Vigorelle increases women’s sexual drive, stamina and endurance through its natural aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers.


Vigorelle isn’t based on some magical pill formula and you don’t have to dabble in any new sex positions – just apply the cream in your intimate areas and feel your sex life soar through the roof.

As well as boosting your sex drive, Vigorelle will make everything else in the bedroom completely satisfying. Experiences orgasms which you’ve read about, but have ultimately never felt, whilst supplying your partner with a sex drive that is unrecognisable.

Another benefit of Vigorelle is that it can cure that irritating vaginal dryness, due to the smooth texture of the product.

The manufacturers are so confident that Vigorelle will transform your sex life, that they have attached a generous 100% money back guarantee clause. In other words, you’re not risking any money by taking the plunge and purchasing the product.

On the subject of the manufacturers, Vigorelle is made by Leading Edge Health – a company who have been in the business since 1999 and have amassed a superb reputation. They have a long history – and that’s because their products work.

Vigorelle Cons

Vigorelle emits a peppermint-like smell, which will not be of the taste of some users.
At the moment you won’t be able to pop into your local high street store to purchase this – it must be bought online.

Vigorelle – How does it work?

Vigorelle-LogoAs you may have gathered, Vigorelle is not based on your standard set of ingredients that form basic lubrication products. Instead, it relies on the following to achieve its orgasm-enhancing properties:

L-Arginine HCI – This encourages the circulation of blood around the area where Vigorelle has been applied. It means that more nutrients and blood can reach the surrounding tissues and subsequently increase our senses.

Gingko Biloba – This is another component that increases blood flow, but it is also able to encourage moisture retention in the skin. This is the reason Vigorelle has such a smooth texture.

Wild Yam – While Wild Yam has been found to increase fertility, this isn’t the direct reason why it has been included in Vigorelle. Instead, it is able to stimulate human hormone production and when it comes to sex, it goes without saying that this is particularly important to improve our sensations.

Damiana Leaf – As well as being used in the treatment of vaginal dryness, it has been found that the Damiana Leaf can stimulate progesteronic action to increase our senses in our intimate regions.

Peppermint Leaf – As well as providing a slight peppermint aroma to the product, this component enhances the absorption of the cream and encourages natural lubrication.

Will Vigorelle work for you?

While there have been few medical studies to confirm the effectiveness of Vigorelle, doctors have confirmed that the selection of ingredients used are effective. For example, the product is endorsed by Dr. Karen Vieira and considering her reputation in the field (she has been part of research teams for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Kraft Foods), we have every reason to believe exactly what she says about such components.

Of course, most people are concerned about past user experiences. Fortunately, these appear to be largely positive as well and while the basis of the product is to increase sex drive, most women have said that it has also caused them to achieve their first ever orgasm.

Does Vigorelle have side effects?

Due to the natural concoction of ingredients, there have been no reported side effects with Vigorelle.

Vigorelle review summary

On first glance, Vigorelle appeared to be a product that “merely” boosted our sex drive.

However, through the course of our review it soon became clear that it also had an incredible impact on your orgasm potential and considering the generous money-back guarantee that is attached to the product, we’d have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who wants to get more out of their sex life.


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Vigorelle – All Natural Lubricant And Sex Enhancer




Articles and Reviews about Vigorelle – All Natural Lubricant And Sex Enhancer


Could Vigorelle Help You With Your Sex Life?

When you think of sex life enhancers, the first drug that usually comes to mind is Viagra. The male pill helps to enhance a man’s sex life and it has improved so many relationships. However, whilst the needs of the man are met with a pill like Viagra, it highlighted the fact that many women also suffer from similar problems. For that reason Vigorelle was created – the woman’s answer to Viagra.

How Vigorelle Works?

Vigorelle is designed to help women who have a lack of interest in sex, to rediscover their sexual desires. Many women have trouble getting aroused or with a lack of sensitivity during sex and that can be a real turn off.

Unlike the male version “Viagra”, Vigorelle comes in the form of a cream and it is designed to target the problem area directly. It is an herbal cream and as well as increasing the sensitivity of your clitoris, it also adds a little lubrication too. So many women have benefitted from Vigorelle and you will find that your responsiveness to sex is increased too after applying it.

