ProExtender is a traction device that stretches the penis sufficiently to stimulate the growth of its tissues.


The ProExtender System is called a “system” as it is a package which includes the following:

– The ProExtender device – an enlargement traction device.


– A bottle of VigRX pills to enhance sexual stamina and provide better blood flow.

– A bottle of Semenax – semen and sperm enhancing pills to increase semen volume.

– A penis enlargement exercise CD.

ProExtender is a medical device which has been established and produced by DanaMedic. This is a unique and complete penis enlargement system which is generally recommend for men who wish to enhance their overall penis health, such as penis size, ejaculation control and further repair their crooked penis. This device is designed to enlarge the penis by up to 3 inches and straighten the penis permanently. The users who use this extender further experience an improvement in sexual health, penis health, powerful erections and several other benefits.

ProExtender device is designed to offer gentle, harmless and painless traction to the penis. This device is medically tested and it ensures that the appropriate amount of force is applied to the penis, which indicates that you can enlarge your penis safely and naturally. In case the use of penis enlargement device like ProExtender device is stopped then, the penis size can’t change back.

Penis enlargement exercise CD is a part of the ProExtender system. These penis exercises when used in accordance with the other parts of this system help in promoting penis growth and over all health.

How does ProExtender system work?

ProExtender acts on the principle of traction which is used in traditional orthopaedic surgery. When the extender is worn by you, a controlled traction force is applied along the length of the penis, causing your penile tissue cells to expand. The cells in your penis fill up the space required to avoid the stretch. It is this cell expansion which offers permanent larger girth and length of penis.

The ProExtender device is fastened around the base of the penis and around the corona glans or the head of the penis. On gradual increase of longitudinal force on the shaft of the penis, the body’s natural reaction to this force is multiplication of tissue cells and gradual expansion of the penile tissue. It can be said that the penis gradually and naturally adds tissue for a larger and longer penis.

Additional benefits of ProExtender system

– It overcomes penis curvature and straightens the penis permanently.

– Increases confidence and self-esteem – lack of confidence can hamper your sex performance during sex.

– Increases stamina and sex drive

– More harder and longer-lasting erections erections

– Better ejaculation control.

Side effects of ProExtender system: no side effects are reported. In case you had an erection problem earlier then you may not be able to maintain an erection without it. ProExtender system is a recommended system to enjoy prolonged and powerful erections and to permanently straighten the penis.



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Does ProExtender Really Work? A Commonly Asked Question

Does ProExtneder really works is a common question, which has taken place in the minds and hearts of many men. The reason of asking this question is the apprehensiveness of men, related to the reliability and effectiveness of penis enlargement devices and medicines. Many men have wasted a lot of their time and money on useless products, which claim to enlarge the size of your penis, but on consuming them, you end up with nothing except for disappointment. Men really lack in their confidence and their self-esteem also gets hurt, with small size penis. It takes away happiness and satisfaction from their sex life. A man with small sized penis cannot stand longer in his bed and in this way he cannot achieve satisfaction during intercourse.

Doctors say that an average size of a penile organ is 6 inches. It does not matter, from which part of the world, a man belongs to, and this size remains the same. There are many men, who have small sized penis and they are in need to enlarge it in length and width, which would help them in satisfying their partners need and will also get to fulfill their own desire. A man can do anything to enlarge his penile organ. This is the reason, why men have been doing do many wild and painful experiments. And when they come across with the name of ProExtender, they readily raises the question, does ProExtender really work?

There is no harm in raising this question, for every one has right to get full information and knowledge on the product, which he is going to use for the health of his penile organ. When you will start finding an answer to the question, does ProExtender really works, you will certainly get a positive answer. There are around thousands of men, who have achieved a permanent increase in the size of their penis. This device does not give you any kind of painful experience, but it is highly safe, pain free and comfortable product, which will not hamper your daily routine life. This is a complete pack, which has a device, two bottles of supplements and a video CD. The device has a telescopic bar, saddle and a loop. The saddle supports the shaft of your penis and with the help of telescope bar; you can adjust the pressure, which will be exerted on your penile organ. The loop gives proper support to the head of your penis. You are required to tie this device daily, for around 10 hours. When you will tie it, you are not going to feel any kind of pain or inconvenience and can do all your daily routine tasks.

