Profollica is one of the most effective solutions to the frustrations that you are having in losing your hair.

Profollica is one of a new crop of hair loss remedies that treat the condition both internally and externally.

Profollica includes a shampoo, an activator gel and natural nutritional supplements.

Each part of the treatment pack helps the others provide more benefits to users. While the shampoo prepares the hair, the gel supplies the scalp and hair with nutrients and the pills stimulate the hair follicle cells to produce more hair.

Profollica claims a high success rate amongst men and women who are experiencing hair loss.

It is a purely natural solution and has no side effects. However, it requires dedication and following daily routines to apply the shampoo and gel, and also to take the supplements included.

Among Profollica users, the reviews have been mixed.

Those who stand by the effectiveness claim the three part system is what makes this product better when it comes to hair loss prevention treatments.

Users who report success claim the first stage is the cessation of hair loss followed by actual hair regrowth, but finding data about the company and history makes it tricky to track down how it all began.

The Shampoo, the Gel and the Pill

Profollica-logoThe right order to use Profollica is to start with the shampoo and then the gel. The pill can be taken before or after the application of the topical products.

The hair should first be washed with the shampoo. This prepares both the scalp and the hair for the activator gel later.

Profollica shampoo washes off the excess sebum on the scalp. In this way it clears dust and sebum from hair follicles making sure they do not block hair pores. Also, this shampoo moisturizes the scalp and restores the texture and appearance of the hair.

The gel is applied next. It is massaged into the scalp and left on instead of washed off. The two main ingredients of the gel are Gingko Biloba and Panax Ginseng.

Together, the shampoo and the gel clean and nourish the hair scalp.

The ingredients in the gel are also absorbed through the hair follicles where they inhibit the production and activity of DHT (dihydrotestosterone).

DHT is synthesized from testosterone and, as its blood levels rise, it interferes with the normal hair growth cycle. This causes hair thinning which progressively results in baldness.

By blocking DHT, Profollica gel promotes the growth of new hair which is encouraged by the open pores and healthy scalp maintained by the shampoo.

The pill, on the other hand, acts within the body. It contains a long list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herb extracts known to stop hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

Some of the ingredients in the pill also block the production of DHT; some address mineral and vitamin deficiencies which could lead to hair loss; and others encourage hair growth by contributing to cellular metabolism and protecting the hair follicle cells from the harmful effect of free radicals.

The Details of Profollica

Not all hair loss products and systems are created the same. From hair loss shampoos to drops, there are a wide variety of products you can try.

Profollica is typically a two-step system that includes a daily supplement that is taken orally and a topical gel to apply.
The supplements are meant to help grow the hair by working on the inside of the body.
The topical gel is meant to help block the formulation of DHT, which is thought to lead to hair loss.
This product claims to “slow, stop and even reverse your hair loss.”
It is 100% natural with no reported side effects.
While it known that several other hair loss products can lead to irreversible sexual side effects, Profollica is supposedly safe from that.
You can also get a shampoo or kit that includes all three components.

Profollica Ingredients

Profollica pill is packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. These are available to treat any nutritional deficiencies as well as promote protein synthesis (the hair is made of a protein called keratin).
3 Major Vitamins in Profollica

Vitamin B3 or Niacin

This vitamin promotes blood circulation and so increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reaches the hair cells. It also strengthens the hair strands, preventing them from breaking easily.

Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic acid

Deficiency of this vitamin is known to cause premature graying of the hair and hair loss. Furthermore, the vitamin provides nourishment for hair follicle cells and also regulates the sebum level of the scalp.

Vitamin B12 or Cyanocobalamin

This vitamin is essential for the formation of red blood cells. When there is a low level of the vitamin, the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells is reduced leading to diminished cellular metabolism. Therefore, for optimal functioning of the hair follicle cells, Vitamin B12 is need.

Other vitamins found in Profollica pills are folic acid, biotin and PABA (not a true vitamin).

The amino acids present in Profollica pills are the L forms of cysteine, lysine, arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, alanine, phenylalanine, valine, threonine, tyrosine, tryptophan, serine, proline, glycine, glutamic acid and aspartic acid.

Other contents of the pill are zinc, manganese, iodine and chlorophyll.

Profollica gel is formulated with Trichogen which has a high success rate in reversing hair loss in clinical trials.

The gel also contains essential herb extracts such as Panax ginseng for improving blood circulation and stimulating hair protein synthesis; Arctium major root for strengthening hair strands and regulating the sebum level of the scalp; kigelia Africana fruit which inhibits the production of DHT; Gingko biloba which promote nutrient distribution to hair cells; Salvia sclarea inhibits the activity of DHT; and Cinnamomum zeylanicum bark which clears clogged hair pores.
Other ingredients in Profillca gel include biotin, glucosamine, ornithine, citrulline, niacinamide, arginine, tyrosine, zinc, calcium and soy proteins.

