ProEnhance patch was developed to supply a safe, trustworthy and effective way to help expand your penis.


ProEnhance enhancement system has created quite a stir as men who have used it have written glowing ProEnhance testimonials. Medical professionals, who vouch for the safety and efficacy of the patches, also back testimonials regarding their satisfaction with the product. The fact that this product has been approved by FDA and passed certified tests is proof that a lot of research and care has gone into the makings of the enhancement patch system.

ProEnhance-logoWhenever a product is introduced in the market, there are different opinions about it and these are generally reflected in reviews, testimonials and customer feedback. You can find this online if you go to the Company’s corporate website. You can also become a member of many sites addressed to Men’s Health Related Issues where you can read and compare notes with other members by way of contributing to newsletters or joining in the open discussion forums.

In the ProEnhance testimonials available online, men claim they have noticed an increase of half to nearly three inches in the size of their penis. The patches, together with the exercises that come with the product work with a double edge to encourage larger and harder erections.

The ingredients in the patch increase the blood flow; testosterone levels, energy levels and general provide immunity to the overall system. Men who have problems with their small or shrinking penis are now confident that they can last longer, have greater orgasms and enjoy long hours of pleasurable lovemaking.

We are all aware that the metabolic rate differs from person to person, hence the results could be varied. Men from all over the world are trying out ProEnhance patches to increase their libido. The suppliers not only offer a 180 day free trial offer but also discount offers with a three months to one years supply. They throw in a few bonuses to encourage men to use the powers of herbs and natural ingredients for enhancement of their male member. Read the ProEnhance testimonials of men from all over the world who have used the patches and report better sex than they have had before.

The customer feedback and ProEnhance testimonials also speak highly of the customer service.

They gain access to Men’s Forte and get membership to “For Men Only” where they can discuss the pros and cons and get tips and ideas. If you order the Elite package, which is a one-year’s supply, or the six-month package, these benefits are part of the bonus. Why not drive off in Top Gear?


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Articles and Reviews about ProEnhance – The Complete Patch Enhancement System


ProEnhance Penis Enlargement Complete System Review is a Great Way to Learn More About the Product

Pro Enhance patch formula based on the most up-to-date skin patch developments and made with all natural herbs making it a one patch boosting method.

ProEnhance offers one of the most successful penis enhancement systems available Doctor’s reviews and customer’s testimonials lend credence to the uniqueness of the system; it’s not like the others who take your money, give you a patch and send you on your way. The main advantage is that ProEnhance provides “For Men Only” access to their forums membership special members, reviews of articles, exercises, penis enlargement course, free consultations and much more. They also have customer service, friendly and available twenty-four hours a day. Area of their members offer advice and suggestions features when you need it most and support team is always ready to help.

However, prior to taking a supplement or natural enlargement pills, you must be aware of the components of the patches to ensure that you’re fine with each of them. ProEnhance’s ingredients are 100% from nature, although that doesn’t rule out the possibility that you may be allergic to some of the herbs or fillers contained within. Prior to beginning this enhancement system, it’s a wise thing to see your physician and make sure there’s no problem with the ingredients it contains. The internet is a great source for readers who would like to find information on any product. The site’s testimonials don’t report any side effects of ProEnhance. As with any medication, people with health related problems, including heart and lung diseases, should consult their doctor before taking any medication. ProEnhance ingredients are 100% safe herbal. Do you know that ProEnhance is the best penis enlargement patch on the market today? Before you can declare which penis enlargement patch is the best, you have to establish the criteria that you as well as many other men have for deeming a particular male enhancement product to be of good quality.

Male Enhancement not only add about the size of male genitalia, it aims to enhance and improve your sexual performance complete. Although they may not discuss it publicly, many men struggle with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, as well as insecurity over the size of their penises. They may ejaculate prematurely or be unable to have sexual intercourse because their erection isn’t firm enough. All this can be very depressing for everyone.

Aside from enhancing the size of your penis, you should also be able to expect your male enhancement patch to address the problems of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. But regarding additional length and width, it helps to recognize that what patches do is facilitate the flow of blood flow to the penis so that you can get an erection in the first place and then keep it for a longer time. With ProEnhance complete system you can increase your penis’s length by 2 to 3 inches and girth by 1 to 2 inches. Guaranteed.