Middle aged women in particular may find this product useful. As we age, our interest in sex does tend to decrease. This is largely down to a change in hormones and not only can it lead to a lack of interest in sex, but it can also lead to more painful sex too. For example, middle aged women tend to suffer from problems such as vaginal dryness. Without lubrication sex can be painful and so that tends to lower the woman’s interest in sex even more. As Vigorelle helps to add lubrication, it is obviously extremely good for problems such as vaginal dryness.

There have been many reviews written about Vigorelle and most of them have been really positive. It has been described as being an instant turn on cream and many are impressed by its lack of side effects. It is a natural, herbal product and so you will not experience any side effects from using it. The ingredients within the product are well known for helping female sexual problems. The fact that they are all combined together helps to maximize their benefits. That is why Vigorelle is so effective in enhancing your sexual pleasure and in helping you to lead a healthier sex life.

Overall Vigorelle could be a woman’s answer to Viagra and it is extremely simple to apply. With no side effects it is definitely worth trying out. No longer do you have to suffer with a lack of sexual desire or painful sex, Vigorelle will help you to gain back a healthy sex life and that in turn could help to revive your relationships.

Vigorelle – Putting You in the Mood For Love

Sex, sex, sex. Ever wondered what the fuss is all about? Or why there is so much hype about it? So many people are so excited about it, and yet you just can’t seem to count yourself as one of them. About 46% of American women experience little or no satisfaction in the bedroom, with quite a number of them not even knowing how to get an orgasm or what it feels like. If you are one of these women, you are most certainly missing on great pleasure.

Vigorelle-Before-AfterGood thing there’s Vigorelle for Women. Vigorelle is the highest quality topical sexual enhancement cream in the market. It uses pure botanical extracts and naturally-derived ingredients. Its light formula was developed to moisturize and rejuvinate the skin for longer lasting pleasure, all the while protecting delicate tissue. It includes a blend of organic herbs that balance and enhance sexual sensations.

Vigorelle increases women’s sexual drive, stamina and endurance through its natural aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers. It has L-Arginine HCI which increases supply of nutrients and oxygen rich blood to the tissues, Gingko Biloba which increases moisture retention in the upper layers of the skin plus soothes irritation, Wild Yam which balances hormonal production, Damiana Leaf which is a powerful aphrodisiac, Suma Root which is a natural neuroendocrine restorative, antioxidant, metabolic regulator and immune enhancer, Peppermint Leaf which induces natural lubrication – all these and more, Vigorelle makes every woman feel more vibrant and aroused. And because the ingredients are natural, there is no need to worry about unpleasant side effects. It contains no petrochemical by-products, no artificial flavors, fragrances or colors, no propylene glycol and metha or proly paraben. Its natural formula promotes balance and wellness which is one of the many reasons why Vigorelle is preferred by women over other leading brands.

For every woman who wants to feel the excitement that sex can bring, Vigorelle for Women is the trick. Now you do not have to wonder what the fuss is all about. Satisfy your man and get ultimately satisfied yourself. Vigorelle – lets you feel the passion ready to explode.

Vigorelle Reviews

Vaginal dryness is a problem that affects most women at some stage in their lives. Although this may not seem to be a problem, it is. The biggest problem occurs during sex. You become less lubricated which can cause pain and make sex uncomfortable and even deter you from further having sex. Vaginal lubricants have been made to counteract this effect and help women get back on track with their sex life. One such vaginal lubricant is Vigorelle which helps to lubricate your vagina but also increase its reception and sensitivity to touch hence improving your sex life.

Vigorelle is a multipurpose lubricant that also works to enhance your sexual stimulation. This is done by increasing the blood flow to your pleasure centers and making the tissues in or around them more receptive. By being more receptive to stimulation, you end up having more intense and pleasurable sensations even at the slightest touch. Vigorelle will also help you achieve more intense orgasms. Many Vigorelle reviews have proven these facts to be true. It is as simple as gently rubbing it under the clitoris to attain maximum effects.

Contrary to many modern and outrageous myths, the mind does not entirely control how much lubrication is expelled. Failure to sufficiently lubricate is usually a sign of poor physical status brought on by stress, menopause, pregnancy, smoking and various drugs. Vigorelle helps you lubricate yourself when you are not feeling a hundred percent or when you cannot unfortunately properly lube. Vigorelle reviews have shown that many women are able to continue having sex despite a busy life and vaginal dryness.

