Kollagen Intensiv is an innovative anti aging skin fix created to make you appear more youthful.


Anti Aging products have been brought to a whole new level with Kollagen Intensiv. It was created scientifically to speed up the rejuvenation procedure and increases the natural collagen making, which is a vital skin protein. The ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv combine to tone your skin, and create a young and attractive appearance.

Kollagen-Intensiv-LogoA key ingredient in Kollagen Intensiv is SYN-COLL, which is a patented peptide, which in recent studies carried out in Switzerland has been suggested to lessen the visibility of wrinkles by 38% when compared to a placebo! There was a clinical study where skin texture was improved by 201%. During that time frame, many of the participants observed major benefit to their crow’s feet. Every one of these enhancements were observed after a mere eighty four days of utilizing them, which is not even a fourth of a year. Production of collagen is increased by SYN-COLL and the appearance of lines and wrinkes, firmness and toned skin, mositurizing is reduced and it helps to repair damage caused by aging and sun exposure.

Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), an additional main ingredient, is a moisturizer that shields skin from the atmosphere and makes damaged skin soft and smooth. The natural moisturizing ingredients are similar to lipids in the skin. This helps to preserve the intercellular epidermis structure, and in turn increases the making of collagen. Shea butter contains an ingredient that screens UV rays, so Africans have used it for centuries to protect their skin from sun and weather damage.

The skin is boosted temporarily by plumping up the tissue to fill in fine lines by an emolient called Cyclopentasiloxane. Kollagen Intensiv ingredients give immediate effect, by providing a fantastic glow to the skin; thereby making it appear very lively and young.

Kollagen-Intensiv-Beautiful-faceA Rundown of the Remaining Kollagen Intensiv Ingredients

There are a wide variety of ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv, all selected to make your skin younger and healthier. The ingredients present comprise of emollients to provide a texture to the skin which is as smooth as silk, along with glycerin which is a derivative of plants for holding moisture, and innumerable vitamins and herbs that are extracted.

Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus Extract, for instance, lessens catecholamine release. Preventing the stress to skin, caused by small muscle spasms in the facial area, reduces the signs of creases, fine lines, and wrinkles. Natural toning acids are in Cucumber Fruit Extract and it has anti inflammatory ability. The free radical process in the skin which breaks down collagen, is thought to be stopped by Green Tea Leaf Extract, which is an extremely effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Oat Kernel Extract is a great way to improve the appearance of the skin and alleviate any irritation.

In addition, Kollagen intensiv includes a fat soluble vitamin C form to enhance the creation of collagen and stop free radicals from occurring, in addition to a water soluble form which provides protection from ultraviolet rays and brightens the skin. Several forms of Vitamin A, which stimulates skin cell rejuvenation, are included. Vitamin E is included with the product because it prevents DNA degeneration, which is a contributor to aging.

Kollagen Intensiv is created of several items that, when mixed together in a certain way and amount, actually do work to make your skin look younger, fresher, and gorgeous.


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Kollagen Intensiv – Collagen Renewal To Reduce Wrinkles



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Kollagen Intensiv – Ingredients, Advantages And Disadvantages

There are hundreds of products out there to choose from and most of us don’t know where to start. Then, from out of nowhere another product came up, it is called Kollagen Intensiv.

This motivated me to try the product so I can write a Kollagen Intensiv review.

I want to write my own review because most Kollagen Intensiv reviews are full of marketing strategies. I believe that these are not reviews but rather marketing strategies to mislead the consumers.

I have created this Kollagen Intensiv Review to scrutinize the product rather than admiring it. Since from the name itself, “Kollagen” is more of Collagen to me, it already sounds like hype. And in my experience, if it sounds hype, it actually is a scam.

Read my Kollagen Intensiv review and decide whether this product is for real or another piece of junk.

What is “Collagen” anyway?

Collagen is probably the most abundant proteins contained in the human body. Actually, collagen is 25 % of the overall level of proteins within your body.

Experts relate to collagen as the stuff that keeps the entire body connected. Without collagen the body will wither and die.

Generally, collagen is often mentioned in connection with your skin layer. It truly does work along with keratin to supply your skin with versatility, and strength.

Collagen decreases as we age and this is the reason why we have wrinkles. Consequently, it is really therefore important to have sufficient collagen if you want to look younger than your age. Skincare experts actually recommend solutions to promote the collagen production skin.