Before deciding if Profollica is right for you, you should consider some other things.

The average results take a minimum of 60 days to begin to see.
This product is intended to stop the transformation of 5-alpha-reductase to DHT.
Profollica is also meant to help improve blood circulation and the availability of nutrients in the hair.
Hair is strengthened to help prevent loss from breakage.
Not only does it help with growth, it may also help prevent premature grey hair development as well as restore natural hair color.
In clinical trials, 90 percent of male users reported a reduction in their hair loss.

Some Consumer Feedback

Generally, Profollica was rated on effectiveness, price, guarantee and overall scores.

This product received fairly high marks in all categories.
Consumers should, however, be aware of possible scams from those claiming to be selling this product but are actually carrying a knockoff that does not work as well.
Only some sites offer the money back guarantee, so be sure to watch for that.
About 85% of consumers raved that even using just the topical gel could result in regrowth.
Those who are allergic to Ginko Biloba should check with doctor about whether or not this product would work them.
Consumers also enjoyed the fact that the topical solution left a protective coating and did not dry out the scalp.
Around 87 percent of users would rate their hair growth as medium to quite good.
With regular use of Profollica, users saw less hair fall, especially following a shower.
Profollica is mainly reported to slow down overall hair loss for men, but is also a product used by women.


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What Are the Profollica Results?

Particular causes can be set correct with particular changes inside your meals habits and life fashion.

However particular causes for hair loss need to be treated rightly and instantly. Some individuals isolate on their own from the public because of the fear of becoming teased out by their friends and family members. All these frustrations and exasperations are terminated by a wonderful hair loss item Profollica. Profollica acts straightforwardly around the primary trigger for hair loss especially the high levels DHT and upholds the situation required for wholesome and dense hair development. The three action system namely the shampoo, the gel and the nutritional supplement mix collectively to bestow a fantastic result to its clients. Profollica results show that it is a lot efficient than every other contenders. It also rinses the dead cells and dirt from the scalp thereby obstructing the causes for hair loss. Profollica critiques reveal the Profollica results and it has encouraged quantity of possible customers to get a try.

Secondly the gel acts as an activator for fresh hair growth. Hair loss becoming a most irritating problem irrespective of age and gender could be sort out using the help of Profollica. The first 1 is the shampoo, the 2nd one is the gel and the 3rd one is the nutritional supplement. Profollica critiques in web sites are flooding with customer’s positive critiques and little doubt they’re igniting numerous people to try using Profollica.

Profollica is really a combination of natural ingredients therefore it’s much safer to make use of. It also moisturizes the scalp thereby getting rid of dryness, dandruff, hair breakage and split hairs. Profollica results strengthen and replenish the hair follicles and promotes the development of new hairs. Lastly it is the nutritional supplement that’s rich in about 24 nutritional vitamins, minerals and amino acid. The pill is to be taken with meals frequently so that the important nutrients required for that healthy scalp and hair is provided on regular basis. All these 3 elements bestow denser and healthier hair.

Profollica guarantees certain Profollica results and it’s free of any unwanted side effects. With Profollica results you can bid farewell to hair loss as well as the psychological issues created because of hair loss.

The all new hair loss item, designed to suit each males and women, is Profollica. Profollica is 100% natural and doesn’t include any additional preservatives thus no concern of rebounding effects. Moreover Profollica augments the blood movement in the follicles and encourages growth of healthy hairs.

Profollica’s reputation lies chiefly on its 3 components firstly a shampoo that will get rid of extra oily substance secreted through the sebaceous glands called sebum.

Profollica Results – Grow Hair in Three Phases

These 3 components mix collectively to arrest the hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Profollica is 100% organic and doesn’t contain any additional preservatives thus no fear of rebounding effects. Particular causes could be set correct with certain adjustments inside your meals habits and existence fashion.

Profollica-bald-headNevertheless certain causes for hair loss need to be treated rightly and immediately. Some individuals isolate on their own from the public due to the fear of becoming teased out by their buddies and relatives. Profollica results prove that it is much effective than every other contenders. Utilizing Profollica can end up hair loss and the hair follicles become more powerful so as encouraging the growth of thicker hairs. Unlike other hair loss items that either arrives in a form of oral tablets or topical answer Profollica is obtainable in a pack of three systems.