On the other hand, the two oral supplements, which come along in this pack, will help in increasing your sexual health to the greatest extent. Both of them will help in increasing your sexual stamina, by increasing the intensity of orgasms and will help in preventing your from premature ejaculations. With intense and longer lasting orgasms, you will be able to enjoy repetitive sessions, at a time. These supplements would greatly help you in providing you a complete control over your sexual activity. The CD will teach you some really beneficial exercises, which will help in improving the health of your penile organ. In this CD you will also learn the correct and accurate use of this device. It shows that the question, does Pro Extender really works has a positive answer, which can bring virility, vigor and sexual intensity back in your lives.

The answer of the question, does Pro Extender really works does not only let you know that this product helps in increasing the size of your penis, but on doing detail research and by using this product, you will come to know that Pro Extender has transformed your sex life. On one hand you are going to enjoy the sexual activity, with the help of larger and wider penis and on the other hand your entire penis related problems are going to be solved, with the help of this harmless and pain free product.

This product is going to tone your penile organ and will help in improving its curvature, by giving a control over its deviation. On getting sexual arousals, your penis will not deviate in any other direction, but will erect iron rod straight, which is going to give you more relaxing and satisfying sessions in bed. This product will also increase the erection stamina, which will result in giving your longer and more intense sessions, as the volume of orgasms will also be increased. These benefits are enough to give you an answer on, does ProExtender really work?

ProExtender Results: Does The Pro Extender System Really Work?

If you are seeking answers to the question “Does ProExtender work?”, then this could be a very important article for you. The ProExtender System has been around for some years already and it is obviously a legitimate product that many men are using. But how does it work, if it works at all? Find out now.

Firstly, to know whether this penis enlargement system works or not, you need to look at what is inside the package. Basically, this product consists of 4 components:

1. The ProExtender device which is the main component.

This is a high quality penis enlargement device that was designed and manufactured in Denmark by a leading doctor and scientist in the special field of penile augmentation or phalloplasty. This is a medical type 1 device, meaning it is made of the highest quality materials and is totally safe for use by the general public.

2. A bottle of Vigrx pill

This is a penis enhancement supplement that is already famous by its own right. This pill can help strengthen your erections and make your penis appear bigger in an erect state.

3. A bottle of Semenax pill

This is a semen enhancement pill that can really boost the amount of semen you ejaculate during an orgasm. If you want a bigger load, then this supplement can help.

4. Access to the Men Only penis enlargement exercise program

These exercises, aka Jelqing, can help you gain inches more quickly. You can get instant access and start the exercises straight away while waiting for your extender to arrive.

Now that you only what the ProExtender system is made up of, it is time to find out how it really work….

How the ProExtender device works?

The ProExtender device works on the same principle of traction used in traditional orthopaedic surgery. When you wear the exender, a controlled traction force is applied along the length of your penis. This will cause the penile cells to multiply, thus giving you the expansion in mass and a bigger, meatier penis size.

This is not just imagination but a clinically proven phenomenon. There was a report presented at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. April 6th, 7th and 8th, 1998, at Barcelona, Spain, that proved this.

In this study on 18 men, age ranging between 18-27 years old, Dr Jorn Ege Siana, MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen, showed that there was an increase in erect penis length of 2.8 cm (1.1 inch) after 1100 hours at 1200 g traction force using the ProExtender. The corresponding flaccid increase is 1.9 cm or 0.75 inch.


Clearly, the ProExtender system, which consists of the penis extender plus other add-ons, work. As mentioned earlier, the device has been clinically proven to add some inches to a man’s penis size. As for the pills and exercises, these are extras that work in their own way too.

But what about side effects? To be sure, you will get some soreness when you first use the device. This is inevitable but you will get used to it with more frequent usage. As for pills, you may experience a sore or dry throat so you should drink lots of water after consuming them. There are basically no side effects associated with the penis exercises, as far as we know.

ProExtender Review: Is This Penis Extender Any Good? Get The Facts Right Before You Buy

In this short but useful ProExtender review you will get to know once and for all if this product is worth your money or not. We will be taking a hard look at what this so-called system is all about, how it works, how it can benefit you and so on. If you are serious about having a better sexual experience and owning a bigger manhood, then this review could be a very important one for you.