It is not a single system on the market that is close to offering the results, Proven track record and the usability of the system ProEnhance. There are other patches available, but not the same method and same blend of herbs and exercises ProEnhance system has access.

ProEnhance Patch – The Advantages of Enlarging Penis Size With ProEnhance Patch

Does the wish of enlarging your penis prove you are bored with this and therefore the strategies per the extension of your penis to fulfill your partner? Do you need to swing harder than before? So here’s your chance to capture the occasion of an entire life. It’s never too late to employ a single patch that can cause your penis to enlarge. While other methods can be helpful too ProEnhance patch does it better.

ProEnhance is developed to contribute to a better orgasm, better erection, longer-lived encounters. ProEnhance patch has nuanced the awareness on ancient herbs, the latest technology, and the team of researchers did their best to get a product that might ensure success.

ProEnhance-looking-down-pantsFrom the start, the company that provides ProEnhance patch had realized the need of men to enlarge their penises. Being aware that many men are not able to adequately satisfy their lover, ProEnhance patch was developed with the certainty that what these men experience is outside your control and is rarely your fault. If men have a small size of the penis, this treatment will be of large help.

The intensive research has given credit to many herbal products that can truly enlarge the size of the penis. The different herbs can significantly change the penis size. The agents on the herbs include Damiana, Palm heart of the Sierra, Gotu Kola, Fo-Ti, and menthol. Menthol carries the responsibility of preparing the skin for the nutriments assimilation while the rest are nutrient providers. Since the ingredients are 100 percent natural, you can fully enjoy the good thing about a larger penis, with no harm of the unwanted side effects!

ProEnhance patch is devoted to your victory over small or normal penis and supports this with a 100 percent guarantee and 24-hour support. It’s a cGMP-Certified Pharmaceutical Facility that was attached with the latest technologies and it will definitely provide you the most efficient and successful patch there. The other 10 p.c still have a need of streamlining in order to make them become effective better. What other system failures, ProEnhance patch compensates and complete.

ProEnhance has taken all the paths to increase penis size, has launched the finest that is at present available on the market and offering you only the most effective methods of penis enhancement. While some jump from one system to another, ProEnhance patch has proven that the company can work to simplify the hunting for best system and they should not let the clients to do all the work.

Does The ProEnhance Patch Deliver Amazingly Well?

Men do wish they could always present themselves as the tower of virility. One way to achieve such a result is to present a rock hard erection during sexual intercourse.

Not everyone is able to do this because of erectile dysfunction related problems. Reaching for male enhancement pills is a common strategy for many men, but quite a few others will wish for an alternative.

This is where the ProEnhance patch can come into play. As may ProEnhance review will point out, a quality patch can deliver the perfect alternative to traditional male enhancement pills.

What Do ProEnhance Patches Do?

As already mentioned in this ProEnhance review, ProEnhance is a male enhancement patch that affixes directly to the skin. Inside of the patch is a stack of all-natural herbal ingredients.

The ingredients are designed to support many different facets of male sexual enhancement.

There are a few major benefits that can be achieved once the ingredients from the patch are able to absorb into the bloodstream. For one, erections can become much harder and firmer.

This would be thanks in part due to the ingredients driving more blood to the chambers of the penis. Once the chambers of the penis are fully engorged with blood, the penis becomes rock hard, a result elusive to men dealing with minor ED.

Firmer erections is a good benefit to wearing this patch, but it is not the only one. Since the patch is able to deliver so many unique benefits, it deserves quite a bit of praise.

One of the other benefits that the ProEnhance patch can deliver is it contributes to lasting longer in bed.

When the time does arrive for an orgasm, the feeling could be downright overwhelming. Among the other amazing traits of this patch is the potential to greatly enhance orgasms so they are more powerful.

To say this would have a positive effect on sexual experiences would be quite the understatement.

The Sex Drive And Mental Edge

In addition to these major benefits, ProEnhance has the potential to increase sex drive. With a stronger and more lively sex drive, a man can feel more alive than when the libido is low and lulled.

A low libido can contribute to depression, which is never a positive thing. ProEnhance might not be a cure-all to ever woe a man may have, but it definitely has areas where it can help.