Firstly the shampoo that is to become used daily. The shampoo comprises Cinnamomumb Zeylanicum and Kigelia Afrcana that reduces the DHT degree and removes the extra sebum on the scalp that hinders the growth of hair follicles. It also rinses the dead cells and dirt from the scalp thereby obstructing the causes for hair loss. Profollica reviews reveal the Profollica results and it has encouraged quantity of potential customers to get a attempt.

Secondly the gel acts as an activator for fresh hair growth. The ingredient Trichogen current in it reverses the shrunken hair follicles into the development stage. Last but not the least the nutritional supplement that is to be in use with meals ensures proper diet becoming supplied towards the hair roots. Hair loss becoming a most annoying issue irrespective of age and gender could be type out with the assist of Profollica. Profollica results are miraculous on customers when used frequently and in correct dosage. While other hair loss products comes either in the form of pills or topical answer, Profollica employs both methods. No other competitor has 3 in one pack to utterly combat the hair loss problem in an industrious way, except Profollica.

The increased level of DHT is the chief reason for hair fall. Profollica results are the bona fide examples for its effectiveness. Profollica critiques in web sites are flooding with customer’s constructive critiques and little doubt they’re igniting numerous people to attempt using Profollica.

Profollica is a combination of organic components therefore it’s much safer to use. The pill is to be taken with meals regularly to ensure that the important nutrients required for that wholesome scalp and hair is provided on normal foundation.

Do You Suffer From Dull Looking Hair? – Then Why Not Try Profollica?

For both women and men their hair is the most important part of their body. They can change it whenever they like and it really does boost your confidence whenever you feel down to just have a hair cut. New styles and new colors can help any woman to feel beautiful. However, if your hair is in poor condition then even the best hair cut in the world will not make you feel any better!

A number of factors contribute to poor hair condition. Pollution and other environmental factors can make a big difference. Using the wrong type of styling products also does not help. Also a poor diet will ultimately lead to poor looking hair. Not only will your hair look dull, but it will also thin and break easily and in some extreme cases you may even start to lose your hair. If this has happened to you then Profollica may be able to help.

Understanding Profollica

Profollica is designed to treat women who are suffering from baldness. It is different to many other hair loss remedies in the fact that it combines both oral and topical treatment. It is estimated that the product will help you to gain back your hair over a period of six months.

The ingredients within Profollica include shampoo, nutritional supplements and activator gel. You should use the product daily as it is likely that your scalp will be dry on a regular basis. Profollica shampoo is designed to help you to build up the texture of the hair over time and it cannot do this if it is not used regularly to treat baldness.

The nutritional supplements are designed to be taken orally and they basically provide your hair with all of the nourishment that it needs. You will find that there are more than twenty four different vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained in the supplement and all of them will help you to achieve healthy, shiny hair. Finally the gel should be used to enliven the hair follicles.

Used together, Profollica is designed to give you the best possible results. One of the best things about the product is that it is completely natural. This means that you should suffer no side effects at all and the ingredients will not damage your hair. It is also extremely easy to use and it can even be used on colored or permed hair. You can purchase it over the counter and if used regularly you should notice fairly dramatic results.

Profollica-box-2-stepsSome of the ingredients that are used in Profollica include Salvia Sclarea Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract and Panax Ginseng Root Extract. Every single one of the ingredients has its own function in helping you to achieve beautiful looking hair. For example, Gingko Biloba Extract is designed to help to improve the circulation within the scalp; encouraging the growth of healthy hair.

Overall Profollica is available both online and over the counter. However if you buy in bulk online you may be able to benefit from a discount. If used regularly you should be able to see results and as mentioned earlier, there are no side effects associated with the product so it could be worth a try.

Profollica Review – End Embarrassing Hair Loss With Profollica

A lot of people who are losing their hair on a daily basis are walking around getting embarrassed, thinking that surgery is the only solution to stopping their hair from thinning out.

For most, it is a natural process that comes with aging and they are just not aware that it can be stopped and reversed. Hair loss for many impacts on their confidence levels and they are scouting for solutions to remedy this.

I am here to tell you about a natural solution that is great for hair loss, that will make you feel better about yourself and get your confidence back again. This hair loss treatment is Profollica, and it is known for its effectiveness in remedying this problem. Not only that, it is all natural and your health or body will be not negatively affected in any way.

Profollica is 3 products in one, and together they offer a great solution in stopping the hair loss and regrowing the hair that you have already lost. Upon purchasing, one gets a gel, a shampoo as well as a supplement, and they work simultaneously in stopping hair loss, while encouraging new hair to grow.

There are no chemicals used in the formulation of this treatment, and that is the reason why your body is protected from harmful ingredients.

This product encourages your hair to regrow in 3 different ways instead of one way, which is what other products in the market offer. And because it works in 3 ways, it encourages hair growth faster and results for most users are visible in a few weeks.