Kollagen-Intensiv-before-and-afterKollagen Intensiv Reviews

Here is the interesting fraction of this Kollagen Intensiv Review, collagen has been used before to erase wrinkles, but in a very expensive and painful manner.

Cosmetic surgeons utilize collagen to supply their customers a younger looking appearance. The operation is completed in the particular dermatologist’s workplace and only requires a couple of hours.

The collagen is actually injected directly into depressions having to do with lines and wrinkles within the epidermis. Collagen plumps the wrinkles so it would be less noticeable.

Occasionally a number of shots are made, specifically if the wrinkles are deeper. The sad fact is most collagen shots only last four to six months and at that point you need to get another appointment for a surgery.

How can Kollagen Intensiv help our skin produce more Collagen?

The key factor of this wrinkle cream, as I have found out while doing research for my Kollagen Intensiv review, is a peptide known as SYN-COLL. SYN-COLL is a clear non viscous liquid which is water soluble.

It is clinically proven to be effective and safe and it does stimulate collagen synthesis. It also has moisturizing and skin firming properties.

This ingredient sets apart Kollagen Intensiv from other wrinkle creams. The makers of Kollagen Intensiv found a way to incorporate this revolutionary peptide to work effectively in skin care.

Since I have personally used Kollagen Intensiv, I can truthfully say that the method works. But, it is important to note that in this Kollagen Intensiv review, this process takes time.

In my personal experience, I got to see the result after 3 months. Therefore, I can say that for the record, what the advertisers say about Kollagen Intensiv is true. It does take 84 days or more for you to see the result.
Here are the other ingredients that help this product become more effective:

Cyclopentasiloxane improves skin tone simply by quickly plumping the cells in order to fill out fine lines. The following result is certainly on the spot, supplying pores and skins an instantaneously younger look.
Shea Butter is definitely an emollient which safeguards pores and skin from your surroundings and softens and smoothes affected skin. Shea butter is customarily utilized in the African continent in order to safeguard skin through weather and severe sunlight, since it carries an element which functions as a heat screening solution.
Green Tea Leaf Extract is definitely a beneficial anti-oxidant that could be considered to cease one of many functions within the skin whereby collagen is divided.
Hydrolyzed Hibiscus Esculentus Extract helps prevent microscopic muscle tissue spasms which usually pressure skin and trigger wrinkles.
Cucumber Fruit Extract is made up of organic tightening chemicals and possesses an anti-inflammatory impact.
Oat Kernel Extract calms inflamed skin, to make skin appear at its finest.

What are the advantages if you use Kollagen Intensiv?

These are the pros listed in Kollagen Intensiv review and also according to what I have seen:

It can repair skin damaged by the sun
It can increase the generation of collagen
Lessen the appearance of wrinkles and deepest lines
Tones and firms the skin giving it a younger look
Serves as a moisturizer
The product also has a 90 day free trial and a free one night shipment

The disadvantages

Since it needs to increase the collagen regeneration before you can see the result, it may take time for the wrinkles to vanish
The results vary – it may take some time on other person using this product. On the flip side, the results are up to skin deep.

I may have failed to prove the product is all hype. My review of the product simply proves that the product is authentic. I have tried it myself and it did work.

It actually deserves the name Kollagen Intensiv or in other words “concentrated collagen” as far as my understanding about the language game fashioned by its makers. If there is one thing negative I can say, it would be the smell but I guess it won’t be much of an issue since the important thing we’ve uncovered.

Amazing Skin in Minutes a Day

How many times have you read this before? How many times using all king of quick fixes you hopped they will finally work as advertized? Can you even check your computer without having a few pop-up ads in your face promoting anti-aging products? We all want to look the best we can an sometimes it is hard to find the right solution in a maze of empty promises and and fake claims. Sometimes just searching for the best anti-aging product makes us feel old!

Kollagen-Intensiv-tree-stepsResearchers and scientists frantically tried for years to come up with anti-aging products that would actually help up get a younger looking and firmer skin, eliminate fine lines, a true anti-aging products. Recent results come to confirm important progress in the field of anti-aging products. Swiss researchers have perfected a new product that takes away all the guess work. No more browsing through tens of products without any idea if they work or they re just another waste of money, no more reading the fine prints. A new breed of anti-aging products has arrived.

A new anti-aging cream is the results of years of intense research in Swiss laboratories. Kollagen Intensiv is pretty much all yo need to get back the beautiful skin you deserve. Leave all fears behind, all the uncertainty of a shady product you don’t really know what contains or how it works or has a fine print you can’t even read!