Vigorelle is a simple topical cream with special ingredients. High quality all natural ingredients are used to create the cream. A variety of different libido enhancers, vasodilators and well known and powerful aphrodisiacs are used to create the product. By using all natural ingredients, you are less prone to the harmful side effects that many other synthetic lubricants may cause. It is also proven in many Vigorelle reviews that women experience less side effects with Vigorelle than when they used other synthetic lubricants.

Vigorelle is a lubricant that does more than just lubricate. It not only helps women overcome vaginal dryness but it helps them attain a more sexual experience. Many Vigorelle reviews can be read to help your confidence in the product.

What You Should Know About Vigorelle Female Enhancement Cream?

Vigorelle is an effective female enhancement cream that stimulates sex in women by giving enhanced sensations and quick body arousal. This cream is generally applied to the genital area, particularly the underside of the Clitoral hood. The cream application allows the active ingredients to stimulate the tissue surfaces directly and which increases blood flow and blood vessels dilation, thus stimulating sensations. The results in response vary from woman to woman but the sensation surely increases by touching and rubbing in the clitoral area.

Vigorelle-Better-Sex-GuaraneedMany women are curious enough to know the amount of time any product takes in enhancing their sexual performance. Vigorelle believes in giving instant results as most women find that responses improve incredibly through three or more successive usages of Vigorelle. This product is quite popular in America as many women prefer Vigorelle for better sensations and quick responses.

If you are worried about the side effects caused due to Vigorelle on your health then wipe them off as this product is 100% natural and composed of natural herbs which have sex stimulating properties. Each of the herbs present in the cream is beneficial directly or indirectly to women sexual health. By applying Vigorelle cream you will not only attain satisfaction on bed but will make your partner delight with your incredible responses and sexy moves.

If you think that Vigorelle might come with an hefty price tag then you are highly mistaken as this effective solution is not so expensive as the herbal ingredients present in it comes at a cheap price. No harmful chemicals and other substances are present in Vigorelle which makes this product an effective and safest alternative for better sexual life.

If you feel embarrassed to ask for Vigorelle from a pharmacy shop nearby you then you have got the flexibility and comfort of ordering them online. There are several online pharmacy shops which offer quality female enhancement products at cheap prices. All you have to do is recognize the most credible and authentic company and order herbal female enhancement products like Vigorelle. Your product will get delivered in 2-3 days without any shipping charges. So access the online store now and order Vigorelle to have real fun on bed.

Vigorelle – Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body

There are a number of women who can not give optimum sexual satisfaction to their husband and boy-friend consequently their happy marriage relation turn into savor. Main reason of lack of sexual drive in women is libido problem and hormonal imbalance, which are primary factors that hamper normal their sexual life. Apart from biological and psychological factors, hard work at work place, responsibility of kids, and lack energy are also responsible factors that affecting women’s sexual life.

Are you also falling in this category and highly anxious about these problems then just say bye-bye to your low sexual drive because advent of Vigorelle has made everything possible for you and blessed high sexual drive with double power. With the help of medically approved and pure herbal female enhancement supplement like Vigorelle cream, women have reached at cloud nine success since they can once again delight their husband with ultimate and unlimited sexual pleasure.

However, it is well-versed fact that there is some definite difference in the sexual hunger of men and women but Vigorelle cream has the capability to reduce gap. Those who have experienced tempting result of Vigorelle are frequently using it. Because this female enhancement medicine is not only enhance sexual drive of women but also make the most special, memorable and unforgettable moment of both of you.

It is generally found that female have problems with having sex due to their hormonal imbalance but with the help of Vigorelle, you will be able to effectively counter these kinds of difficulties and give maximum sexual satisfaction in a minute to you. Here, you have an opportunity to feel full sexual excitement without worrying about its side effects because Vigorelle cream is formulated using pure natural herbal ingredients for making this female enhancement supplement safe seductive.

Whenever we start talking about female enhancement cream or other medicine, as per experts’ views only Vigorelle has the quality to lead in this segment. This medicine is considered is one of the best female enhancement products, which eliminate vaginal dryness. Vigorelle is available at every chemist’s store in from of cream gives a stunning boost to a woman’s sexual arousal and stamina.

