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Ultra Hair Away is used as an effective alternative in place of painful waxing, electrolysis, shaving, and laser treatments.

Ultra Hair Away is a liquid spray hair-removing product that is easy to apply directly to the skin. It is effective on both men and women and works more efficiently than other types of hair removal, including lotions and creams. Unlike shaving, it completely removes the entire hair down deep into the follicle instead of simply shaving it off.

Ultra-Hair-Away-LogoMade with 100% All-Natural Ingredients

Ultra Hair Away is used as an effective alternative in place of painful waxing, electrolysis, shaving, and laser treatments. As a fast-drying topical solution, it is formulated with 100% organic exotic plant enzymes, proven effective at inhibiting hair growth. It naturally saturates the base of the hair follicle to start the process of slowing down hair growth.

It is an alcohol-free solution, and has no odor. With just a quick spray, hair and hair follicles instantly absorb the solution, allowing the natural enzymes to begin the process of stopping hair growth. It has been proven safe and effective, and it takes just a few weeks to see positive results.

Formulated As an Effective Enzyme Solution

Many men and women have had amazing results using Ultra Hair Away. Their unsightly and unwanted hairs are naturally inhibited after just a few short weeks of using the enzyme solution. Ultra Hair Away works at inhibiting hair growth on all different types of hair, including course, fine, oily, greasy, and normal.

“I have used this amazing hair removal system for two months now, and see fantastic results. My hair has stopped growing back. Wonderful results!” – Barbara S., Roanoke, VA

Effective on All Different Types of Body Hairs

Ultra-Hair-Away-Shave-No-MoreIt works on all body hairs including head hair, facial hair, back hair, arm and leg hair, and pubic hair. It also works for both men and women, with short hair, long hair or shaved hair. Many users of the product report that their course hair typically reacts to the spray by transforming into tiny baby-fine fuzz, and eventually disappearing completely.

Stops Natural Hair Growth Cycles

When first using the product, there seem to be little or no results at all. However, after reapplying the solution as directed, hair growth becomes inhibited. After a few weeks, individuals notice that the hairs naturally fall out on their own and no longer regenerate. In a short amount of time, all of the hairs that have been sprayed either slow down their growth cycle or stop growing completely.

“It was a perfect answer to my ‘used to be’ hairy legs. No more shaving for me.” – Stephanie D., Louisville, KY

Permanent Hair Growth Solution

As a permanent solution to an ongoing problem, Ultra Hair Away is priced reasonably and comes with a money back guarantee. Because of its all-natural organic ingredients, it has proven to be safe, painless, and effective at inhibiting any type of hair growth, anywhere on the body.

The idea of never having to shave any body hairs again is enticing to both men and women who suffer with continuously growing unsightly and unwanted hair. Because it works effectively at inhibiting any type of body hair growth, Ultra Hair Away – Shave No More Hair Removal Solution comes highly recommended. It can be purchased directly from the company’s official website, on the Internet, and is available for delivery to the home or office.


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Ultra Hair Away - Natural Hair Removal



Articles and Reviews about Ultra Hair Away - The Ultimate in Natural Hair Removal

Removing Your Unwanted Hairs With Ultra Hair Away

You can get rid of the unwanted hairs from your body using an effective hair removal cream. The creams are already known for replacing other hair removal methods, which are traditionally used, such as shaving, plucking, and tweezing.

There are already creams that have been tested to work and have pleased millions of customers around the world. The names circulating in the market are far too many. However, if you need a recommendation, you may try reviewing what Ultra Hair Away can do for you.

Ultra Hair Away Overview

Ultra Hair Away is known as an effective hair removal cream in the market. It is among the top rated solutions that will get rid of your hair permanently. It is said that this solution is the best if you want to stop shaving and waxing your unwanted hairs. The solution can guarantee you great results in no time.

It will soften and remove the thick hair from your body. The amazing results will make you feel confident about your skin. Plus, it is a completely safe and natural solution, which will not cause you side effects. In other words, it will give you a working solution with an easier and safer approach.

How Does It Work?