In a few weeks from starting this treatment, you can have your confidence back without having to cover your bald head with hats and caps.

Here are some of the advantages of using Profollica:

• There are no side effects
• It is natural and will not affect your health in any way
• It works in 3 ways to encourage your hair to grow again
• Results are seen in a couple of weeks

All the ingredients that are needed to encourage hair to regrow are in the formulation of this treatment from discouraging the formation of DHT to the stimulation the clogged hair follicles.

Before you decide to spend your money on a product that promises you hair regrowth in a week, you need to do your research first. If you do it properly you will realize that no other treatment offers the same advantages that this treatment does.

When it comes to hair loss treatment, there is only on treatment that I recommend, and it is Profollica.

Profollica Review – Profollica Is the Alternative to Surgery, Prescription Drugs, and Side Effects

You are about to learn why Profollica is one of the most effective solutions to the frustrations that you are having in losing your hair.

When it comes to hair loss, some people do opt for surgery which is extremely costly, and others opt for prescription medications which unfortunately come with side effects that are unhealthy for their body.
I doubt anyone would allow their body to go through something that was potentially risky in trying to achieve something that they could do naturally which would give them even better results.

This is precisely why Profollica was created, to give people who are experiencing hair loss to be able to regrow their hair without putting their bodies at risk. Besides its effectiveness, the most impressive part in the formulation of this thinning hair remedy is the fact that the ingredients that are found in the treatment have gone through thorough testing to ensure that they are effective and that they are absolutely risk free to use.

Any effective hair loss regrow product has to satisfy 3 elements for it to be effective:

Profollica-before-after• The sebum that is blocking the follicles has to be removed
• The DHT that is on the scalp which is the major reason why you are losing hair has to be reduced effectively
• Growth in follicles that are not being active has to be induced and encouraged.

Profollica does all three, unlike the many other products that only manage to do two out of three or one out of three which is the case for majority of the products.

A good natural hair loss treatment should be able to stop the hair loss, but in addition to that it should reverse the effects of hair loss that has already occurred.

Other products in the market that claim to do this come with very expensive price tags, and on top of that, the side effects that come with it are life changing, the most common one being erectile dysfunction.

That is the reason why a lot of people are singing Profollica praises because they have gotten great results, and it is an even bigger plus that people can try risk free for 60 days.

It is not a quick fix however, but if you want consistent and permanent hair growth, this is the one to try.

There is absolutely no reason why you should spend thousands of dollars going through surgery, and putting your health at risk.

Profollica: A Hairy Solution to Baldness

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place? When your hair falls down and part of your self-confidence and self-esteem goes out with it, and would eventually put you in a high water or worst situation that even your interpersonal relationships and professional careers are being affected? And do you ever wish to go down the wire and end all these problems: including hair loss, hair thinning, hair fall, and premature graying of the hair? No worries because your queries have just been answered! Profollica is your hairy solution to all of these hair problems containing all the natural ingredients and effective for both men and women with its three-part system. But to fully appreciate the mechanism of this hairy solution, you must first understand the normal cycle of hair growth and loss which will be thoroughly discussed.

The normal cycle of the hair lasts for approximately two to three years. Each hair grows about 1 centimeter each month and falls out and starts to grow after three to four months. As a normal part of the cycle, the hair sheds each day but unusually, a lot of people experience extreme hair loss which is not anymore normal. And in fact, according to the American Hair Loss Association, male pattern baldness accounts for more than 95% of hair loss cases in men. By the time they reach the age of 35, men experience some degree of hair loss, and by age 50, hair becomes thinner. Surprisingly, women would make up 40% of hair loss sufferers today. A lot of hair loss causes were identified and to name a few, stress is one, anti-cancer drugs, some skin disorders, testosterone levels, genetics, and aging. Good thing this regrowth system was created to battle all of these hair problems.

This three part hair regrowth system contains all 100% natural ingredients including vitamins, proteins, and amino acids, without any harmful chemicals and toxins that would precipitate occurrence of hair loss. It halts the production of Dihydrotestosteron which is the main cause of hair loss in both men and women. To get the best results, follow the three parts: first step involves rubbing of the Profollica shampoo deep into the scalp so as to reduce sebum production, second step is the Profollica Activator Gel which rejuvenates the hair to reduce Dihydrotestosteron levels, and the third and last step is the Nutritional Supplement which stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles thereby encouraging an environment conducive for hair growth. The ingredients of the nutritional supplement are known to remarkably decrease DHT levels and these are: Manganese Gluconate, Folic Acid, Chlorophyll, Zinc Oxide, Biotin, Iodine, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B12, Pana, proteins, and amino acids.