The most impressive aspect of this product is that it is available in cream and women can apply this directly on their genital organ that gives sizzling sexual pleasure within fraction of minute. Finally it has no side effects and work superbly. It can say it is amazing product to deal with low sexual drive in women.

Vigorelle Review – Must Read Before You Buy Female Libido Enhancement Cream!

I am 40 years old. I have been suffering from decreased libido recently. After trying several remedial actions I came across the right product to combat it. For the benefit of the fellow women I shall narrate here what happened and I how overcame the problem.

When I was 38 I felt that my interest in sex was dwindling steadily. My libido had suffered a setback. My energy had drained and my sexual drive was lost. But the case of my husband, Ken was different. He was still virile and very much interested in sex. I could not cope with his desires. He was very much disappointed. I talked to some of my close women friends. Three of them said that they used some pills and creams. But it did not help. Then one friend told me of a new cream, Vigorelle which she used and found to be very effective.

I talked to Ken about Vigorelle and both of us together decided to try Vigorelle female enhancement cream. This decision was a great turning point in my life which I will never forget. That gave back the contented sex life for both of us. We ordered the product online. The first tube of Vigorelle reached us on the fifth day. We decided to test it immediately. I washed myself and applied the cream in the vaginal area. Immediately I felt a tinkling feeling in the area. Within minutes I started dreaming that I was in the midst of nice, sweet foreplay. It was without Ken even touching me. I was on cloud nine. I felt that sexual desire was rushing to my lower abdomen.

To make things short, we had sex even though it was daytime. I enjoyed it like never before. It was even better than when we were younger. I climaxed twice and that too with intense orgasms. We had sex the same night again. Ever since, we are having sex almost every day. Both of us got our satisfaction back. It is now two years since I started using Vigorelle cream. I have not noticed any negative indications. That is because of its natural ingredients. Our pleasure has increased multifold. I apply the cream on the vaginal area immediately before love making or during that period. My desire for sex has also increased.

All the ingredients of Vigorelle are purely natural herbal extracts. So it does not cause any allergy to anyone. It is completely safe to use. The cream enhances the blood flow into the region. That is one reason for the increased libido. It is no wonder Vigorelle is so popular. Any woman who has used it once will not stop using it.

Vigorelle Cream – Could This Be The Answer If You’re A Woman With A Low Sex Drive?

I’m sure I’m not the only woman to experience a low sex drive. It’s a fact of life that women are often the ones who are responsible for most of the day to day running of the household. If you’re anything like me then you will get up early to make sure the kids are ready for school, then grab a quick bite of breakfast with your husband before you both rush off to the office. And because my husband works longer into the evening, it is down to me to collect the kids from school and prepare the evening meal. With all these stresses and strains is it any wonder that sex has almost become a chore? I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but that’s how it felt for me before I discovered Vigorelle cream.

This Vigorelle review is my way of telling all women that they needn’t let their busy lives drain all the pleasure out of their relationships! With this little tube of cream you can instantly relight your spark, which is exactly what I did!

How does Vigorelle work? Well the first thing to get clear is that Vigorelle is not really designed as a personal lubricant, although it certainly can help in getting you moist. It is a light cream containing natural ingredients that act as an aphrodisiac to increase intimacy with your partner and enhance your sexual experiences. You simply apply the cream directly to your clitoris, or even better why not get your partner to do this? The cream is also completely edible, so if you were feeling adventurous you could see if he would apply it with something other than his fingers! You will instantly feel the stimulating effect, and then all you have to do is enjoy the intense climaxes that are sure to follow.

The beauty of Vigorelle is that it is a natural product containing many botanical compounds, such as Damiana Leaf, Motherwort and Wild Yam. It provides stimulation through natural ingredients, unlike many other chemical based products, which cause stimulation through irritation, and can be quite harmful to the body. Why would any woman want to expose her most sensitive and intimate parts of her body to any product that would do that? You can be sure that you will be completely safe with Vigorelle.

One thing I did notice was that I was slightly itchy after the first time I used it, however this only lasted for about 15 minutes, and since then I have been able to enjoy it with no side effects what so ever.

