ProShape RX is a doctor endorsed, herbalist endorsed, successful weight loss product designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely.


Proshape RX is a weight loss supplement designed to suppress your appetite, prevent fat and cholesterol absorption, and boost your metabolism. The product exclusively contains natural ingredients and is free of any negative side effects. A one-month supply includes 90 supplemental pills and the recommended dosage is 3 tablets per day, one pill after each meal.

Unlike several other weight loss supplements available today, ProShape RX contains only all-natural ingredients, including 100% pure certified Hoodia Gordonii sourced from South Africa.

In addition, ProShape RX is free of any additives or fillers. All of the product’s ingredients have been reviewed for approval and endorsed by the company’s medical advisor, Dr. Alexis Vazquez, D.O.

The ProShape RX weight loss supplement promotes weight loss primarily by curbing the appetite, which in turn reduces total daily caloric consumption. In addition, several of the other ingredients work together to lessen the absorption of sugars that are the by-product of starches, increase the metabolism of fat, assist in balancing sugar levels, and reduce bile and cholesterol absorption.

ProShape-RX-logoIn general, ProShape RX has been proven to promote safe and effective weight loss. The ingredients are all-natural and work together to decrease the total daily caloric intake while increasing the caloric expenditure of an individual. Although this approach in a weight loss supplement has been proven to produce weight loss results, adding a physical activity to your daily lifestyle is recommended to ensure even greater and more rapid results.

Weight Loss Method

The Proshape RX supplement uses a variety of natural ingredients to stimulate weight loss in different ways. The primary ingredient, Hoodia Gordonii, is known as an excellent appetite suppressant. The other ingredients serve to reduce fat storage, cut down on calorie absorption, increase metabolism and reduce cholesterol absorption.


Users of Proshape RX can realistically expect to achieve weight loss results after consistently using the supplement for 2 to 3 weeks. The ProShape RX endorsements featured on the company’s website display testimonials of individuals losing up to five pounds per week. However, these weight loss results may not typical for all individuals. Realistically, individuals can expect to lose between 10 and 12 pounds per month. As with any weight loss supplement, it is advisable to combine Proshape RX with a healthy, well-balanced diet and a solid exercise plan.

Health Benefits

Proshape RX advertises additional health benefits beyond weight loss, including improved digestive tract health, decreases in cholesterol absorption, increased energy and increased confidence. While the physical benefits are more easily documented, the increases in self-confidence are primarily derived from the positive effects associated with losing weight.

Clinical Studies

In 1977, a study was performed by the South African Scientific Council that showed Hoodia Gordonii to be effective an appetite suppressant. This study was repeated in 2004 by Lu Guang Luo and David B. MacLean. The study performed in 2004 confirmed the results of the clinical study that was performed in 1977, ensuring that Hoodia Gordonii is a safe and effective appetite suppressant.


The primary ingredient found in Proshape RX is Hoodia Gordonii, a plant found in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. Many weight loss supplements use artificial versions of this plant that are less effective. Additional ingredients found in ProShape RX include white kidney bean powder (a sugar absorber), beta vulgaris (a PH balancer), L-Methionine (to burn fat), green tea (for anti-oxidants), trigonella foenumgraecum (a cholesterol blocker), salix alba (a metabolism booster), and chitosan, a cholesterol binder found in the shells of crabs and shrimp.

Hoodia Gordonii
Kidney Bean Powder
Beta Vulgaris
Green Tea
Trigonella Foenumgracum
Salix Alba

Safety And Side Effects

The Proshape RX weight loss supplement is 100% natural, although it has not yet been approved by the FDA. The supplement contains Chitosan, a derivative of shellfish. For this reason, individuals with a shell fish allergy should not take this product. There are no major side effects associated with Proshape RX.


The Proshape RX weight loss supplement contains only natural ingredients and has been proven to promote weight loss in some individuals. Like most weight loss supplements, the amount of weight lost will vary from individual to individual. This being said, for individuals looking for a weight loss supplement to assist them in their fitness efforts, the ProShape RX weight loss supplement may be worth trying.