This review of the ProExtender system is based on the following considerations:-

1. What exactly are you getting?

When you order the ProExtender system, you are actually getting a suite of products, not just the penis enlargement device. These are:

i) The ProExtender? Device

– this device was designed and developed in Denmark by Dr Jorn Ege Siana, a medical doctor and scientist with many years of experience in the penile enlargement field. It is the “main course” of this system and is able to help you grow your penis by 1-3 inches without you having to endure and risk surgery.

ii) Vigrx Pills – 30 day supply

– this is the famous Vigrx pills that all men want to get hold of. Vigrx pills can complement your usage of the ProExtender device by increasing blood flow to the penis and generally nourishing your sexual system. With these pills, you will get harder erections on demand thus making your penis appear bigger during an erection.

iii) Semenax Pills – 30 day supply

– Semenax pills can help boost your ejaculation volumes for a more complete sexual experience. Some guys like ejaculating loads instead of a dribble and Semenax is just the product to help them achieve their dreams.

iv) For Men Only penis exercises

– these exercises are proven to help you stretch and grow your penis too.

2. What is the quality of the device like?

The ProExtender Device is a superior penis extender developed by a well known Danish medical company. It is developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a leading doctor in Plastic and General Surgery from the School of Medicine, University of Copenhagen. This device is a Medical Type I device which means it is made of the highest quality materials and is safe for use.

3. How the device work?

This extender or traction device, as it is commonly known, works on the scientific principle of traction used in traditional orthopedic surgery. It is clinically proven to add 1-3 inches to a man’s penis size without him going under the knife.

When you wear the extender, a controlled traction force is applied along the length of your penis, causing your penile tissue cells to expand. It is this cell expansion that gives you impressive, permanent gains in penile girth and length.

4. What’s the reputation of the vendor?

The vendor is a reputable and established company called Leading Edge Marketing. They are the same people behind the wildly successful Vigrx pills. In fact, this product comes with a free bottle of Vigrx pills, among other interesting freebies they have for you.

5. Are there any negative side effects?
You may get some soreness from using the device, especially on the first few weeks. So it is advisable for you to use a soft cloth to wrap around your penis “head” when using this. Other than that, the pills that come with the device may give you a sore throat so you must drink lots of water when taking the pills.

6. Are there any money back guarantees?

The ProExtender system come with a risk-free, 6 month, money back guarantee. This is a good safety net in case you don’t the kind of results you want.

Conclusions and recommendations

As you can see in this short ProExtender review, this product is arguably the most complete penis enlargement system on the market. Besides giving you a permanently bigger penis size, the ProExtender System can also increase the hardness of your erections and generally improve your overall sexual health.

What’s more, if you don’t get the kind of results you expect after using it for 6 months, you can get a full refund. That’s as good as it gets.

ProExtender System – Should You Buy ProExtender?

With all of the different brands out there, should you buy the penis extension device known as ProExtender? This is a pretty valid question. I would say the reason you might consider utilizing it is because it could help boost your self confidence in the bedroom, and ultimately, your sex life. We all know that having a healthy sex life is essential in being able to maintain a good relationship. Many men often feel various insecurities and jealousies when they are unable to satisfy their partner.

It’s even more humiliating having to see your lover resort to using gadgets and devices in order to get the job done where you’re unable to. But if you decide to buy a ProExtender penis extension device, you might just be on the right track.

By utilizing this penis extender, you’ll be able to forgo a very painless but effective process that will help expand your male sexual organ. But it makes absolute sense many men would still have questions regarding the safety and overall effectiveness of a device such as ProExtender. First you need to understand ProExtender is a very well researched and less serious way to deal with the problem of having an undersized male sexual organ.

If you decide to buy ProExtender you’ll not have to resort to some of the more extreme surgeries out there. Not to mention the surgeries can sometimes be harmful, and many men don’t feel comfortable having a doctor operating on them down there. In fact, I remember hearing of a recent court case where a doctor was being sued by patient because of a section of his penis being deformed due to enlargement surgery. So, this would definitely be a much safer option if you are looking to add size to your overall penile length.

Please don’t be confused in any kind of way, if you decide to buy this, it will not work overnight or give you instant results. But it will give you the ability to see results if you use it consistently, and more importantly, it does not require any kind of hospitalization or any kind of post treatment which would cost you an arm and a leg.

In case you’re wondering what various components are included with ProExtender, there are very few. If you should decide to buy it you will find it comes with a plastic ring which is to be placed around the base of your penis.

It also has an adjustable plastic and silicone holder which is supposed to be fastened around the tip of your penis. It also comes with two metal bars which are attached between the ring and the holder that’s supposed to control the amount of tension put on it.