Confidence can also increase dramatically when using these patches. Consider that yet another major positive to purchasing this particular brand. Anything that can have a confidence boosting effect on a man may have other positive effects through his life.

The Easy Way The Ingredients Get Into The System

The obvious major benefit to using the ProEnhance system is that the ingredients are delivered through the skin. Pills are fine, but they have to dissolve through the digestive system first before they are capable of delivering results.

In some cases, the full effects could even be lost. With the transdermal patch, the ingredients can find their way into the system relatively quickly and deliver the full effect of their worth.

The Ingredients

A number of high grade ingredients are part of this particular patch supplement. The quality of the ingredients is what contributes to the excellent results.

Of ti
Saw palmetto

And more are included as all part of the all-natural ingredient stack. All of these herbs combine to have a vast and total effect on male sexual performance. Consider this the all in one patch.


ProEnhance-doctor-recommendedGreat transdermal absorption method of delivery
Fair prices
Effects body in many ways


Some minor skin irritation
Not necessarily an enlargement product


As you may have guessed by now, this ProEnhance review is a highly positive one. There are quite a number of male enhancement products on the market.

Some better than others. None are as good or offer the high quality of ProEnhance. Consider this a top, top male enhancement supplement to look into.

ProEnhance Review – Must Read Before You Buy ProEnhance Patch!

My personal experience with ProEnhance motivated me to send this article. The review might help other persons like me.

The problem that I had was my comparatively small penis. I was ashamed of taking a bath in the sunshine. When I was a small boy, my colleagues used to laugh at me. I have tried to keep it safe and never thought that I can satisfy a woman.

I have seen many advertisements and was looking for either medication or surgery to correct my problem. I have even used an herbal extract that had no effect on my body. I was desperate and was looking for an opportunity to make it bigger.

One of my friends suggested me ProEnhance, as it has proven to be very effective for him. I purchased one, used it (I am still using it), and it has a commendable effect on my life. With its use, I am feeling an increased flow of blood to my penis. I am also feeling a better urge to have sex. My sensation too has increased. Now, I am enjoying sex to the core.

One of the greatest features of ProEnhance Patch is that it is an easy to use one. It is light weight and is like a plaster or a band aid. There is no discomfort associated with the use of it. The user’s manual is pretty handy and it is very simple and effective. It will not empty your pocket as the price is quite affordable.

Now it is two months since I began using it and I can speak with arrogance that I am a real man. Last night, my lover has really fallen upon me and she was yelling for more. I have never felt such an experience in my life and never thought that sex has real such powers.

If you have any problems associated with your sexual response or sensation, I recommend you to use ProEnhance. Many of the medical professionals will also share the same view. One of my friends who is a doctor told me that by applying ProEnhance regularly, the blood flow and the dilation will improve, thus improving the overall performance of the penis. The advantage with this product is that it is made out of quality materials and is light weight, and there is no discomfort associated with the use of it.

If ever you are in need of a mechanism to enhance your performance, go with ProEnhance Patch and you can feel the difference.

Why is the ProEnhance Patch Better Than Penis Pills?

There’s naturally quite a lot of skepticism about why someone should switch over from their favorite penis enlargement products-read, herbal pills-to the ProEnhance patch. There are several things that trigger such thoughts. The patches are new, there are few reviews on them so far and they seem too good to be true!

Are you also thinking whether the ProEnhance patch would be really a better idea over the pills you are taking currently? If you are, you probably don’t know the patches well. These patches contain the same-or similar-ingredients that the pills contain. These ingredients are also herbal and they have also been used traditionally over the world for centuries. They contain many of the same names that the pills contain such as damiana, ginseng, saw palmetto, fo-ti, gotu kola and such.

But what really makes the ProEnhance patch better than the herbal pills is the mode in which the ingredients are distributed into the body. When you take your pills, they have to pass through your entire digestive system to reach the bloodstream. There is always the danger of the pills being eliminated as waste. Hence, you might only be getting a fraction of the total effectiveness of the pill.

However, the ProEnhance patch is a transdermal patch. You attach it on the skin and the ingredients are directly taken into the bloodstream through the skin. So, you don’t have to worry about any loss-whatever ingredients the patch contains are taken into the bloodstream in their entirety.