All in all, the ProShape RX weight loss supplement is reasonably priced and does contain several ingredients that have been proven to promote some level of weight loss for some individuals. To this end, the ProShape RX weight loss supplement may be worth trying. However, for even greater weight loss results, it is highly recommended that some form of dietary intake control and the implementation of a physical exercise routine be used in conjunction with taking a weight loss supplement.



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ProShapeRX Reviews – Does This Pill Really Work?

What is ProShape RX?

The ProShape Rx System is designed to help you to safely and rapidly get in shape; it is endorsed by both a Doctor and a Herbalist. The system is made of two components, a supplement aspect and a workout aspect. The supplement aspect of the system is a weight loss capsules made with Hoodia Gordonii. The workout aspect is made of a set of regular exercises that should accompany the supplement. It is interesting that adding a physical activity to your daily lifestyle is recommended to ensure even more rapid and effective results. This is why we thought it will be a good idea to review this product and have a better picture of what it is all about.

List of Ingredients

The main ingredient in the ProShape rx capsule is Hoodia Gordonii. Along with it there are 7 other ingredients involved in the formulation. Let’s look at each.

Hoodia Gordonii: an African succulent plant used by Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to curb their hunger
White Kidney Bean Powder: there are several studies showing that the conversion of starch into sugar can be interrupted in the digestive system through the use of white kidney bean, this result in a reduction of caloric intake which is good news for people who want to lose weight.
Beet Root: The roots of the plant Beta vulgaris support liver metabolism. This results in strengthening of the blood and a normalization of the pH.
White Willow Bark: It increases metabolism, caloric expenditure and also burn fat.
Fenugreek Extract: It is known to reduce cholesterol and balance sugar levels.
Green Tea: According to a recent study, green tea could increase caloric expenditure and burn fat.
Chitosan: This natural fiber found on exoskeletons of crustaceans has been shown to prevent the absorption of cholesterol.

How Does it Work?

ProShape rx system combines different ingredients, each playing specific roles in the weight loss process. The capsule contains substances that help suppress appetite, slow down the conversion of starch into sugar, increase metabolism and reduce cholesterol production.

The manufacturer also recommends regular exercise to notice a considerable weight loss within just 3 weeks.
Points in Favor of ProShape RX

The ProShape rx system offers both a capsules and a series of exercises
The capsule in the package is made only of natural ingredients
The Hoodia Gordonii inside the supplement is a powerful appetite suppressant
The supplement contains other effective ingredients to help boost metabolism
It prevents the production and absorption of cholesterol

Points Against ProShape RX

The cost of the product is relatively high
The proportion of each ingredient used is not given on the official website

Will ProShapeRX Work for You?

For effective results, the ProShape Rx system combines supplement with regular exercise, this increase your chances to lose weight successfully. It promotes weight loss primarily by cutting the appetite, it also depends on the type of diet you take daily.

Does ProShapeRX Have Side Effects?

So far there are no reports of any side effects caused by the The ProShape Rx system. This can be explained by the fact that it is only made up of natural ingredients.

ProShape-RX-resultsCustomer Feedback

The ProShape rx system’s official website has a page dedicated to customer testimonials.
An example of such testimonials is that of Ross Medlin who said to have started seeing result after 3 weeks of using the system.

Liz Hemsley said she was able to lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks while using the system.
Majority of the customers are completely satisfied with the results, according to them this product works very well as compared to other products available in the market.

Final Verdict

One thing for sure is that it is always a good idea to combine regular exercise with a weight loss supplement to shed pounds. ProShape RX is a proven weight loss supplement; in addition it is free of any additives and fillers. All the ingredients used in it have been reviewed for approval. You can purchase this product from its official website.