It is stated that it will saturate the hair follicle’s base. After which, Ultra Hair Away will begin inhibiting the growth or anagen phase of the growth at the root. It is said that it will give you a simple requirement of spraying the solution in any area you want to become hairless.

The solution will give you the baldness in a bottle. Moreover, this odorless topical solution will transform your dark and thick unwanted hairs into smaller, softer, and finer strands of hair. This will then give you completely working solution.

Permanent Solution

Ultra-Hair-Away-Before-AfterThere is assurance that with Ultra Hair Away, you will get an effective inhibitor of hair growth. It will give you gentleness you need for the skin. Aside from such, it is safe, fast, and effective at the same time. Basically, it will change the structure of your hair follicles, which is why it will be capable of making your hair strands smaller, softer, and finer. As you regularly use the hair inhibitor, you will never be seeing any other growth of hair ever again.

The Safety

You can assure that the formula of Ultra Hair Away is very safe for your skin. It will just slow down the growth of your hair with the inhibition of hair growth. It won’t cause you side effects since it is not a depilatory product, which will give you pain, rashes, as well as burns.

It is advised that if you will use Ultra Hair Away, you should prevent using it in conjunction with other depilatory products for the products may cause the neutralization of the active compounds in the product. Never combine them for this will be harsh for your skin or hair.

The Formula

It is made up of effective compounds that help you get rid of unwanted hairs in a safer way. The solution will help you have non-alcoholic, fast drying, site specific, skin moisturizing, low scented, and non-staining formula.

The composition of Ultra Hair Away includes propylparaben, methyl paraben, water, urea, polypropylene glycol, and glycerol among others.

It is proven that the solution is not just safe for your body. Instead, it is also non-comedogenic.

The Advantages of Ultra Hair Away

The solution will give you better ways of inhibiting the growth of unwanted hair in your body. It will not leave you with the effects of natural residues. Plus, the regrowth of your hair will definitely be thinner and lighter. Plus, the prolonged time period between hair removal will be granted to you. Additionally, Ultra Hair Away will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

It will work on coarse or fine hair. Ultra Hair Away is also formulated in order to give you the ability to reveal the definition of your muscles. This will help you ways of keeping your appearance well maintained and improved.

The above reviews of Ultra Hair Away just proved that it is a perfect solution that may be one of your candidates for best hair removal solution.

Ultra Hair Away Review - Must Read Before You Buy Ultra Hair Away!

My personal experience with Ultra Hair Away motivated me to send this article. The review might help other persons like me.

Body hair might have been a fashion in the previous century for men, but at the present day they are a source of inconvenience for men and embarrassment for women as always. No wonder such a vast array of hair removal creams and growth inhibitors have popped up in the market over the years. However, I really am apprehensive about using any of them for a prolonged period due to the occasional skin problem I face with certain brands.

Ultra-Hair-Away-Before-and-AfterOf course, while touching anything that is chemical, it is to be understood that there definitely is a chance to suffer side-effects, yet when the need arises, there simply is no other way but to grab at anything that is available.

On these fronts, finally I got some good news when a friend suggested Ultra Hair Away inhibitor product. I certainly was apprehensive again about it, as any new product seemed like uncharted grounds to me. With all the misgivings I already had with previous brands, I wasn't too eager to try. But I did, and lucky I did, 'cause the product suited me quite well. It said 'all natural' on the outside, and I feel I started to believe them when I actually suffered no ill effects even after using it for more than a month now.

The effects are truly amazing, as this product is not a hair removal ointment at all. It really works on the natural principle of balding to inhibit the natural growth of body hair. Moreover, unlike other creams that make your hair grow back thicker with each application, Ultra Hair Away has made my hair softer and lighter in colour than it normally was. The hair is blending with my skin color gradually, and this camouflaging effect might soon make the hair almost invisible even if they exist. No this is not a bleach, be assured about that. The hair quality after application has changed truly to that of a baby's slowly, and they are fine and soft strands now with a much lighter color. And all this has been accomplished by the product's natural principle of reproducing balding symptoms on the body. It's almost like reverse engineering.

Thanks to Ultra Hair Away, I am now free of worries about my unwanted body hair. I often wear shorts and other dresses that are 'more comfortable' for the weather, and I do that without being ashamed of the body hair anymore.