Then there are also the several practical advantages that you have to think of. Pills require to be taken as per a daily schedule. If you forget doses, you cannot take repeat doses, and you lose out on the continuity of the program. With ProEnhance, this question doesn’t arise because they are always present on your skin. You have to change them only once every three days.

Pills are convenient to carry, but still there are questions that can be asked about those bottles, especially at the airports. However, ProEnhance is fashioned like a bandage. No one asks questions about bandages! Since you are always wearing it on your body, they are quite discreet and convenient.

So, in many ways, the ProEnhance patch is much better than the herbal pills. You may begin thinking seriously now about making the switchover.

ProEnhance – Does the Solution to Penis Enlargement Lie in a Patch?

The size of the penis is a big cause for concern for many people which might cause problems like reduced self esteem, insecurity and a source of constant worry that can lead to failure to perform in bed. Many feel that a bigger penis is a sign of virility and can make them feel more confident in matters of sex. There are many options available to people wanting to try out penis enlargement that come in the form of pills, powders, creams, lotions, patches and devices. One such popular patch that has earned a name in the market is ProEnhance.

So, how is ProEnhance a better solution to gaining your objectives in comparison to other methods that are available to you?

The ProEnhance package is a comprehensive package that includes the ProEnhance Patches and an access to the online For Men Only penis enlargement exercise program. The users get the dual benefit of using the patches and getting more penis enlargement by using the exercise instructions. The users have observed that penis exercises provide better male enhancement when combined with the use of these patches.

The use of ProEnhance patches is more convenient in comparison to pills as the biggest disadvantage of pills is that they need to be remembered to be taken regularly while patches can be worn and forgotten about. Also, the delivery of ingredients happen through a transdermal route meaning through the skin that helps the body get the full dose of ingredients unlike pills that can be destroyed by the action of digestive juices and stomach acids. So, the actions of patches are much better in comparison to pills.

When compared to using products like traction devices, ProEnhance patches can be worn continuously unlike the stretching devices that need to be constantly monitored and adjusted. Stretching devices are also not very comfortable to wear for long duration of time and need some time to get adjusted to that is not a problem with patches. Also, patches are more discreet and an onlooker will never know if you are wearing a patch which is a constant problem for traction devices although they can be concealed by using loose fitting clothing. Stretching devices cannot be worn during sleep while patches can be put on and forgotten till it is time to change it.

ProEnhance-Before-and-AfterAlthough the use of creams and lotions can produce effective and immediate results in improving the quality of erections, many products have the disturbing problem of causing numb sensations in the female partner that can be very disturbing and make the sexual experience very dissatisfying. Such problems are never encountered while using ProEnhance patches.

ProEnhance patches contain effective ingredients that help improve the quality of erections and when combined with penis exercises help in improving the size of the penis. Included in its active ingredients are Damiana that has wonderful benefits in improving the sex drive and monitoring the hormonal levels, saw palmetto that helps in maintaining the health of the prostate gland and improving the testosterone levels, ginseng that is very effective in treating sexual dysfunction, fo-ti that is helpful in revitalizing the body and the sexual organs and Gotu kola that helps in reducing stress, decreasing blood pressure and improving the blood flow to the penis.

ProEnhance – Does ProEnhance Patch Work? – See the Results Here!

What Is ProEnhance™ ?

ProEnhance is a male enhancement patch system known to release high-quality of active ingredients from the skin directly to the bloodstream which stimulates more blood flow to the penis tissues.

By doing that, users should experience increased in sexual desire and boost the potential for harder, stronger erections.

But not only that though, ProEnhance patches states to heighten up sexual stamina and sex drive to perform better.

Should also improve overall sexual health.

They name themselves that it’s the rated ‘#1 best male enhancement patches‘ since they promise that it’s an effective method, with providing proof to be completely safe.

The manufacturer (Leading Edge Health, LLC) promotes that this patch system carries all-natural and fresh ingredients causing no negative side effects, as they explained.

LED LLC, have several male sexual products and according to our sources, some of their supplements are actually on the top row of many male enhancement websites being one of the best in today’s industry.

ProEnhance does share to have doctors that highly approved and recommends this patch system since it was established under the FDA requirements (regulations and rules) in a cGMP certified lab.

The company of this product does offer to show proof of results structure as well.