Even though some of this may sound complicated to some guys who still don’t understand, it’s a very simple process. ProExtender uses a very simple technique to help increase the size of your male sexual organ. All it does is increase your body’s natural ability to adjust itself and develop with a little assistance from an outside source.

Should you decide to buy it, you’ll find after using it for a period of time your male sexual organ will begin to increase in size. This is because this part of your body is going through constant stretching of the various tissue cells contained inside of it. Once these cells are stretched and multiplied, you’ll notice an increase in the size of your penis. However, you should do your due diligence before making any final decisions, as some methods work better for some than to others. ProExtender is just one of the many different solutions out there.

ProExtender Review – Is It For Real?

This ProExtender review will provide you with answers to key questions about the ProExtender system such as: What exactly does the system consist of? What are its benefits? Is it worth buying? The aim of this article is to help you to make up your mind on whether to buy this device – or not.

This system is designed based on a principle that has been implemented and in use for ages. In a nutshell, it involves helping the body’s muscles to grow naturally by inducing outside force. Let’s start our exploration from the beginning.

ProExtender is a multi-faceted system for permanently increasing the length and width of the penis. It corrects the curvature of bent penises too. It was developed after extensive research in 1994, as an alternative to surgery, by a penile surgeon.

The benefits, as promised by the manufacturer, include:

– Increase in the volume of semen ejaculated
– Harder and more lasting erections
– Highly intense orgasms
– Longer and wider penis (25% increase in length and 19% increase in girth)
– No side effects – safe and comfortable to use

The ProExtender system is a comprehensive package consisting of four components:

-The ProExtender penis enlargement device
-VIGRX penis enlargement pills
-Semenax semen volume increaser
-Penis enlargement exercises (on a CD, with clear and detailed instructions)

How Does the ProExtender System Work?

Elongating certain body parts is nothing new, and has been done for ages. In fact, some primitive tribes were able to create simple devices for stretching the neck, lips, ear lobes, etc. to ridiculously large proportions. They recognized that certain body parts could be extended beyond their ‘normal’ size limits. The key concept that these tribes were unconsciously using, which is also the basis for the ProExtender device, is traction. The principle is also applied in surgery to create extra tissue. The device applies consistent pressure on the penis through stretching it for prolonged periods of time, which forces the cells in the penis to break apart and multiply. The friction stimulates its cells to grow naturally, resulting in enlargement.

The system is a combination of the extender, pills, semen volume increaser and exercises. You can use the extender alone, but it is ideal to combine all the components for maximum benefits.

The pills (VIGRX) were chosen after in-depth research that shows that they are some of the most effective in the market. The pills contain ingredients that stimulate blood flow in the penis, causing it to become longer and wider. The system comes with a very comprehensive compilation of manual penis enlargement exercises designed with the specific purpose of enlarging the penis and enhancing overall sexual health.

Does ProExtender Really Work?

The product has been in the market for 16 years, mainly in Europe, and is now also shipped to other parts of the world. ProExtender results, as reported by users, are overwhelmingly positive. This is one of the most vital sentences in this ProExtender system review. Based on painstaking research conducted by browsing online forums for consumer comments, I find that most users of the ProExtender system have found it to be highly effective for achieving length and girth gains.


Based on the above ProExtender system review, I have no hesitation in recommending this product to any man who wishes to have a larger penis. There is a 100% money back guarantee, so if for any reason the product fails to work for you for six months after you buy ProExtender, you can return it for a full refund (excluding shipping). You’ll agree with me that six months is more than adequate to determine whether the product works or not.

Does the ProExtender Really Work to Increase Your Penis Size?

Things can be difficult for guys who are self-conscious about having smaller than average penises. Even those with average or above average penises may find themselves wanting to be bigger, or wondering whether they are satisfying their significant other. At the same time, products like penis extenders have a long way to go to convince men to take a chance with their products. After all, the market is full of scams and schemes that take advantage of men who want to have bigger penises.

However, penis extenders like the ProExtender are an exception to all of that hoopla. The way that they work is simple and based in actual science, unlike pills that pretend to have an effect but don’t prove it whatsoever. Using a traction system, the ProExtender and other penis extenders slowly and gently stretch out the penis, which adjusts by growing to meet the demand that the stretching puts upon it. The ProExtender has been designed by doctors and other medical experts who have placed an emphasis on comfort and results.