There are tons of hair regrowth products being introduce in the market which all fail in its effectiveness; a waste of your time and money. However, Profollica actually works pretty well. It doesn’t just help manage your hair loss, hair thinning, and hair fall; it also improves your self-confidence and self-esteem! Purchase the three-step hair regrowth system now and experience the astounding appearance as your hair grows back; should you not be satisfied with its results, you are guaranteed by a 60 day or your money back.

Profollica Results – Get You Hair Back

While other hair loss products comes either in the type of pills or topical answer, Profollica employs both methods. The initial 1 is the shampoo, the second 1 is the gel and the 3rd 1 is the nutritional supplement. These three elements work collectively to turn out great Profollica results. Profollica results would be the bona fide examples for its effectiveness. Nevertheless it’s important to make use of frequently to acquire fullest and rapid Profollica results. Profollica results strengthen and replenish the hair follicles and promotes the development of new hairs. All these three components bestow denser and healthier hair.

Profollica guarantees certain Profollica results and it is totally free of any unwanted side effects.

The all new hair loss product, designed to match each men and ladies, is Profollica. Profollica minimizes the DHT level more than the scalp thereby preventing hair loss and promoting hair re-growth. Profollica surpasses all of the other items inside a way it is completely natural and Profollica results are visible in couple of weeks time.

Profollica results are the outcome of 3 magical elements namely a shampoo, an efficient gel and pills that provide sufficient nutrition. Moreover Profollica augments the blood movement within the follicles and encourages growth of healthy hairs.

Profollica’s popularity lies chiefly on its 3 elements firstly a shampoo that gets rid of excess oily substance secreted through the sebaceous glands known as sebum. This helps the hair follicles to create without any hindrance. The second one is a re-activator gel that boosts up the hair follicles and stimulates healthy and fast growth of hair.

The gels together with the shampoo lessen the DHT degree thereby permitting the hair roots to develop thicker and dense hairs. Aside from energizing the hair follicles and increasing the blood circulation these nutrients also enhance the overall well being of the individual. About 90 % with the customers experienced reduction within the chance of gray hair.

Several tests carried out on Profollica for about 2 months shows the effect of Profollica on individuals with severe hair loss is truly miraculous and Profollica results has kindled numerous budding customers to attempt and advantage from Profollica- an greatest hair loss item that employs three stage program. Hair loss might be because of numerous reasons beginning from poor hair upkeep, improper nutritional diet plan, heredity, environmental pollution, tension and numerous other people.

Profollica is a best alternative to temporary wigs and surgeries. Profollica acts straightforwardly around the main trigger for hair loss particularly the higher levels DHT and upholds the situation required for healthy and dense hair development. Utilizing Profollica can wind up hair loss and also the hair follicles become stronger so as encouraging the growth of thicker hairs. Profollica includes an offer of 2 months cash back assurance.

Profollica Reviews – Separating Fact From Fiction

If you Google “Profollica reviews”, you will find millions of websites, all weighing in on this “miracle hair loss” cure. There’s no doubt that the Internet is littered with a plethora of information (as well as misinformation) about the product. The bottom line is that you are looking for objective reviews about this product. You aren’t looking for some pushy sales pitch that uses aggressive sales marketing tactics, biased testimonials, and exaggerations in order to push this product.

You have been wrestling with the issue of hair loss for quite some time now and you just want to resolve this nuisance of a problem once and for all. Hair loss is a telltale sign of stress and aging. But if you want to maintain a youthful appearance, if you still want to remain attractive to your significant other, or you don’t want to put a damper on your prospects of attracting the opposite sex, then let me let you in on a little secret:

Taking action is the only way to solve your hair loss problem. Sitting back and doing nothing about it will do nothing but perpetuate the problem.

So having said that, let’s examine the premise upon which Profollica’s claims to success are based. According to most Profollica reviews, this product works by lowering the levels of dihyrdotestosterone (DHT) in your body. And for maximum effectiveness, it involves two forms of treatment: oral as well as topical:

The oral treatment involves taking a daily herbal supplement that is designed to lower the DHT levels in your body. The topical treatment involves applying an activator gel, whose primary ingredient is trichogen, to your scalp on a daily basis. It, too, works to suppress the production of the DHT hormone in your body.

So how does Profollica compare to other competing products out there on the market for hair loss prevention and regrowth? For one, there are no Profollica reviews out there with reports of any side effects. More specifically, the use of Profollica does not cause any sexual side effects, which some of its competitor products, the use of which have been known to result in.

Hair loss is, without a doubt, a sensitive subject for millions of men. For men who are unwilling to endure life without hair, it is viewed as a direct threat to their masculinity and to their youth.