The formulation of the ProEnhance patch system contains only active ingredients which they are Panax Ginseng, He Shou Wu (Fo Ti), Saw Palmetto, Menthol, Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica) and Damiana Leaves.

Each of these components should be 100% natural and every single one have its own potential of effectiveness since the “Menthol” compound helps absorbs the active ingredients immediately into the bloodstream.

They mention that researches and scientists have been working together on this technology for over 30 years to make all of us (men) get the most reliable results.

For Who Is ProEnhance™ Patches For?

Every single human beings are slightly different from others, meaning you’re unique in your way with a different body chemistry.

Some men rather go for the patches because they fear side effects from the strong enhancement pills or prescription medications you get from doctors.

Male enhancement patches claims it’s safer and much easier to use.

When I as a customer user swallow pills, I always have to keep track of my daily routine/schedule for when to take the daily capsules, where it can be up to 3 pills of just one single supplement.

Meanwhile, the ProEnhance Patch states to just apply it, leave it on and forget it for a few days where it actually makes it less stressful while it’s on duty to enhance overall sexual function and sexual health.

If I were to really use this ProEnhance Patch technology, my erections should become harder and stronger with a longer-lasting duration.

They state that I would have the ability to control ejaculations for intense orgasms and boosts sexual desire. Promotes to have the ability to function better in a sexual activity with improving sexual drive and performance.

Enhances sexual appetite to want more of my partner every time, plus stimulates sexual pleasure for a higher satisfaction.

Yes, confidence levels and self-esteem will soar.

The company of ProEnhance actually mentions to help increase penis size if ordering the recommendation supplies.

How To Wear It ?

The official website says that it’s very simple and easy.

All I would have to do is attach this “easy-to-use” patch on my lower abdomen for a full 3 days (72 Hours) and I’m good to go. No, it does not go on penis at all.

Some other male enhancement patches promotes to apply on the chest surface or inside-of-arm skin.

ProEnhance “single-layer herbal-infused adhesive“ releases the high quality ingredients from the lower-abdomen skin straight to the bloodstream which aims blood rushing directly to the penis tissues.

For the best, they recommend to replace a new patch on a different spot of the lower abdomen for faster improvements plus it won’t cause skin to irritate.

Pills (powders) have to go through the digestive system, then after a period of time, the ingredients absorbs about 10-20% percentage only.

In fact, the best part about using the ProEnhance patches, would be that I won’t have to worry about anything since it should be working at all time.

Only after 72 hours (3 days) that I would need to renew a ProEnhance patch.

The official website says that it’s a strong sticky adhesive that water alone or sweat won’t remove it from the skin surface.

States that it was designed to look exactly like a bandage so people won’t even notice it’s a male enhancement patch, as they explained. That way I can participate in any activity such as exercises, sex or jump in the water.

Makes it a stress-free product in my opinion.


* Enhances harder and Longer lasting Erections
* ProEnhance Patch Looks like a Bandage
* Won’t have to remind myself for Daily Use
* Boosts up Sexual Performance and Libido
* States to work Immediately for fast Results
* Gain more Pleasure from the Improvements
* 100% Safer than Enhancement Pills (Less Risk)
* Stronger ejaculation causes Sensitive Orgasms
* Sexual satisfaction and Sexual Desire Rises
* Small discreet size of Patch – Unnoticeable
* Doctors Approves and Recommends it
* Stimulates sexual Appetite to want more Sex
* All pure, fresh Compounds (Sexual Aphrodisiacs)
* From a Popular and well-Respected Company
* Water-Resistant Patch + Comfortable to Wear
* Confidence and Self-esteem levels should Soar
* Under FDA Requirements + made in a cGMP Facility
* Improvements within 30 days of using it Properly
* Shows Proof of scientifically Studies of Evidence
* Improves overall sexual Health and Function
* 67 day Money Back Guarantee (100% Risk Free)


A customer user states that after a while, it can be irritating since it’s effective. Which, that way the company suggests that consumers apply every new patch on a different area and not in the same spot.

Customer Support/Guarantee

ProEnhance manufacturer/company (Leading Edge Health, LLC) does have a strong customer support team when bringing consumer’s satisfaction.

These ProEnhance patch supplies are covered by a 67 day money back guarantee where within that period of time, customer users should have gained improvements on overall sexual function plus sexual health.