Comfort is important with any penis extender, since there is a direct correlation between the results that you can hope to receive and the amount of time that you spend wearing the extender. For example, the makers of the ProExtender suggest twelve hours per day of usage, which is simplified by the fact that it can be worn at any time that you’re not engaging in strenuous activities or a lot of continuous movement. With the exception of some slight soreness that you may experience early on as your penis adjusts to the extender, you will not have any comfort issues with the ProExtender.

The ProExtender also includes pills that are intended to supplement the process and help make your sex life more dynamic and enjoyable, but it’s really hard to accurately gauge the effectiveness of the pills. It’s best to think of them as a bonus that comes along with the promise of impressive results that the ProExtender itself will give you. It’s also worth noting that extenders such as the ProExtender are a good way to straighten out a curved penis, as well as adding length and girth.

The ProExtender is also like many other extenders in that it carries a money back guarantee, which means that you can feel more confident about giving the product a shot. If you’re looking into penis extenders and only want to consider the best offerings, the ProExtender should definitely make your shortlist.

ProExtender System – A Comprehensive Penis Enlargement Plan

A vast majority of men are not totally happy with the size of the penis they have been endowed with naturally and several of these men are on the lookout for methods to help them increase the penis size. Although attempts to penis enlargement have been a constant effort for times immemorial, it has now become a reality thanks to the dedicated efforts of many researchers all over the world. There are now many methods available to interested people that include the use of pills, powders, creams, lotions, exercises, traction devices and surgical methods of which some are successful while others are risky and not helpful in any way. ProExtender is one such option that is fast gaining popularity among people attempting penis enlargement.

So, what is the reason behind the ever increasing popularity of the ProExtender system?

The ProExtender System is one of the most comprehensive and successful methods of increasing the size of the penis and get good permanent results. The system comes in the form of a package that includes the ProExtender traction device, Vigrx pills to help in improving the flow of blood to the penis and get better quality of erections, Semenax Pills to improve the volume of ejaculate and an instructions CD that helps in providing guidance on penis exercises to help in improving the size of the penis.

The ProExtender Traction Device

This forms the most important part of the ProExtender system package and is one of the best stretching devices that is available in the market today. This device that is the mastermind of a Danish surgeon by name Dr. Jorn Ege Siana who developed the first device in the year 1994 that has now evolved and provided the improved version of the device we see today.

The traction device works on the principle of traction that is commonly used in other medical fields like orthopedics. The principle behind this is that when a gradual stretching force is applied on the body, it helps in inducing tissue growth and cell multiplication that helps in improving the length and girth of the penis.

Since the ProExtender device uses the natural ability of the body to grow when force is applied to it, the device is extremely safe unlike methods like penile pumps that can have dangerous side effects if proper instructions are not followed.

Vigrx Pills are a part of the ProExtender package and is taken to improve blood flow to the penis and also help in providing added benefits like improvement of sexual stamina, increase libido and sexual pleasure. Since the blood flow improves, the pills will add to the increased length and girth that is achieved by using the ProExtender traction device.

Semenax pills also form a part of the ProExtender package and this makes the package complete as ejaculate forms an important part of sexuality, virility and not to forget fertility. These pills help in improving the volume of ejaculate and thus helps in improving the intensity of orgasms that a person experiences.

The instructions CD contain all the information regarding the use of the ProExtender device and the pills that are provided with the package. It also contains instructions regarding penile exercises and how they need to be performed that will add up to the effects of using the traction device in providing better improvements in penis enlargement.

How Does ProExtender Increase Penis Size Without Surgery?

It seems that lately men have become fixated on the size of their penis and how to make it bigger. Perhaps due to what they read or see on the internet or in other popular media, if they perceive the size of their penis as being too small, it gives them an inferiority complex. This problem can seem so important that some men even are willing to undergo surgery, which can be expensive, painful and perhaps even potentially dangerous. Most males, however, are less willing to go under the knife and would prefer to use a less drastic means to make their sex organ longer and thicker.

Aside from their own pride, some men believe the size of their penis affects how much pleasure they may give to their partner. An additional factor in terms of delivering sexual satisfaction, in addition to penis size is the ability to maintain an erection for a sufficiently long time to achieve mutual satisfaction.

Although surgery, pills and pumps are alternative methods for increasing penis size, the ProExtender device is a choice that a large number of men have been making. Compared with a pump, clinical studies have found that the results obtained with an extension device, such as ProExtender are more permanent than any gains that may be achieved using vacuum pump devices.