But of course, as with all things, the claims made by any Profollica reviews, must be taken with a grain of salt. Individual results may vary. But one thing is for certain: Inaction will get you nowhere. It is only by taking action that you will be able to affect a change in your life for the better.

Profollica change the way men feel about hair loss products, in a good way!

Hair loss is something that most men over a certain age have to deal with eventually. Thankfully, due to advancements in the field of health care, men “in the loop” don’t have to deal with hair loss anymore! Amazing new products like Profollica are changing the way men feel about hair loss products, in a good way!

The Breakdown on Profollica

2 in 1 product
Powerful anti hair loss shampoo
Effective daily supplement
Strengthens and feeds remaining hair
Encourages and improves hair regrowth
Unclogs hair follicles and reduces DHT levels
Natural, no prescription required
Helps to reduce high levels of DHT, the main cause of hair loss in men
Combines herbal, biotech, and synthetic components to make the perfect product

Profollica Cons

Can take several months to start seeing noticeable results with Profollica
If your hair loss is already in an advanced stage, there is only so much Profollica can do for you
Moderately expensive

How Does Profollica Work?

Beleive it or not, Profollica is a completely natural product. Most hair loss products cannot make such claims, as they contain potentially dangerous chemicals and other nasty ingredients.

Using a blend of natural ingredients, Profollica attacks your hair loss problem right at the source. The main way that this product can benefit you is by reducing your level of DHT. DHT is a form of testosterone, and is completely normal. However, a large percentage of men have a genetic sensitivity to DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, and their bodies are unable to get rid of excess amounts of DHT.

This causes excess buildup, which leads to a process called follicle miniaturization. Once this process has started, it is difficult to counteract, and can do serious damage to your hair. Basically, the DHT will start to kill off your hair follicles, making your hair frizzy and brittle. Eventually, if left untreated, the DHT will cause your hair to fall out, and restrict your body’s ability to re grow hair in that region.

Profollica is one of the only products on the market that can help to reduce DHT levels and save your hair. Basically, Profollica interrupts the process and doesn’t allow the alpha-5 reductase enzymes from binding to the raw testosterone, which makes it impossible for DHT to form. Your body will naturally rid itself of the remaining DHT, until it is reduced to a healthy level.

Profollica is one of the only products available to reduce DHT, without causing harmful side effects.
This process is accomplished by a number of key ingredients in Profollica. The daily supplement provides a healthy blend of 24 herbal extracts, nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, and proteins, all of which help to control/reduce DHT production.

These ingredients also help in the process of regrowing hair, and to improve blood flow, which in turn benefits your scalp and hair. The shampoo helps to wash away excess DHT and other impurities.

Will it Work for You?

Profollica does an excellent job of targeting all the common causes of hair loss. In clinical trials, it has proven to work for a very high percentage of people, and the reviews available from the public are usually very positive. There’s only one way to find out if Profollica will truly work for you, and that is to try the product out.

Thankfully, you can do this with little or no risk, as for a limited time, Profollica is offering a 60-day risk-free trial! You can try the product for 60 days, and if you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund.

Does Profollica Have Any Side Effects?

No known side effects have been reported for this product yet. However, everyone’s body reacts in a different way. So, when you begin your treatment using Profollica, watch for any weird changes to your body and skin. If you notice a rash or any other type of side effect, discontinue use of Profollica immediately and contact your doctor.

Profollica Review Summary

Overall, Profollica is an excellent product. No other hair-loss product can benefit you in the way Profollica does, without using potentially harmful chemicals. Plus, with the 60-day money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose by trying Profollica! Give it a shot today, and say goodbye to your receding hairline!

Gain Back Healthy Hair With Profollica

Whether you are male or female, young or old; if you are suffering from hair loss then Profollica may be able to help. Designed to decrease the amount of DHT on the scalp, rejuvenate hair follicles and reduce the amount of sebum on the scalp; Profollica is one of the best hair restoration products available on the market today.

A Review of Profollica

Profollica-dont-be-baldOne of the best things about Profollica is that it is 100% natural. This means that you should never experience any negative side effects. Its ingredients are individually selected for their effectiveness in creating healthy looking hair. Containing over two dozen vitamins, minerals and amino acids, Profollica consists of three separate products; both topical and oral.

The first of the three products is the shampoo. When you suffer from hair loss you may notice that your scalp is overly dry. The shampoo is designed to maintain the moisture within your scalp while at the same time it also helps to eliminate any excess sebum which can clog up the hair follicles. It is designed to help to restore the texture of the hair and it should be used daily.