If it fails to notice the expected results, I would just send it back for the full refund.

All packages are discrete from appearing any content of the product’s label and they included free reward bonuses even if grabbing the 1 month supply.

The recommendation is 3-6 months, which comes with an “Erection System” gift for penile exercises to do for gaining faster improvements plus will help increase size in penis.

Closing Thoughts

According to our sources, we did find a consumer to mention that he gained improvements within sooner than 30 days, which will depend on the user body’s chemistry.

Another review that we were able to find, user shared his own personal experience that he noticed results within the first week.

Even though we have done several reviews on male enhancement patches, ProEnhance was the one who got the most points and now you know why it’s probably the best around.

Put it on, forget all about it for 3 days and enjoy the benefits of improvements on overall sexual experience and sexual health.

Read the ProEnhance Reviews That Can Give You the Break You Need

One of the very few enhancement products that have been well received in the market is the ProEnhance patch transdermal product. The ProEnhance reviews are written by users who have used the combo of patches, coupled with recommended exercises that come along with the product, which produced desired results, over a period of four to six months. This tried and tested product, certified and approved by the FDA and medical health practitioners, is a safe procedure for ensuring a greater sex life.

The problem of having to deal with a small or shrinking penis is a great concern among males the world over. They spend a lot of time reading up on the latest discoveries and trying to find quick solutions to make their penis larger and have firmer erections. Unfortunately, many do not have the required patience to allow the medication to take effect. By looking for instant cures, the disappointment discourages them from checking out better solutions. There is no need to have surgeries or pay huge medical bills for seeking solutions to improve one’s virility.

ProEnhance-Male-Enhancement-PatchThe ProEnhance patches address the problem directly. The 100% safe herbal ingredients directly get into the bloodstream and begin to work on the penile area. This causes effective results as the ingredients reach the particular area and begins to increase the blood flow, nourish and energize and boost the immune system. The combination of these patches with a strict regimen of male enhancement exercises that come along with the package is the answer to a satisfactory love life.

The ingredients mentioned in the ProEnhance reviews are a blend of Damiana, Ginseng, Menthol, Saw Palmetto and ingredients like Gotu Kola and Fo-Ti, which combine with the naturally occurring hormone in the body to enforce and replenish the aging muscle groups and encourage them to work with a charged sex drive.

Before purchasing any product, it is best to read the ProEnhance reviews and check out the testimonials and feedback from customers who have used the product. You can also avail of the free 180-day trial offer with money back guarantee and check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Use the internet and their website to procure the best available discounts offered and enjoy the benefits of an enhancement product that can improve your virility and allow to indulge in the normal pleasures of life again.

What Do the ProEnhance Reviews Say?

For most men, the prospect of living with a small penis throughout their life seems to be quite intimidating. Though medical science suggests that size really does not matter when it comes to sexual performance, it is the psychological effect that is a matter of concern. Men with small penises do tend to feel lowly about themselves. That is the reason there is widespread popularity for penis enlargement products such as ProEnhance. Here we shall take a closer look at what the ProEnhance reviews on the Internet say so that you might make a better buying decision.

First of all, ProEnhance reviews speak about the uniqueness of the concept-this is a patch. You have to only attach the patch somewhere on the groin so that its herbal ingredients can be diffused into the bloodstream. The ingredients include popular penis enhancement herbs such as damiana, gotu kala, ginseng, etc. They work at improving the flow of blood into the penis, which results in an increase in size.

Most users of the product speak about the convenience that the patch offers. The ProEnhance patch is made so that it is completely waterproof. So, it can be worn while swimming or in the shower without any problem. Being totally lightweight, it can be worn inside the clothes very easily. It can be worn in the gym and while jogging and at work. Men who have used the product speak about it in favorable terms in comparison with other products because there are no hassles in using it. Since there is no question of forgetting a dose or not finding time, the ProEnhance patch keeps working round the clock.

People who have used the product speak about its effectiveness as well. Though there are no mind-blowing effects, there is a significant increase in the size of the penis. The greater benefits are in the quality of erection and overall sexual performance that the man gets.

So, do these ProEnhance reviews recommend the product? Generally, they do. You will find the occasional hate mail as well, but if you follow the law of averages, this is a product that is worth considering.


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