Supplements In Combination With Some Good Old Exercising

The key to weight loss is in exercising! So get off the couch and exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. Before you start growling, I’d like to point out that 30 minutes are by no means a sacrifice. If you can find a couple of hours to watch TV every day, then you can certainly find 30 minutes to exercise in order to stay in shape and healthy. The best way to exercise is to go to the gym. If you’re not comfortable with that, you should at least go jogging. It’s good for your heart and it helps you burn fat fast.

Good and popular exercises are also Pilats and Yoga, which are not only effective in losing weight but also in making you more flexible and helping you fight stress! Almost every gym has a Pilates or Yoga group so just go there and ask when can you start!

Exercising really is of key importance, but its effect can be two times or even more times bigger if it is done in combination with supplements. Supplements are pills designed to help you lose weight and gain energy. The best one right now is ProShape RX.

ProShapeRX is one of the most popular weight loss solutions available on the market. What many customers discovered was that the combination of potent ingredients is a surefire way of losing weight, while at the same time avoiding the negative side effects of other weight loss products of lesser quality. Still, however sound and effective the combination of natural ingredients may be, the excess fat will not simply go away, unless you exercise.

To put it in a simpler manner, fat is energy stored by the body in a special type of cells. This energy is kept for leaner times when the body thinks it may come in handy and it is also used when the body goes through a far greater physical effort than usual. For people living the modern, largely sedentary lifestyle, even half an hour of exercising every day can be seen as extraordinary effort and helps maintain overall health by burning up stored energy.

A daily program of ProShapeRX pills and 20-30 minutes of exercising can work wonders due to the excellent combination of fat-burning exercising and natural ingredients that maximize the effect of your physical effort. On their own, none of parts of the program would have spectacular results. Exercising is not always enough, while the pills are less effective. But by bringing these two components together, you can shed all that unpleasant excess weight and fast.

One of the most common reasons why some users of ProShapeRX fail to reach satisfactory results is the lack of proper exercising. We all lead busy lives and have to face the daily pressure of multiple problems, but setting aside 20-30 minutes for exercising each day is not that hard to do. Especially when working out is for your own good. These 20-30 minutes of exercising are crucial to maximizing the effects of ProShapeRX’s natural ingredients. So don’t think about excuses! Think instead about how your new body will make other people envious.

ProShapeRX helps overweight men and women to lose weight by suppressing appetite

ProShapeRX helps overweight men and women to lose weight by suppressing appetite, reducing fat storage and cholesterol absorption by combining a carefully formulated all natural combination of herbal ingredients including pure certified Hoodia Gordonii.

Proshape RX makes some bold claims about its product, saying you can experience weight loss in as little as 2-3 weeks. One testimonial on the website home page even claims to have lost 4 albs in 3 days. If you want a full Proshape RX review then make sure you read this full article.

What is Proshape RX?

Proshape RX is an all natural doctor’s certified supplements, which comes in capsule form. It combines 8 natural herbal ingredients that work together to lose weight for men and women.

The Herbal Ingredients include:

Hoodia Gordonii
White Kidney Bean
Beet Root
White Willow Bark
Green Tea Leaf.

There are many other diet supplements on the market today, but the major factor that differentiates Proshape RX from the others is the presence of 100% certified Hoodia from South Africa. Hoodia Gordonii is a powerful appetite suppressant that curbs your food cravings, helping you consume less calories each day which results in dramatic weight loss.

How does ProShapeRX work?

The Proshape RX diet pill supplement comes in a package of 90 capsules. Proshape RX Reviews Free 30 day Risk Free TrialIt is recommended that you take 3 pills a day with food. The diet pill works on all four stages of the digestive process which promotes weight loss.

Stage 1 – Suppress’s food cravings and appetite, therefore reducing calorie intake.

Stage 2 – Reduces the conversation of starch into sugar. This means less calories will be absorbed by your body after meal times.

Stage 3 – Reduces the absorbsion of bile in the digestive system. This works to reduce your cholesterol.

Stage 4 – Accelerates metabolism. The unique combination of herbal ingredients promotes and increase in the burning of calories. Even when the body is in a rested state.

It is also recommended for best results that you implement a daily exercise routine and healthy diet.