Ultra Hair Away Review – Permanent Hair Removal?

Is Ultra Hair Away the answer to permanent hair removal, or is it just another product that will gather dust while you continue searching for a solution?

Caring for our skin is a big enough job in itself, but it becomes 10 times worse when we have to worry about hair in places we don’t want hair. For some women this can be a severe problem.

The embarrassment of unwanted body hair, especially facial hair on women, can really drain your confidence and self esteem to such a degree that it makes life nothing short of a living hell.

Not everyone can afford laser treatment to get rid of the problem.

And let’s be realistic here, very few of us have the time or the inclination to wade through pages and pages on the internet, hoping to find an effective, and much cheaper alternative.

Ultra-Hair-Away-Hair-RemovalBut I think I speak for most of us in assuming that if we could finally find a solution to remove unwanted hair, without using lasers, it would be like a dream come true.

Is Ultra Hair Away that solution?

Well, in my experience, this particular type of product usually raises more questions than answers. In this review I’ll attempt to answer some of the most common questions.

How long does it take to work?

That will largely depend on the type of hair you have, and which part of your body it’s on. On average it takes 6 to 10 weeks, but probably longer if your hair is thick and coarse.

Is it a depilatory?

No, it works quite differently. It has been formulated to prevent future hair growth, so if used correctly, it eventually phases out the need for hair removal procedures altogether.

How long will a bottle last?

Well obviously we’re all different, so much will depend on your type of hair, and how much hair you want to lose. Typical examples given on the official site are:

Small areas : Face/Upper Lip – 7 to 8 weeks.
Medium areas : Back, both legs or chest – 3 weeks.
Large area : Entire Body – 1 week.

Is it made with natural ingredients?

Most of the ingredients are natural. The active ingredients are derived from plant enzymes, and are known as Phyto-Enzymatic-Proteins (P-E-P).

How does it work?

It uses the same natural processes that cause baldness, by using enzymes to restrict the papilla (hair root) from producing new cells, which in turn prevents new hair growth.

Can it be used on one specific area of the body?

Yes, it can be used on small areas like the upper lips or larger areas like legs, chest or back. In fact, it can be used on any part of the body where you have unwanted hair.

Does it make your skin sticky?

No, it’s absorbed into the skin quickly so it won’t leave any sticky residue. You can even use it with any other cosmetics, beauty or skin products. Just be sure to apply it first by rubbing into the skin before applying any other products to the same area.

Are there any side effects?

In clinical tests it was shown to be completely safe to use, so you should not suffer from any adverse reactions or irritation of the skin or eyes.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, the product comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Unwanted hair is so embarrassing, and I know that finding a safe, natural and affordable solution is not easy. Feedback is that the product works. Will it work for everyone? I can’t say for sure. But with the money back guarantee, there’s no financial risk involved if you want to give it a try.

Ultra Hair Away Permanent Hair Removal Spray

With all the talk about curing baldness, researchers seem to have forgotten the opposite problem - too much body hair. Victoria Body Works is addressing the hairy situation with Ultra Hair Away, a product thats so successful at getting rid of unwanted body hair, people are calling it baldness in a bottle.

It's a clear, odorless topical solution that, when applied immediately after hair removal, saturates the exposed base of the hair follicle and begins the process of slowing down hair growth.

Ultra-Hair-Away-Test-StudyNot only does Ultra Hair Away also slow the growth of hair, but over time it will also change the original dark thick, coarse unwanted hair to softer, smaller, finer, lighter hair which will eventually resemble the hair you once had as a baby.

It's completely natural and works by mimicking the process that causes baldness. What's more, there are no side effects - except for slowed growth with softer skin. It works equally well on women and men and slows hair growth on legs, arms, face, upper lip, back shoulders, abdomen, underarms and bikini lines.

Many women who used to wax their legs every six weeks are now waxing every four to six months. Some men who used to shave once a day are now just shaving once or twice a week.

The three main factors that determine how quickly the product works for you are:

1) How coarsely haired or hirsute you are to begin with,

2) The method of hair removal, and

3) The condition of your skin. Expect one bottle to last one month to several months, depending on the size and number of bodyparts to which it is being applied.