It’s certainly given me a new lease of life, no longer am I a stressed out wife/mother/career woman with no time for the best parts of a relationship. My husband now jokes that I’m his little sex bunny, because I just can’t seem to get enough of him!

The Best Review on Vigorelle The Instant Libido Boost for Women

For some reason you have been out of the loop and not feeling that libido blasting like it used to. Why let it go on for months after months, especially if you have a partner that you are leaving hanging. A womens lack of libido can hurt the confidence and just lead to other problems that aren’t pleasant. Luckily for you, you have found a way out in restoring your libido and getting the pleasure you deserve.

You have probably seen on television popular natural female enhancements that are becoming widely known. If you watch morning shows, you have probably of seen them do a segment on the natural female libido boosters. If you don’t know the power of female enhancements that are natural, then you will find out below.

Natural female enhancements are great for women who are not feeling that sexual pleasure or libido any more. Whether it be menopause, the birth control pills your on, or any other medications. There is a natural female enhancement out there just for you. The one we will talk about today is called Vigorelle.

Vigorelle is a natural enhancement that comes in gel/lotion form that you apply to the most sensitive parts of your body. You know where that is considering it’s your body. Women have also been known to put it on their nipples to increase sensitivity and pleasure. Mainly you want to focus Vigorelle on the vaginal areas that you want to give a little step to.

Vigorelle will not only give you a sensation boost to the most important areas of your body, but it will also be like an instant libido boost once the ingredients are absorbed into your body. So then you will feel the other great effects inside your mind and body while having the best pleasure of your life.

Women also experiencing vaginal dryness find Vigorelle to be there for them. It will increase the natural lube you produce due to the libido boost and high drive towards intercourse.

Also Vigorelle is great for any woman that is on birth control pills which is widely known to decrease the libido due to the fact you don’t have to swallow any more pills then you have too. It’s all personal preference whether you chose a natural female enhancement pill or a natural libido boosting gel.

Vigorelle is endorsed by to leading doctors in the female enhancement field. Researchers have been studying the natural ingredients and putting together Vigorelle for quite some time now to make sure the customer gets what they want.

If your skeptical about Vigorelle not working, the company provides a great guarantee up to 67 days. Vigorelle wants you to try their female enhancement out for 60 days, then you have an additional 7 days to decide if it was worth it and effective. Then you simply return the unused packages of Vigorelle and the opened ones to Vigorelle for a full money back.

Women – Facing Trouble in Achieving Orgasms? Apply Vigorelle

Low sexual drive had been affecting many women for long time. There was no or few women sexual enhancement products available that were either ineffective or had secondary effects on the body. Some time it is found that these female sex enhancement supplements caused heart attacks and also damaged some body organs like the kidney. In the past all attentions have been given to male sex but it is the truth that a low sex drive in women also affects the women’s partner and in turn personal relations are generally hampered. Vigorelle is a evolutionary natural sexual enhancement cream that has successfully solved the problem and helps the women in enhancing their sexual drive. Since it has been manufactured using a good combination of natural herbal ingredients, the chances of negative impact on the body are eliminated.

Vigorelle-Sexual-HeatHighly useful women enhancement supplement like Vigorelle has highly useful herbal ingredients like L-arginine HCL, Suma Root, Vitamin A, C & E Complex and Aloe Vera Gel. Vigorelle is a herbal blend which is particularly formulated for women for getting their lost sexual drive back. Vigorelle, a highly known women sexual enhancement products consists of Gingko Biloba for moisture retention, Wild Yam that stimulates and balances human hormone production that further helps in arousing deep and intense sexual drive in the fullest way. Various reviews, feedback and testimonials that we have received from various sources informed us that women experience intensifies arousal and also increased sensitivity with Vigorelle.

One of the most impressive parts of Vigorelle are that it is the most powerful all-natural formula available now without a prescription of doctors because majority of the doctors prescribe Vigorelle, a very impressive sexual arousal cream. Number one women sexual enhancement cream, Vigorelle guaranteed to enhance female sexual pleasure. Vigorelle is just the kind of female sexual enhancement product for the women who are looking for it for long time. Since it is merely made from natural ingredients, Vigorelle will not have any side-effect that pharmaceutical remedies may have.