Proshape RX Benefits

Along with the benefits stated above that promote weight loss you may also want to try Proshape RX because of the following reasons.

ProShape-RX-Before-and-AfterWorks for both men and women
Suppresses appetite
No side effects
Doctor Certified
Works fast
No prescription required
Free Trial Offer

Proshape RX Reviews

Proshape RX has received many positive testimonials by those who have got the weight loss they desired.

“In one week. I lost of 5albs”
Daniel Phillips –

“In 14 days, I’ve already lost over 10 lbs!”
J. Smithers –

Along with real user positive feedback ProshapeRX has also been given favorable endorsements by the medical profession.

Dr. Alexis Vazquez

“I recommend ProShapeRX to anyone that is serious about getting into shape and reducing their excess body fat fast!

Obesity is increasing at an alarming rate in the USA and as a doctor I am constantly treating patients suffering from unnecessary ailments that are a by-product of excess body fat.

And until I found ProShapeRX there had been very few natural products that I would recommend to help my patients lose weight because the majority are completely ineffective.”

If you are in the 32% of people that are clinically overweight then Proshape RX may be the correct weight loss pill for you. Irrespective if you are a man or a women the natural herbal ingredients will help you reduce your appetite, calorie intake and colestoral absorption – ultimately leading to weight loss, increased energy levels and a boost in self esteem.

Proshape RX Review – Does It Work?

Proshape RX contains an active ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii. Hoodia Gordonii is very popular and well known for its weight loss capabilities, and for this the market has taken up the value of this ingredient. Every 3rd out of 5 products in weight loss market contains Hoodia Gordonii as a ingredient. Hoodia Gordonii is basically come from Bushmen in South Africa to curb the hunger/appetite when they are on long tours.

What is Proshape RX?

Proshape RX claims to give better results for all of users who wants to lose weight fast. It also claims that no side affects you will get with this supplement. There is a unique blend of fat and cholesterol which is bind together with the help of chitosan, also helps its absorption. The white kidney bean is a main ingredient to help calorie absorption from the foods. Proshape RX also helps in stopping accumulation of fat in the body, so that you have not to care about saturation of fat anymore.

Proshape RX Ingredients

Beta Vulgaris
Green Tea
Trigonella Foenumgracum
Salix Alba
Hoodia Gordonii
Kidney Bean Powder

Proshape RX side effects

The supplement contains Chitosan, which is to be made from shellfish; so the persons or users having allergic reactions to shellfish may find some difficulties with the product. There can be some unknown side effects associated which are not yet represented anywhere but can cause you minor suffers.
Still it is in research for some unknown side effects.


It claims to be good appetite suppressant.
Proshape RX has official website which looks quite good.
Proshape can be ordered from website or by phone.
Support section present in official website to help its users find answers of their queries.


No Trial Offer Mentioned.
No Price Mentioned on official website, so the users are quite confused with the price.
There are several other weight loss products which contains hoodia gordonii with proven results rather than Proshape RX.
There are simply no user reviews are present which can show/Prove that Proshape RX is better than other weight loss products.

The Final Verdict

Concluding our review on Proshape RX, we have forced to mention that please Don’t Try this weight loss Supplement without any reviews. The maker of this supplement only making Hoodia Gordonii a USP to sell this product. But in general there are several other product which Hoodia Gordonii offer proven weight loss results compared to this one.

ProShapeRx Weight Control – Does It Work?

With the new year approaching, many are turning to weight loss and weight control products to shed unwanted pounds. With so many supplements on the market, you may wonder -which product is the best diet product? ProShapeRx is new to the scene of the best weight loss supplements. Don’t be fooled by its novelty. These little supper pills have seen many years of testing and trials. In fact, ProShapeRX is doctor endorsed and has been featured within many media outlets. So what makes this natural supplement so special?