This amazing new cream is nothing short of inspiring as thousands of women are already amazed with its capacity to reverse all the ageing sign you can think of: fine lines, dark circles, age spots, even acne. This anti-aging cream combines the highest quality collagen so you can see results extremely fast. Combined with a mix of peptide, vitamins, essential oils, minerals and enzymes the collagen stimulates and repairs your otherwise aging skin.

The natural formula takes away any concern about possible adverse reactions to chemical compounds or side effects like acne or worsening the wrinkles. Other anti-aging products use harsh ingredients like abrasives or chemical compounds. No side effects and back to feeling young, beautiful and great! Yous confidence will suddenly rise. How cool is that?!

Getting this new cream is really a deal you can’t resist. Look at your facial skin, look at your hands. You are getting older by the minute and you see it. This is one instance you can quit wasting time and reverse your luck: get this cream and get younger by the minute.

What is the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream?


Aging is inevitable, but there are several ways of delaying this process and one of them is using anti aging creams. Many people want to look youthful for as long as possible and decide to buy an anti-aging cream for help. You cannot help growing old, however, you can stop looking older by using the best anti-aging creams available.


Wrinkles are a common problem to nearly all middle aged men and women these days. Wrinkles and Fine Lines: According to many dermatologists, wrinkles and fine lines happen when the natural repair and recover from environmental damage, such as UV rays and tobacco, is significantly reduced due to the years of exposure and aging. Wrinkles are one of the most lamented signs of aging, so many anti aging creams are primarily anti wrinkle creams. A lot of anti-wrinkle creams produce their effects by tightening the skin so that wrinkles will be reduced or eliminated. According to customer testimonials, It’s look 100% better when there are no new wrinkles or spots poking out. Anti wrinkle creams are now available for use by those people who wish to eliminate these lines under the eyes and wrinkles on the forehead.

Kollagen-Intensiv-three-step-modelAnti aging creams

Anti aging creams are cosmetic products, which promise to make the customer look younger by reducing the wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation and discolorations which come with age. Anti aging cream now seems to be the answer to these aging symptoms. The market has been stormed by the many anti aging creams and hence making it all the more difficult for people to choose the right one for themselves. Are you wanting to find a great anti aging cream that actually works?

Kollagen Intensiv

According to a recent research conducted by a leading dermatological company, Kollagen Intensiv is the best anti aging cream till date. The usage of the Kollagen Intensiv acts an extremely useful tool for tightening the skin and preventing the fine lines on the skin. Kollagen Intensiv use a combination of powerful moisturizers to plump the inner layers of skin so that the outer layer is stretched smoothly over it.Of course, Kollagen Intensiv cream will also have sunscreen in it, since the sun is the greatest culprit in causing undesirable signs of aging.A key ingredient in the Kollagen Intensiv formulation is the patented peptide, SYN®-COLL, which has been clinically proven to:

* Increase your skin’s natural production of collagen

* Reduce the appearance of even the deepest lines and wrinkles

* Firm and tone the skin for a more youthful appearance

* Moisturize and hydrate the skin

* Help repair damage including age spots and sun damage

Kollagen Intensiv also includes a fat-soluble form of vitamin C to enhance collagen production and prevent free radicals, and a water-soluble form that protects from UV and brightens skin. The women reported that their tired look significantly improved by 32% in average after the six week Kollagen Intensiv application. These incredible outcomes have provided for a large number of very positive Kollagen Intensiv reviews all over the web. Studies of this product have proven that after 84 days of utilizing Kollagen Intensiv twice daily participants had a 354% improvement in wrinkle reduction and a 201% improvement of epidermis texture compared to placebo.

Spare a Few Minutes a Day to Look Years Younger!

I believe we all see almost daily anti-aging products promoting collagen advertized in the media. Collagen seems to be the key ingredient that fights aging, wrinkles, age spots, fine and deep lines. But beyond the advertising hype the sad reality is that most over the counter products claiming collagen content are a waste of money. The collagen molecules are too big to actually permeate the skin and so topical products with collagen content won’t actually act as anti-aging products!

Kollagen-Intensiv-cindymCollagen is a protein naturally produced by our bodies and keeps the skin youthful look. With age the collagen production slows down and as a result we see more wrinkles, more fine lines and age spots, sagging skin as our body doesn’t have the capacity to slow down the aging process.

