhancer” is the Leading Edge Health, LLC and they are recognized to actually have some of the top products in the male enhancement industry such as the VigRx Plus pills with many evidence of proof provided to back up the claims.

VigRX-Oil-IngredientsIn fact, according to our sources, it’s the one who gained the most points out of almost 200+ products that we have reviewed.

VigRx Oil added to be approved by Healthcare Professionals which is an all natural formula and they offered to show the doctor’s approval statements.

Leading Edge Health, LLC shared that VigRx Oil has been tested for dermal safety in a laboratory according to O.E.C.D.

Therefore, it should cause no side effects and be completely effective.


According to product’s official website, they stated to have all natural ingredients with the freshest and pure quality herbal extracts. They combined the formulation with no harmful compounds such as no petrochemicals or nothing artificial. The potent sexual aphrodisiacs are :

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – Increases blood circulation and helps take oxygen around the body.
Muira Pauma Bark – Called as the “potency wood”, boosts sexual drive and stamina.
Epimedium – Known as Horny Goat Weed, stimulates quality of erections and libido levels.
Hawthorn Berry – Helps maintain the strength of vessels for more blood flow to the erections.
Panax Ginseng – Enhances energy levels for sexual function and helps with premature ejaculation.
Cuscuta Seed – Improves the quality of sperm and treats men’s sexual impotence to perform better.
Catuaba Bark – A central nervous system stimulant and improves sexual weakness.

All of these compounds are highly recognized to have in the top best male enhancements and they’re known from ancients years ago to cure sexual potential in many ways.

But that’s not all, we have found in the bottom of the ingredients section that they included in this formula Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Olive Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Arginine HCl, Biosomes A&E Complex, Vitamin C and Natural Preservative (Sorbin Acid).

How Does VigRX Oil™ Work?

According to the manufacture (Leading Edge Health, LLC), all we men would have to do is simply apply this “tantalizingly silky oil” formula onto the penis skin before sexual intercourse or masturbating.

They mention to use an “innovative topical delivery system” to absorb the sexual ingredients through the penis shaft (skin) directly to the male organ to target the cells of tissues immediately.

With ingredients of sexual aphrodisiacs, vitamins, amino acids and nutrients will enhance sexual arousal to boost more blood circulation to the penis chambers which creates harder and stronger erections.

VigRx Oil formulation combined a key ingredient to moisture and tonify the skin for a better feeling of sensation on both man plus his partner. Yes, it’s a water-based formula and they promote to be 100% condom compatible.

It contains no artificial colors or fragrance, and even though they call it the Vigrx “Oil”, won’t leave the skin oily or greasy as they explained.

Since I stated previously that it should be completely safe and effective, they said that 95% of the ingredients absorbs into the bloodstream right away when pills/capsules or tablets only absorbs about 5-10% percent in most cases by traveling through the digestive system.


It looks like an attractive option of product to me where If as customer user were to use the VigRx Oil and the amount of blood flowing to the erectile chambers, it should create stronger erections instantly being hard and powerful.

Since the compounds stimulates sensation and sexual desire, enhances overall sexual satisfaction.

Components in the combination of this formula will intensify orgasms potential for more pleasure and strength for stronger ejaculations. They added to boost sex drive and sexual performance.

Confidence and overall pleasure on both partners should also rise. VigRx Oil official website stated to repair blood tissues of cells since the ingredients goes directly to the male genitalia. Improves libido function and overall penis plus sexual health.
Overview Structure

VigRX-Oil-Before-AfterThe Benefits:

Enhances Erections Potential
Heightens up Sexual Arousal
Intensify Orgasms Strength
All Natural & Quality Ingredients
Boosts Sexual Desire + Libido
States to be Completely Safe
Easy-to-Clean : Water-Based
Fixes Erectile Dysfunction Issue
Stimulates Sexual Pleasure
Written logs of Testimonies
Increases Self Confidence
Non-oily or Greasy Formula
Sexual Power Should Rise
Boosts Stamina + Sex Drive
Doctors Endorsements
Improves Sexual Health
From Well-Respected Company
Moisture the Penis Skin
Helps with Premature Ejaculation
Increases Sexual Satisfaction
Promotes Performance Levels
Have its Own Official Website
Tested for Safety & Effectiveness
Instantly Effect of 95% Ingredients
100% Secured and Privacy
Provided Proof of Structure
Makes Sex a lot more Fun + Enjoyable
Improves overall Sexual & Penis Health
Have a 67 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Downsides:

Folks might think it’s an “expensive” formula when other lubricant tubes are a lot cheaper but I always remember, we get for what we pay for. We haven’t found any negative reviews or statements about this VigRx Oil since it’s chemical-free processed and tested through a lab to cause no side effects.


Since this “transdermal delivery system” are from a high-reputation company (Leading Edge Health,LLC), they provide a strong customer support for all users.

They do cover a 100% 60 day money back guarantee and 7 days to return if it doesn’t meet the expectation of the customer users. A few retailer websites may carry this fast-acting of water-based oil but for the best choice in my opinion is to gather straight from the official website for the “original product“.

Considerations Summary

According to our sources, we have found a few reviews but none added any negative statements.

However, they actually called VigRx Oil a “topical Viagra” to enhancing strong, hard erections with increasing overall performance levels.

Rather than taking days, weeks or months for the compounds to build in our system, which is how a daily supplement of pills works, VigRx Oil should give immediate results being a non-oily or sticky residue.

If fact, myself as a customer user really found this lubricant VigRx Oil a very attractive option which I have come to a conclusion that this lube formula would be much helpful when performing manual exercises since it boosts massive blood flow to the penis tissues and chambers instantly.


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VigRX Oil – Topical Performance Enhancer