The second product is activator gel and this is the main product used that reduces the levels of DHT on the scalp. DHT binds to the receptors of the hair follicles and in time weakens the hair and it breaks; causing hair loss. Profollica activator gel also helps to revitalize the hair and over time you will notice that your hair becomes thicker too.

The final product within the Profollica range is the nutritional supplement. This is an oral product and it contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids that all help to create, healthy, thicker hair. They work by improving the circulation within the scalp and by providing proper nutrition to the hair follicles.

When you use all three products you should first use the shampoo to remove any excess sebum which may be present on your scalp. Once you have finished shampooing, you should then gently massage the activator gel onto the scalp. Ideally you should spend a couple of minutes massaging the gel into the scalp for best results. Finally the nutritional supplement should be taken. Remember to take just one per day.

Overall all three products combined provide you with the best possible results. Designed to build up the texture of your hair over an estimated period of six months, by using Profollica you should notice significant results. The ingredients within the product are mainly designed to block DHT which is a hormone that binds to the receptors of the hair follicles. Particular ingredients that help to eliminate DHT include Gingko Biloba extract, Beta Sitosterol and He Shou Wo. So if you have not yet considered trying Profollica then why not look into how it could help you today?

Profollica Review – Must Read Before You Buy Profollica!

My personal experience with Profollica motivated me to send this article. The review might help other persons like me.

Hair exists to complete the shape of the face and further fine-tune the looks of any man or woman. A separate industry exists only by dedicating itself to hair care and hair grooming technologies. In such a situation, loss of hair and premature balding can be a great disaster to anyone and everyone who is conscious about his looks. When there is no hair, there is no need to take care of it, say some. But hair is a natural part of our bodies, and they too need to be taken care of as well as any other part, equally well.

I have been proud of my hair from my earlier years, my hair being long and thick and silky and truly beautifully. It was a matter of pride for me and a matter of envy for others. Lately, I have started losing out on the only thing I was ever proud of. My hair took to falling off faster than normal during the past few years, and had even started to loose its natural luster. The regrowth wasn’t fast enough to keep my head looking as full as before, and I was truly distressed at the gradual destruction of the one thing that made me beautiful.

Then I was prescribed Profollica by my dermatologist, who happens to be a family friend too. Things started to change fast after that. The Profollica product comes with three different packages in one. I followed the instructions and used the shampoo regularly followed by the gel. You won’t believe how fast my hair started regaining its lost texture and luster. The shampoo is simply miraculous.

On applying the gel regularly after bath I saw what I thought was never possible. Within 3 weeks the hair fall rate was cut down to almost a zero, with new hair sprouting up at the balding areas rapidly. The effect it has on revitalizing the follicles is too good to be described.

ProFollica-Before-and-AfterApart from that I found the nutrition supplements provided in the pack was a truly wise addition as no physical problem can actually treated completely from outside. The pills, rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, strengthen the scalp tissues from the inside so hair grows fast naturally. And it wasn’t all talk. As I can see, I am regaining almost all of lost glory in a timeframe I never thought was possible.It is happening, and it’s happening now.

I truly am very happy that I look great and younger again. Profollica did a great job in putting together the formulae so expertly, and I owe them many thanks for returning happiness to me.

Does Profollica Really Work?

With so much misinformation out there, it’s hard to get an accurate read on whether Profollica works or not. We have sifted through the rubble and found the real information you need to be able to make an informed decision.

What It Is?

Profollica is a two-part system that uses naturally-found ingredients that target your DHT levels. By taking a daily supplement and following up in the shower with a gel, it is designed to both nourish your hair on the outside and solve the DHT problem from the inside.

The Two Sides

You can either go pharmaceutical, or you can go small-time when it comes to helping your hair grow back, or at least stopping its demise. The big pharma companies out there have got things pretty much tied up as far as Rogaine and Propecia go, but there are a ton of small to medium-sized companies out there that are trying to claim their share of the market. There is room for both, because there are some serious drawbacks to using prescription medications.

Some of the biggest reasons to avoid a drug for your hair loss are the negative side effects associated with them. Many of these side effects are sexually based, and can include things as severe as impotence and erectile dysfunction. That’s why it’s important to make a decision based on all of the facts, and not just rush out there and start popping pills or rubbing harmful products onto your scalp.

By using a product that is naturally based, you not only provide nourishment to your hair, you avoid the harmful side effects from drugs that get released to the public too soon. The only question is, are these herbal based treatments as effective as medicine?

The Claim

Profollica claims that if you use their product you will help slow, stop, or even reverse your hair loss. They say that by lowering the amount of DHT that your body produces your hair problem will improve greatly. The system works, they say, with a combination of a daily herbal supplement, and an activator gel that is applied directly to the scalp.