Ultra-Hair-Away-BenefitsIn a growing hair follicle, cells are osmotically transferred from the blood through the sides of the dermal papilla to form hair cells for continued hair growth.

The top of a healthy papilla is naturally cornified (healed) and cells do not pass thorough this area. This natural cornification on the top of the papillary matrix is what causes the hollow medullary canal inside a normal hair shaft.

Ultra Hair Away is a high-tech duplication of a variety of naturally occuring scalp secretions that cause this normal cornification of the top of the papilla in a healthy hair follicle. When the hair is removed, the sides of the papilla are exposed and susceptible to the treatment.

The Ultra Hair Away treatment simply cornifies the sides of the papilla disallowing cells to pass through the dermal papilla causing slower, and eventually, stopped hair growth.

Male pattern baldness is caused by renegade type apocrine glands which develop and connect to the duct of the sebaceous gland and introduce naturally occuring secretions into the hair follicle. The opening of hair follicles at the skins surface is often blocked by shampoo, conditioner, gels, hair spray, sweat, oils, sebum, etc.

This blockage disallows these natural secretions to escape. These acidic secretions, having no place to go, seep their way to the base of the hair follicle and slowly cornify the sides of the papilla preventing penetration of hair cells. Ultra Hair Away can duplicate the cause of baldness on the desired area.

Ultra Hair Away is to be sprayed onto the site of your choice and massaged in. Apply twice a day for the first week, the decrease to once a day for a minimum of 2 weeks. For optimal results continue at once a day until you achieved the desired effect. If your prefer to shave to control unwanted body hair, simply apply twice a day for one week and then once a day thereafer until the desired results are acquired. Shave as necessary.

Hair Removal: The Best of Ultra Hair Away

You can safely take care of your unwanted hairs with the use of creams. As of today, you have now the option to get rid of the unnecessary options of clearing your unwanted hairs.

This is due to the fact that rather than undergoing waxing sessions or shaving routine every day, there are already creams that will safely get rid of the hairs from your skin.

The creams are formulated with natural compounds, which will safely target the hair follicles into the root. As a result, you will be able to slough off the hairs and prevent their future growth.

The creams available on the market are far too many today. However, not all products are safe for you.

Ultra-Hair-Away-Before-and-After-TestimonialThere are creams made up of harsh chemicals, while there are ones that are just made up of empty compounds. If you want a good option to try, you can then try out Ultra Hair Away.

Here are few of its reviews:

Ultra Hair Away Overview

This is the best option if you want to get rid of shaving all the time. Moreover, this is a solution that will give you better ways of getting rid of hairs for a longer period of time. This is an ideal cosmetic solution that will solve your unwanted body hair.

It is the result of biological research and development. Furthermore, it is primarily made of exotic plant enzymes, which are all potent in giving you saturation of the hair follicle base. As a result, you will begin the hair growth hindrance in no time. It is safe, painless, and is 100% organic.

How Does It Work?

The function of the solution is to saturate the hair follicle base. As a result, you will begin the process of stopping hair growth. It is said that you will get a permanent prevention of hair growth in just 9 months.

It is even considered among the best hair removal creams on the market today. You just need to spray it and you will become hairless like you want to.

Ultra-Hair-Away-TestimonialThe Target Areas

You can use the product on small areas of your body, such as on the upper lips, chest, back, or the large areas of your legs. It is also possible that you can treat others areas of your body affected by unwanted hairs.

The Benefits of Ultra Hair Away

Ultra Hair Away will provide you perfect site specific solution. It will give you an ideal alternative in order to get rid of shaving, waxing, sugaring, and even the expensive laser therapy.

It is completely safe and will give perfect work on the course or fine hair. It is also fast drying and has fast drying effects. It will give you non-staining solution that works on sensitive skin.

It is also excellent and will give you insensitivity to temperature changes.

The above reviews of Ultra Hair Away will definitely give you the option in order to keep your skin hair fewer. The product has everything you need in one.


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Ultra Hair Away - Natural Hair Removal