According to medical practitioners’ review and testimonial, Vigorelle also helps those women who have low or no sexual drive. It arouses and reaches orgasm through the use of Vigorelle, a highly useful sexual arousal cream. This makes Vigorelle very popular and appropriate female sexual enhancement supplements.

Vigorelle Revitalizes Female Sexual Sensation

Sex is one of the important ways to exhibit love and it was a general thinking that only men performed low in the bedroom due to ED and premature ejaculation. However, modern women are also showing low sexual performance and can not satisfy their partner. In order to arouse female sexual drive, Vigorelle is very useful as it works wonderfully in treating female sexual problems. Women generally face sexual problems such as never reaching orgasm, lack of pleasure, and vaginal dryness that affect female sexual life.

Vigorelle is women sexual enhancement cream that boosts deep female sexual sensation. While formulating Vigorelle, an effective female sexual enhancement cream only herbal ingredients and botanical components are used in order to eliminate side effects. Ingredients of Vigorelle are quickly and easily absorbed by skin that helps in providing fast and long lasting result to the users.

One of the most important reasons of high performance of Vigorelle are that it is formulated after making a lots of research so that every kind of negative impact on normal sexual life of women can be rectified and removed. The team of researcher made hard effort to understand each and every factor that is responsible for sexual disability in women. After knowing all causes and responsible factors, they prepared Vigorelle that has all necessary components which can address sexual problem and successfully cure the same.

Vigorelle is very simple to apply. You have to just take little amount of Vigorelle cream and massage the same onto your most intimate part of the body. In a very short period of time Vigorelle will be quickly absorbed by your skin and you will feel all time high sexual arousal and also feel more pleasure than never before. Vigorelle is one of the best solutions of female sexual problem and it is free from all kinds of side effects. Vigorelle is especially prepared for rectifying women’s sexual inactiveness.

Majority of women who are suffering from sexual disability are very enthusiastic to know the time duration Vigorelle take in sensitizing or arousing female sexual drive. We just want to inform them that Vigorelle gives instant result. Feedback that we received from women tells that responses improve incredibly through three or more successive application of Vigorelle. This female enhancement cream is very popular in many part of the world especially in America as majority women favor Vigorelle for better sensations and quick responses.

What is Vigorelle?

Is it female viagra or viagra for women? Well, not quite. Vigorelle, sometimes referred to as female-V, is a climax cream that is topically applied, that increases a woman’s ability to experience pleasure during sex. It was developed for those who are chemically sensitive and/or health conscious.

Condom Compatible.
Water based.
pH Balanced.
Edible non-toxic pleasant flavor.
It contains no petrochemical byproducts, artificial colors, flavors or fragrances.
No propylene glycol and metha or proply paraben.
Protects and rejuvenates delicate tissue.
Include Organic Herbal Ingredients that balance and enhance women’s sexual sensations.
Moisturize and rejuvenate the skin for Long-Lasting Pleasure.
Easy-to-use pump for dispensing.
Natural silky non greasy consistency.
Can be reactivated by water or body fluids.
Easy to wash off.
Women who use Vigorelle will feel more vibrant and aroused with this Natural Aphrodisiac and Sexual Enhancer. Vigorelle increases a Woman’s Sexual Energy, Stamina and Endurance.

Vigorelle for Women is designed to give a woman:

Frequent and intense orgasms

Heightened sensations and delicious sexual pleasures
A new excitement in your relationship
A sexual satisfaction like never before
Easy to use and no side effects

How does Vigorelle work?

You apply a small amount to the mucus membrane, beneath the clitoris, and thoroughly rub it in to help absorption. For maximum benefit make sure you get it under the clitoral hood. You will notice the silky smooth consistency of Vigorelle that mimics a womans natural lubrication. Vigorelle soothes irritation and improves circulation and vasodilation as blood rushes into the labia during sexual arousal. The synergistic is sensational!

What side effects do users of Vigorelle report?

No unpleasant side effects have been reported. See feedback below.

What are the ingredients in Vigorelle?

Vigorelle-Benefits-IngredientsVigorelle is made of all-natural ingredients that compliment and accentuate each other.

L-Arginine causes a higher blood flow in the clitoral and vaginal tissues which makes for more sensitive and responsive sexual stimulation, increasing the possibility for women to reach orgasm.