Hoodia Gordonii

ProShapeRx is the ONLY natural weight loss supplement that is composed of 100% authentic Hoodia Gordonni. Hoodia or Hoodia Gordonni is native to South Africa. It’s early medicinal usages were for ingestion and treatment for infections. In fact, a recent study by John Hakkinen et al. found that pure Hoodia Gordonii reduced stomach acid by more than 40-60%. However, its most valuable attribute may be that of an appetite suppressant. Native Africans have used this plant for years to suppress their appetites between long hunting trips. Today, they continue to protect and monitor the purity of each plant sold to pharmaceutical companies.

Is Hoodia Gordonni Safe?

You may have heard of this supplement and wondered: Is Hoodia safe? The answer: yes, it is- in its purest form. The unique qualities of this plant intrigued western scientists, and 1977 they began testing Hoodia Gordonni for weight loss benefits. As pharmaceutical companies began to take notice, they sought after the miracle plant of the South African dessert. However, they began to notice that this plant was not as renewable as once thought. Therefore, pharmaceutical companies added other components to their supplements to make manufacturing cheaper. This lead to unwanted effects such as liver and kidney damage. In early 2002, Hoodia was pulled from the market. Later studies showed that Hoodia Gordonni must be used in its purest form in order to achieve optimal weigh loss and no side effects. After many studies and trials, the U.S. government allowed Hoodia to be used in its purest form. Hoodia Gordonii made its appearance on the market, the makers of ProShapeRx accomplished a weight loss marketer’s dream. Only a few companies have been granted access by San Tribe to wild-harvest the Hoodia Gordonni plant.

How is this Weight Loss Pill Different?

ProShape-RX-lose-weightWith thousands of weigh loss products on the market, you may wonder: What makes this pill different? There are a number of factors that make this natural weight loss supplement different:

Contains 100% Hoodia Gordonni
Noticeable weight loss in 7 days
No Stimulants
No side effects
100% safe and certified
Doctor endorsed

The makers of ProShapeRx have done years of research to ensure that this herbalist-endorsed weigh loss product meets all of the current weigh loss safety standards. Besides curbing appetite and blocking carbs, ProShapeRx has other added benefits such as:

*Weight Control/ Weight management**

Limits cholesterol absorption
Encourages digestive health (no more heart burn!)
Noticeable metabolism increase
Builds lean muscle mass with proper diet and exercise
Increased energy without feeling hyper
As with all Leading Edge products- Money back Guarantee

What Now?

If you have tried every weight loss product on the market, and have not seen results,then this product is for you! When paired with diet and exercise, you will see results-fast! Because this is the only product on the market made from 100% Hoodia Gordonii, you can be assured that you are getting the most effective and natural weight loss product on the market. Try it for free today!

All Natural Ingredients

Hoodia Gordonni -Appetite suppressant found in Africa
Beta Vulgaris- Ph balances body for optimal health
White Kidney Bean Powder- helps body absorb sugar found in food and drink
Green Tea- Long-known to help with fat oxidation
L-Methionine- Helps body burn belly fat
Trigonella Foenumgraecum- Helps body burn sugar and helps lower cholesterol levels
Chitosan- a natural polysaccharide from shells of crabs and shrimp -helps lower cholesterol levels

How to Lose Weight with Proshaperx Weight Loss Supplement

When people first think about losing weight, they aren’t to fond of the idea. The fact that you have to dedicate time to working on it discourages most. When it comes time for picking out a weight loss supplement to boost your success, you have to pick the right one out. Make sure the ingredients are all natural, that is safe to say.

Would you ever think a pill could help you with so much. When using supplements with a strict diet and a lot of exercise, you are bound to lose efficient weight. Most weight loss pills are doctor endorsed so you know it’s backed by prime weight loss physicians.

To get an understanding how supplements works, you have to look at the proprietary blend of all natural ingredients. It contains a wonderful weight loss herb called Hoodia Gordonii which is talked about all over in the weight loss market. With an ingredient line of all natural, nothing can beat Proshape RX.

You also have to understand pills aren’t just automatic weight burned. You have to work with them to really get the maximum effects. Exercising on a daily routine will really help you see results in the mirror.