About ProExtender

ProExtender is a traction device that stretches the penis sufficiently to stimulate the growth of its tissues. Also available from the makers of ProExtender is a system which additionally includes enhancement supplement pills, along with a detailed program explaining how to use the pills together with an exercise program. It should be noted that the cost point for even the most costly, deluxe ProExtender system is nowhere near the astronomical price tag of having plastic surgery done to enlarge the penis.

The traction device itself was created by Jorn Ege Siana, a doctor whose specialty is doing scientific research on enlarging the penis. He wanted to design a mechanical system that worked using natural principles, and that was both safe and easy for men to learn how to use. Using the ProExtender for the recommended number of hours per day, and throughout a course of several months, has been shown to result in penile growth that is measurable. The device can even be worn during the day at work (depending, of course, on having a job that is not very physical) or in the evening while watching television or even while asleep.

Perhaps the most important advantage of the device is how it can give a man more self esteem, sexual confidence and the feeling of more pride when seen by his partner.

ProExtender – Penile Extender Review

As you may or may not know, the ProExtender penis enlargement system is a specially designed device that attaches to the penis and gently stretches it over time through a carefully applied traction force. It is a proven and time tested solution to achieving satisfactory gains in penis size and has been in use for several years.

The ProExtender was invented in 1994 by Jorn E. Siana M.D. of Denmark as a way of extending the penis in a safe and non-evasive manner. Dr. Siana then spent several years testing and refining his invention to what is now one of the most well known extenders used by the medical community worldwide. Urologists and surgeons have discovered that the product is so helpful that they continue to prescribe it again and again while also promoting the technology directly to the general public.

The Review

For this review I ordered the Original ProExtender package that comes in a cardboard box.

Boxed ProExtender Product

The original extender system consists of the following:

Extender unit with base and adjustable bars
1 silicone noose
1 set of short add-on bars
1 set of long add-on bars
Instruction DVD
Printed instruction manual

The entire thing is made of sturdy yet light weight materials and is designed to medical standards so the quality appears to be very good. The traction bars are fully adjustable and can accommodate a wide variety of penis sizes.

My first step was to examine the extender and make sure that everything goes together like it should.

Complete ProExtender unit

I screwed together the additional bars and it all went smoothly. The spring loaded bars that are attached to the base functioned nicely and seemed to offer a good amount of traction force.

Finally it was time to try this extender for myself. I used the padding and placed it over my penis according to the manual. Next, I put the unit on and tightened the noose just behind my glans.

Surprisingly, it was fairly comfortable and it did not irritate me or cause any unacceptable discomfort. I wore it for an hour the first time then within a week I was able to wear it for at least 2 hours per day. I can really see how one could wear this extender for several hours per day without a problem.

If you experience any discomfort, its adjustability and padded cushion should be able to remedy those issues.

The amount of force that you can apply is adjustable between 300g and 1200g. Each mark on the traction bars represents an additional 300g of force. I had mine set at 600g for the time that I used it prior to this review.

The Results

During the time that I used ProExtender, I did begin to see that my flaccid penis was hanging longer than before and my erections appeared larger. I believe that if one was to wear this extender for a minimum of 2 months that bigger changes would be realized.

Effectiveness of this unit on a larger scale can best be shown in the following summary report presented at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in 1998. In this report a study was conducted called Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching and its results can be seen in the chart below.

ProExtender-because-being-legendaryNumber of patients: 18 patients ranging from 23-47 years
Inclusion: normal erectile capacity and no penile surgery
Exclusion: chronically diseased
Traction force: 0-2 weeks = 900-1000g; 2-24 weeks = 1000-1200g
Treatment period: 12 hours daily 7 days a week 8 to 24 weeks
Follow up: every 2 weeks

The average result of ProExtender treatment was an increase in erect length of 2.8 cm or 1.1 inch. After 1100 hours at 1200 g traction force the corresponding flaccid increase is 1.9 cm or 0.75 inch.

You can clearly see that the average man gained 1.1 inches in erect length and 0.75 inches in flaccid length.


We always discuss the safety factor in all of our extender reviews and this one is no exception. ProExtender, when used as directed, posses no harm to the body or the male sex organ. The unit is designed to apply a traction force to the penis which stimulates additional cell growth in effect making it longer. The process is done gradually over time and is painless.
Benefits and Conclusion

* Added length
* Added girth
* Permanent gains in size
* Improved erections
* Improved penile health
* Helps straighten curved penises
* More sexual satisfaction
* No pain or discomfort
* Safe and non-invasive

Overall, the ProExtender has changed little since we first reviewed it in 2012. This device seems to be a system capable of delivering significant changes to penis size; it is good quality, easy to operate, and an effective alternative to other male enhancement products.