Organic Damiana Leaf – Folium Turneraceae is used in the treatment of Vaginal dryness. The most amazing use of this herb is for individuals with chronic loss of sexual power. Damiania has a reputation as a powerful woman’s herb with it’s progesteronic action.

Organic Suma Root – Radix Pfaffiae Paniculatae
Suma contains an amazing 152 identified compounds containing nutritive value with 19 amino acids and many minerals and vitamins. Suma is a natural neuroendocrine restorative, metabolic regulator, antioxidant and immune enhancer. Suma root is a true adaptogen with the ability to provide nourishment to increase estrogens and androgens.

Organic Motherwort ~ Herba Leonori

Motherwort as it is affectionately know is a true woman’s remedy. This herb is a uterine tonic that contains alkaloids with the ability to produce uterine contraction. Motherwort is a cardiotonic and a broad neurocardiac relaxant.

Organic Wild Yam – Rhizoma Dioscorea Villosae

Wild Yam Also called Mexican Wild Yam or Colic Root, this plant has become well known in the last few years for its abilities to stimulate and balance human hormone production. Wild Yam is now used in many hormone-balancing formulas for women.

Organic Ginkgo Biloba
Gingko Biloba Increases moisture retention in the upper layers of the skin, and soothes irritation. A natural anti-biotic and cleanser rich in bioflavenoids. The active ingredients of ginkgo leaf improves circulation and vasodilation. Ginkgo is one of the best herbs for the circulatory system. It serves as a cardiac tonic by increasing the strength of the arterial walls. Gingko leaf is one of the best herbs available for promoting blood flow and oxygenation throughout the entire body.

Organic Peppermint Leaf – Folium Menthae Piperitae

In addition to many other health qualities, it is used as a delivery agent to help the absorption of other substances through cell membranes. Peppermint also has the ability to induce natural lubrication. Peppermint makes an ideal choice for improving the mood and relaxing a tension-filled, anxiety-ridden nervous system.

General Notes

This unique product not only gives women the increased desire that may have been lacking, it actually increases sexual pleasure, making it easier to achieve a delicious climax and send waves of pleasure throughout your body that you may have never experienced. Vigorelle empowers you to take control of your sexual vitality. It’s like a female viagra cream.

Don’t let men have all the fun! You have it within you to experience complete sexual enjoyment. Vigorelle will allow you to get more out of sex, quickly, easily and affordably. You can empower yourself and claim your right as a woman to experience explosive sexual pleasure. Great for lesbian sex too! Get Vigorelle and let your lover see what you look like when you’re really pleased.

Climax Tool

If you’re a woman looking for erotic sex, this is one of the best sex enhancers for woman. Although it is non-toxic, it’s not a flavored sex cream for him, it’s a climax control lubricant and sex drive improvement for you. And you can use it with your climax machine for a masturbating climax that will take you to new heights. It’s one of the best sex drive enhancers you can experience.

For Men
Are you looking for ways to increase sex drive for woman? You may not need help to make a woman climax but, if you’d like to increase women’s sex drive, give better sex for woman, give her more pleasure. Give her a Swedish climax. Think of this as a female sex cream or climax cream. Give her a miracle worker climax. (And you’re the miracle worker!) Clitoris stimulation with Vigorelle is the key.

Sex for Pregnant Woman?

If you are pregnant and having sex or want to, this may be just what you need. In the pregnant world sex is still important.

Remember that a pregnant woman and sex do go together if it’s a pleasure for her. Having sex while pregnant will not hurt the baby if you are careful. Some women have sex right up until labor.

What’s the best sex position for pregnant woman?

The sex position pregnant women enjoy most is the one that gives the most pleasure. You don’t have to be pregnant without sex. Experimenting is part of the fun. And having sex when pregnant is normal. Find her favorite sex position while pregnant. Is it the same before pregnancy? And after?

Sex Without Pain?

For some, it’s like free pain sex rather than pain free sex. Many women have pain with sex. The good news is that pain and sex don’t have to go together. Sometimes this is caused by vaginal dryness. If this is true for you, you can do something about it with lubricants. Just make sure they are water based and not oil based. Oil based lubricants tend to encourage infections.

Sex for mature women?