Stay away from weight loss supplements that contain ephedra, additives and fillers. Proshaperx fortunately is 100% natural that work with people to lose weight. Not only will you feel more energy from taking it but you will also limit those food cravings because of Hoodia Gordonii.

ProshapeRX isn’t just another scam online where you get a product and no results. When find a good pill, make sure its backed by a great guarantee. Always make sure it is endorsed by doctors and many herbal associations that wouldn’t want a bad product on the market.

If you ever think all natural herbs in Proshaperx aren’t safe, then reconsider. This weight loss supplement wasn’t just thrown together overnight. People have put in many hours into this supplement.

ProShapeRX Reviews

Considering the instability of the weight loss treatment market, it is no surprise to see a lot of new products in this field taken with a pinch of salt. However, with ProShapeRX boasting a special herbal formula and being featured by some of the biggest media outlets in the world, there appears to be a very good chance that this product could help you lose weight. Bearing this in mind, this review will now take a look at the pros and cons of ProShapeRX and conclude whether or not you should attempt to use it as a weight loss supplement.

The breakdown on ProShapeRX

· The product claims to help patients shed weight in as little as seven days, meaning it is certainly a fast solution
· Not only will it help you lose weight fast, but it will also help prevent hunger and cravings which bodes well for long-term weight aims
· Contains the highly-regarded Hoodia Gordonii which has been established as one of the best weight loss ingredients
· Unlike competitors, you won’t be consuming any stimulants such as caffeine, meaning side effects are kept to a minimum
· ProShapeRX has been certified as completely safe by medical experts, meaning that there are absolutely no safety risks
· There is no financial risk in trying ProShapeRX, as the manufacturer provide a 30 day money-back guarantee

ProShapeRX Cons

· It is not possible to acquire ProShapeRX on prescription
· It is not the only product that prides itself on the use of Hoodia Gordonii

ProShapeRX – How does it work?

It would be fair to say that ProShapeRX is made up from a huge variety of ingredients, although the following are said to be the most instrumental in its effectiveness:

Chitosan – Many will be surprised to hear that Chitosan actually comes from shell fish. However, despite its bizarre origination, it does a very good job of binding fat and cholesterol from food which in turn prevents the body absorbing it.

White Kidney Bean – This performs a similar job and helps to absorb calories from starch consumption.

Hoodia Gordonii – Undoubtedly, Hoddia Gordonii is the most prominent ingredient within the treatment. This has proved to be a very popular component in a lot of weight loss products as it helps individuals suppress their appetite and therefore consume fewer calories.

Will ProShapeRX work for you?

Unfortunately, ProShapeRX currently doesn’t arrive with any statistical evidence that suggests it is better than any other weight loss product. However, that doesn’t mean to say that it won’t work for you, as previous customers are indicating that the product has worked wonders for them and has allowed them to lose vast amounts of weight.

Moreover, in news that will certainly appeal to a lot of people, a lot of users have indicated that their weight loss has occurred exceptionally fast. Some have reported a loss of 5lbs in a week, while some have burnt as much as 4lbs in just three days.

To make matters more enticing, ProShapeRX has been featured in a positive light over various major media outlets. The likes of BBC News, CBS News and MSNBC have all covered the product and this should provide plenty of potential customers with confidence that the treatment will help them shed the pounds.

Does ProShapeRX have side effects?

Fortunately, there are no known side effects associated with ProShapeRX. This could be due to the fact that all ingredients are herbal, which minimises the chances of adverse effects instantly.

ProShapeRX review summary

Even though there are no hard statistics associated with ProShapeRX, that doesn’t mean to say that the product isn’t successful. ProShapeRX actually arrives with many positive reviews and due to the fact it utilises the renowned weight loss ingredient of Hoodia Gordonii, it should at least be considered for your weight loss needs.

ProShape RX – Everything You Need to Know

What is ProShape RX?

ProShape RX is a doctor endorsed, herbalist endorsed, successful weight loss product designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely.