The herbal supplement contains amino acids, proteins, nutrients, & enzymes that are designed to help curb your production of DHT, but they also claim that these help neutralize other aspects such as a poor diet, high amounts of stress, feelings of depression, and even getting sick.

The activator gel is designed to stop DHT from forming in the first place, and is massaged onto your hair after you’re done shampooing.

Is DHT to Blame?

Many hair loss companies will explain that it is your body’s overproduction of DHT that is causing your hair loss, and that their products help remove this excess from your scalp, allowing your hair to grow like normal. The consensus is that DHT is a contributing factor to male pattern baldness, but that there are many reasons it can occur, and you should find out what exactly is causing your specific condition to find the right solution for you.

Can’t Trust Profollica “Review” Sites

There are many Profollica review sites out there, but the majority are phony. A true review site is meant to provide a fair and unbiased review of the product in question. One “review” site even features a video with a shill of the Profollica company explaining how it works.

This makes it harder to get accurate information about the system, and to read about what it really contains. It also makes it nearly impossible to find reliable reviews from real users that have tried it and are being honest about the results. Luckily with a little perseverance and diligence the real feedback is there and in this instance it appears to be solid. You’re never going to appease everyone out there with a hair loss product because there are so many varying degrees of hair loss, causes of it, and lifestyles that nothing works well for everyone, not even Rogaine.

This user sees results – after one year:

Profollica FAQ

With so much sketchy info out there for Profollica, we felt it was our duty to answer some of the most common questions about it. If you have further questions please ask them in the comment below and we’ll do our best to get to them.

Is Profollica FDA approved?

The FDA doesn’t approve all-natural products such as this one. The best a company like this can do is get their facilities registered with the FDA so that there is some assurance that their manufacturing process is adhering to some form of best practices.

Can women use Profollica?

This is a formula that is made for men, and is made specifically for the problems that men face when it comes to hair loss. You may have seen many products out there that say that they’re OK for both men and women, and still others that have two different formulations for both men and women. This one, however, is just for men.

Can you trust Profollica before and after pics?

There are before and after pictures on their official site, and you may have also seen supposed users posting their results on forums and message boards. These sort of pictures should always be taken with a grain of salt, because you never really know what the ulterior motives are of those that post these sort of pictures. Also, the company is trying to sell you the product, so it’s not as if they’re going to put before and after shots unless it’s showing signs of working. Whether or not these images have been doctored or retouched is hard to determine.

Is Profollica a scam?

Profollica-Facts-about-mens-hair-lossA scam typically entails a completely bogus product, or no product at all, or shenanigans with the ordering process. Since plenty of people have successfully purchased this and have reported good results with it, and since there’s a 60 day money back guarantee in place, we’re going to say it is not a scam.

Are there side effects with Profollica?

The company claims that there have been no reported side effects. This doesn’t mean that no one has ever reacted negatively to it, it simply means they didn’t bother to report it to them. Just because a product uses natural sources for it’s ingredients doesn’t mean that there will be no side effects as a result. Compared to the list of side effects that come with pharmaceutical hair loss treatments it would definitely have less.

Is Profollica safe?

The use of all-natural ingredients makes it less likely that this product will harm your hair or scalp, but that doesn’t cut out all possibility that you’ll have a reaction to it. There are no long term studies that have been conducted on it, so it’s unclear what the result would be to use this for several months or years.

How do you apply Profollica?

First you use the included shampoo the same way that you’d use ordinary shampoo. This is meant to revive your scalp and follicles. Then you massage in the gel that comes with the kit, but you don’t wash it out or rinse it out. You leave it in and let it dry. It stays on your scalp and does its thing.

Are there any Profollica complaints?

While we did notice that some users were not happy with the results they received, we didn’t really see anything in the way of complaints, such as poor customer service or causing their hair loss to worsen. With some hair loss products out there we’ve seen legitimate complaints, like burning scalps, additional hair loss, or lousy customer service in the case of a return. But this is not the case here.

Final Profollica Review

Profollica appears to be doing everything right when it comes to producing a quality product to a hungry market. Any system that uses multiple steps, and works from both the inside and the outside is a solid attempt. They don’t make many outlandish claims like you’ll be able to have a full head of hair in 2 weeks, and with their 60 day time frame they have faith that you’ll see some results in a rather short period of time.

Our Recommendation

We recommend going with an all-natural hair loss solution, and Profollica is a serious contender in marketplace filled with flops. They rely almost entirely on blocking DHT, so if you go with this make sure that you’re taking more of a comprehensive approach. With their guarantee in place it doesn’t hurt to try it, and get your own opinion of whether or not it works. You’ll just be out the shipping and handling charges if you return it within 60 days.


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