Normal aging and menopause cause changes in hormone levels which can lead to decreased sexual responsiveness. As a woman matures, the body produces less of the Lubricants required for comfortable sex. Try Vigorelle for replacement of those juices.

Free sex tip for woman and man:

Problems like changes in estrogen and testosterone levels, birth control pills, injections, implants, stress, fatigue and depression can all cause problems with sexual responsiveness. But sometimes a lack of sex drive in a woman is simply the result of her not having the quality of sex that would make her want more. When a woman achieves enhanced pleasure during lovemaking, her desire to make love again grows. Try increasing the quality of your sexual experience.


Where can I buy Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is not available in stores, only through their internet site.

Overview of Vigorelle a Female Libido Enhancer

Have you not been satisfied with your sexual life of late? Having a problem getting an arousal in the first place? Or are you unable to reach an orgasm or furthermore, you are experiencing a lot of pain while the actual intercourse is happening? Whatever be the reason, you are a victim of the hypoactive sexual desire disorder or the female sexual dysfunction. Probably at one point in time they were difficult to be discussed or treated, but with the kind of advancements that medicine has taken, it has become extremely easy to treat these conditions. And with appropriate treatments too, women have started enjoying their sexual life like earlier times…less painful intercourses, longer climaxes and more frequent ones too at that.

Vigorelle as the name indicates will bring back all the vigor in the sexual life of the women who have been suffering from low libido levels and problematic intercourses. Vigorelle is a natural herbal cream which has to be applied over the vagina just before engaging in lovemaking.

Active Ingredients found in Vigorelle

The active ingredients that are found in Vigorelle are L-Arginine HCL, wild yam, motherwort, Damiana leaf, Suma root, Ginkgo Biloba and peppermint leaf, Aloe Vera Gel, Vitamin A, C & E and B-Complex. L-Arginine HCL is found to increase the blood circulation in the body and brings about a relaxation in the muscles that surround the blood vessels. Motherwort is effective in releasing mental as well as emotional stress. Wild Yam is believed to restore the sexual energy and enhance sexual responses in the body thereby increasing the fertility.

Damiana leaf is known as a powerful aphrodisiac. Gingko biloba facilitates better dilation of the various blood vessels and especially in the vaginal area and thereby improve the blood flow to that region. Suma root is responsible for increasing the androgen and estrogen levels in the body. Extracts from the peppermint leaf are found to invigorate the mind, bring about vaginal lubrication naturally and also improve the mood of the individual. The vitamins and other ingredients help in maximizing the circulation of blood throughout the body and bettering the immune system.

Does Vigorelle Actually Work and How?

Vigorelle-Before-And-AfterYou may not have been able to enjoy a safe sexual journey so far but with Vigorelle, you will definitely be able to restore the balance back in your life. Vigorelle is found to be highly effective in treating vaginal dryness and produces a tingling sensation when it is applied on the vagina. This application will then trigger off arousal and also encourage the body and mind towards sex which further brings about natural lubrication. Its usage will help the lady reach explosive orgasms which were foreign to her so far.

It is true that health challenges and the medicines that one had to use, or the working style and stresses have affected the mind, body and soul and have deprived the pleasure that one could get through sex. But when Vigorelle is used, they can be assured that the composition of this cream will work in a favorable direction and enhance the sexual responses and take them to the climax which was elusive so far.

Review of Vigorelle

So, why let only the men have fun all the time? Women who have been deprived of reaching the climax can now heave a sigh of relief too and use this natural and sexual stimulant that is available in the form of a cream that has been formulated using selected herbs. When it is directly applied on the clitoris it brings about greater sexual stimulation and also increases the sensitivity towards the same. With Vigorelle one can be assured of instant sexual arousal, multiple and explosive orgasms and enhanced libido that will change the entire world of sex they have experienced so far.

Should Women Buy Vigorelle?

When women are facing problems with their sexual life, and are not feeling free to discuss the same with anybody else, easy solutions in the form of Vigorelle will definitely give them a fresh lease of life. Women can buy Vigorelle if they find that they are low on libidinal energy levels and experience no sexual stimulation at all. Vigorelle will be able to unleash the lost passion that every woman may actually be capable of. As the cream has found to be absolutely safe to use without any side effects or complications, there is no reason why women should hesitate using Vigorelle.

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