Combining your regular exercise program and balanced diet with this doctor and herbalist approved system will help you reach those exact goals you never thought were ever possible to realistically reach. Your new body is right around the corner, start your fat loss conquest today with ProShape RX and get the results you crave.

Before you buy ProShape RX

It’s important that you know what it does, how it works, what the side effects are and what it contains, so that you can make an informed decision today.ProShape-RX-feel-confident-lose-weight

What does it do?
Is it effective?
What are the side effects?
What are the Ingredients?
ProShape RX Review
Where to buy ProShape RX

What does it do?

ProShapeRX is a complete weight loss system that will get you on track to achieving the greatest shape of your life! The health benefits waiting in every bottle of ProShape RX are overwhelming to say the least. Weight reduction technology gives you a better shaped body that’s more attractive. Get higher energy levels, glowing confidence, and toner, fit muscles with the help of ProShape RX doing its part to your existing weight loss regimen. Get fitter results from the same effort!

Is ProShape RX effective?

The results of using ProShape RX on a regular basis speak for themselves. The rapid body transformation potential of this product is so great that a 60 day money back guarantee is provided with each purchase if you’re not completely satisfied. It goes without saying that this demonstrates the confidence placed in ProShape RX’s effects.

In addition to the powerful fat loss pills, your purchase of ProShape RX also includes exclusive access into the ProShape RX Member’s Area; a secret portal containing tips, tricks, and articles to help you progress all the way to your goals. Staying motivated is easy when you’re witnessing your body morph into supermodel stature; something you probably never thought was possible for you to do previous to ProShape RX. Work together with ProShape RX to make your weight loss goals a reality today.

What are the side effects?

ProShape RX has been endorsed by both doctors and herbalists. There are no customer reported side effects from taking ProShape RX. It’s crucial for anyone with a poor medical history to consult their doctor before taking ProShape RX on a regular basis, as you would with any kind of new supplement or exercise routine. Also be sure to read down further on this page and go over the ingredients list to avoid any potential allergies you may have to the 100% natural ingredients. Read further now to find out.

ProShape RX Ingredients

You will only find 100% natural ingredients inside a bottle of ProShape RX. A handful of the main ingredients found in ProShape RX include:

Hoodia Gordonii – a succulent African plant used to curb hunger pains hunters usually go through during lengthy hunting trips without breaks. This is the secret to not feeling hungry after taking ProShapeRX.
White Kidney Bean Powder (Phaseolus Vulgaris) – as studies have shown, White Kidney Bean is effective in interrupting the digestive process whereby starch is converted into sugar, therefore lowering the amount of calories consumed from carbohydrate heavy foods.
Beet Root (Beta Vulgaris) – Beta Vulgaris supports and boosts the metabolic rate of liver, as well as assisting in normalizing your body’s pH and in turn strengthening the immune system.

Don’t delay your weight loss goals any further. Achieve your dream body with the help of ProShape RX faster.

ProShape RX Review

“After taking ProShape RX for 3 weeks I was already feeling much more energetic and positive, and I could see that I’d lost weight without even standing on the scales. When I checked I saw that I’d lost almost 12 pounds! I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve lost that amount of weight in a similar timeframe before, but I usually felt very tired and a bit ill by that point, so I know that ProShape RX is definitely a healthier way to lose weight compared to the strict diets I’ve tried in the past.

It’s now 6 weeks later and I’ve lost 18 pounds in total. I’m VERY pleased with the results and can’t recommend ProShape RX enough!”

Where to buy ProShape RX?

The safest way to ensure the ProShape RX is manufactured to the highest quality, and adhered to the industry standards, you must only purchase from the official source.
If you look for an alternative and cheap source of ProShape RX you may be buying an imitation product that hasn’t undergone the same strict quality control processes, or even contain the same effective ingredients, or necessary measurements.

You can buy with confidence and learn more about ProShape RX from the Official vendor.



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ProShape RX – All Natural Dietary Pill