ProExtender Review – Is This Penis Extender a Scam?

There are more guys than you would probably imagine who have anxiety regarding the size of their penises. For men with smaller penises, a lot of situations can become very nerve-wracking, and there are a lot of worries as well. Such thoughts as, “is my girlfriend satisfied?” and “what is my date going to think if she sees my penis?” are common worries, for instance. Even guys with average or above average penises sometimes want to get a little extra size and girth, or even to straighten out a curve that may be unattractive or uncomfortable.

This leads many men to looking into penis extenders, such as the ProExtender, which we’ll review. The ProExtender is a product that uses traction to slowly extend your penis, allowing it to adjust to the increased size and, over time, actually grow. This is actually how all penis extenders work. Unfortunately, penis extenders (and other penile growth methods) are shrouded in skepticism, partially due to outlandish claims by companies who promise the world. This leads many to wonder whether products such as the ProExtender are scams.

ProExtender’s own tests resulted in an average increase of 29% over six months, and there is no reason to doubt the validity of them. From our experience, we can attest that the product works and is constructed in a quality way. The claims of extra length and girth are truthful. Some of the other claims, such as more intense orgasms, better ejaculation control, and greater sexual pleasure, are harder to quantify and/or prove, so it’s up to the individual to decide whether they are also accurate.

You’re expected to wear the ProExtender about 12 hours per day for the initial 24-week period, followed by regular “follow-ups” every couple of weeks thereafter. For the most part, the ProExtender is comfortable enough to wear for that amount of time each day. Only if you are very active at the time will you probably notice that it is not so comfortable to wear. As their official site admits, you may have some slight soreness when you first use the product. The extender is made to provide pretty good comfort and also is made with high quality, certified parts.

Our conclusions are that the ProExtender is definitely worth checking out, as it is among the best extenders on the market. For those who do end up purchasing it, they do provide a couple of different models that give you some financial options. Also, there is a money back guarantee, which would seem to indicate that the ProExtender manufacturers and designers are confident in their product. For those looking for some gains in penis size, it may be worth a glance.

Can You Trust ProExtender™?

Don’t Believe Everything You Read About ProExtender!

Remember when you were a kid and you had all your childhood heroes – maybe it was Batman, could have been Archie, or even Santa. Regardless of whom your childhood heroes were you grew up believing they were real, because your parents made them up to be real, media made them out to be real, and you were too little to ask about the truth. Even if you thought that something wasn’t right, you likely not brave enough to ask. Most of us had at least one hero who we looked up to and you were likely disappointed when you discovered they weren’t real.

ProExtender-concernNow you are an adult and you are able to face challenges that around all the media hype that constantly bombards us. And just like we were disappointed when we learned our hero wasn’t real, we face the same disappointment when we discover the product doesn’t work at all like the media claimed. That’s why it is so important for you to determine truth from fiction before you part with your hard earned money. That said, trying to sort through all the information to figure out what’s truth and what’s not can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we take the time to review products objectively so consumers can make the right choice for them.

ProExtender Results

Marketers do more than just stretch the truth a little bit. They purposely completely distort the facts beyond recognition. After all, their entire focus is on increasing sales and making more money. On the other hand, there is you – all you want is the truth about the product you are considering buying so that you aren’t disappointed that you wasted your money and got no results.

Our website has spent a great deal of time reviewing products and gathering information so that we could construct a list of reputable products produced by trustworthy manufacturers. We take the time to objectively review many different sexual enhancement products and ProExtender™ is one of just a handful of products that have passed our rigorous scrutiny and criteria.

So let’s have a look at what ProExtender can do and what it cannot do.

What ProExtender is NOT

• ProExtender™ is a good product; however, keep in mind that it’s not a miracle. ProExtender™ but it’s not magic so don’t have expectations that are beyond the products ability
• ProExtender™ is not going to increase your penis length to 18 inches
• ProExtender™ is not going is not going to change your personality or who you are
• ProExtender™ is not going to make the women like you more – that’s going to take your skills

What ProExtender CAN Do

• ProExtender™ is a non invasive treatment for Peyronie’s disease (a crooked penis)
• ProExtender™ Can Help Correct Curvature Due To Peyronies
• ProExtender™ can improve length and girth
• ProExtender™ does not have side effects or complications associated with it
• ProExtender™ boosts sexual performance and stamina

Imagine how you are going to feel when you have that bigger thicker penis that you’ve been dreaming about. Imagine how your confidence is going to grow, how you will feel, knowing that you have this amazing penis boosting product that you can use.

If you are tired with being embarrassed during lovemaking because you have a crooked penis… you hate the size of your penis… If you long for better sexual performance and stamina… If you desire a penis you can be proud of…ProExtender™ is exactly what you need!

Is ProExtender™ a Gold Standard in Penis Enhancement Products?

Any time there is a discussion about penis enhancement, you can expect ProExtender™ to be mentioned. If you have been searching and comparing penis enhancement pills you may have already seen ProExtnder™ mentioned. That’s because it works so well. However, for many it’s one of the best kept secrets in sexual enhancement, but now you know. ProExtender is very successful getting the penis enhancements men want and in treating Peyronie’s disease which causes a crooked penis in some cases severe genital pain during erections.

ProExtender™ has revolutionized the sexual enhancement industry and it has shortened penis surgery wait lists around the world. ProExtender™ was invented in 1994 by Denmark penile surgeon Jorn Ege Siana MD. Dr. Siana spent nearly a decade doing clinical tests and the medical community was quick to back this penis extender.

• Physicians in 29 countries recommend ProExtender™
• In Spain 60 Public Hospitals & Private Clinics recommend ProExtender™
• Tens of thousands of men have purchased the ProExtender™ on their doctor’s recommendation

Benefits of Using ProExtender

Whether you are suffering from a crooked penis, Peyronies or you want more length and girth, ProExtender™ is designed to provide painless penis traction that is gentle and non-harmful. The ProExtender™ device is fastened around the penis base and around the head with an adjustable traction between. You gradually will increase the force on the shaft length of the penis. The penis reacts by gradually expanding and so over time your penis will gradually and naturally become longer and larger.

Why You Should Choose Leading Edge Herbals for Your Enhancement Product?

The ProExtender System includes the Dana Medic penis device and the Albion Nutraceuticals quality male enhancement supplement.

Since 1994, ProExtender™ has undergone numerous clinical studies and doctors around the world agree it is a safe alternative to having penis surgery. You can now stop dreaming about a larger penis and actually have one.

Urologists and plastic surgeons around the world use ProExtender™. It is a popular choice when dealing with crooked penis and avoids expensive, serious surgery. Be cautious and watch for knockoffs and fakes that promise the same results but don’t have the science behind them. Not only will they not work, you could actually do damage, so make sure you get the very reputable and fully tested ProExtender™. The manufacture reminds you, “Only the ProExtender System™ has our exclusive 4-pronged approach, in which the best penis enlargement device available today, is combined with 3 other sure-fire components.”


Why Should I Use The ProExtender™ System?

If you are looking for a penis enhancement pill and you want a product that you can rely on that gives you the results you are looking for, then VigRX™ is the product you want to use! The ProExtender™ system focuses on a combination of quality botanicals and nutrients and the modern science used in the penis enlargement device. This is much better than surgery!

A study conducted at Barcelona Spain, called Tractive Elongation of the Penis by Means of Stretching by Jorn Ege Siana, MD, Scandinavian Clinic of Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen found that those who used the ProExtender™ treatment will increase the erection length of 2.8 cm or 1.1 inches after 1200 g traction force for 1100 hours. The flaccid increase was 1.9 cm or .75 inches. The average length per week was 1.9 mm.

This is an excellent treatment for Peryronie’s disease (crooked penis) because it is non-invasive and has been proven to be effective. Of course, it’s also a good choice for those that desire penis growth to improve their sexual performance.

The pills in the ProExtender™ System use a breakthrough encapsulation technique, in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility. “Our quality control standards are extremely tight for both the medical device and the supplements.”

Overall, you can expect the following from the ProExtender™:

* A thicker, longer, larger penis even when you are not sexually excited
* A harder, bigger erections any time you want one
* A sexual performance boost
* An increase in your stamina
* Orgasms that are more intense
* Safe permanent growth with no pain
* Treatment of your crooked penis

Whether your crooked penis embarrasses you or you are bothered by a penis that doesn’t meet your expectations so you worry, ProExtender™ is ready to go to work for you. The science is in, so why not take care of things and get the penis you want and the sexual performance you desire. What are you waiting for?



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