One way to supplement the collagen in your body is to get collagen injections. These injections spell pain. Physical pain even thought they have to be be administered by a professional and painfully costly adding up to over $2,800 per year.

Beauty require sacrifices! Or wait! Does it really? Beauty doesn’t have to neither expensive or painful! One reason most of us go with collagen injections is our undeniable snobbery! We want to do what celebrities do! If we look closely around we can change snobbery with smartness. After years of testing and research Swiss scientists found a way to create an anti-aging product able to use natural ingredients proven to enhance your body’s natural production of collagen.

Kollagen Intensiv is a cream that will rejuvenate your skin. In 30 to 80 days you will notice dramatic improvements in your skin’s look, wrinkles and fine lines will be significantly reduced or disappear. The skin will look firmer as your body will produce more of the the much needed collagen. The beneficial effects are not limited to just these. Sun damaged skin will be repaired, the effects of pollution and smoking (if you are a smoker) will be offset.

The benefits and effects of this anti-aging cream are more effective and long lasting than any other expensive anti-aging solution and is not that painful like collagen injection would be! Using it only twice a day you can get a fabulous cream and look like you spent a tone of money to get it. You will look young and smart. Looking great really doesn’t get any better than that!

Can You Trust Kollagen Intensiv Reviews?

Kollagen Intensiv is an innovative anti aging skin fix created to make you appear more youthful through increasing the individual natural collagen production abilities of your skin. But can you trust it? Read my independent Kollagen Intensiv Review. It also proven that collagen production increases significantly, within three months, upon using this. It is not some synthetic attempt at a solution and is important to stress that this is natural collagen production.

The reason Kollagen Intensiv is better that other Kollagen products is it’s natural collegen make up. Since most creams can’t deliver collagen to your skin anyway, producing your own is both more natural and more effective. It simply cannot be absorbed in most cases.

It is far better than replacing collagen with pain filled, unaffordable treatments. Although people who can pay the price like them, collagen injections are unnatural, only last a short time and are quite inconvenient.

When you think about all of the available selections, Kollagen Intensiv appears to be the certain winner, on the surface at the very least.

Kollagen Intensiv is really beneficial and can be put to various uses as it has numerous applications in several fields.

Similiar to other anti aging products, this one can make you appear years younger than you are. Among the top ten benefits that I found, the best was the fact that the skin is stimulated into producing more natural collagen.

– Characteristic symptoms of aging are minimized significantly.
– The plumping effect provides makes skin look younger.
– Facial skin is sweetly conditioned, smoother and softer.
– Very thin lines and wrinkles on the face are faded or cleared off.
– Large pores shrink and are not as visible.
– Spots caused by the sun and aging are faded to give you even skin tone.
– The skin is revitalized with the removal of the layer of dead skin.
– Wrinkles are lessened.
– Puffiness and dark under-eye circles are improved.

In the end, skin gets brighter, lighter, and more brilliant, which gives you a younger and healthier look. The best thing is the continued increase in collagen production which helps your results improve over time and become permanent.

Is Kollagen Intensiv effective?

If the product could not deliver its promises, as you all know very well, the claimed benefits have no meaning. Koolagen Instensiv basis it’s success on real science. When compared with a placebo, one of its key ingredients has been proven to improve the appearance of wrinkles by as much as 354% in clinical testing. Additionally, overall skin texture was improved by 201% in volunteer test subjects.

A good indicator of a product’s effectiveness is the guarantee offered. This joins the market’s most generous. You can return Kollagen Intensiv for a 100% refund of the product purchase price with no questions asked as you have a full 90 days to test-drive it and if you’re not completely satisfied.

They accept all major credit cards and guarantee that your order will be both safe and secure. Your privacy is protected through cautious packing, while executing all orders.

Kollagen Intensiv For Younger Looking Skin

If you want to find your way back to youthful looking skin, let the miracle of Kollagen Intensiv come to your rescue. Clinically proven to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles, it will work to help you find younger looking skin. The nourishing formula of this powerful cream will immediately work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm your skin, and help repair damage. Whether you want to take a few years off or simply plump your skin, this cream is the way to go.

Rooted in Switzerland, this unique formula is guaranteed to increase your skin’s natural production of collagen, which will lead to younger looking skin. Clinically proven to firm and tone your skin, moisturize and hydrate the skin, help repair damage from the sun, and plump the skin for a more youthful looking appearance, you really can find your way to a younger appearance in no time. With a nourishing anti-aging cream and daily moisturizer compliments the skin’s natural functions to enhance the production of collagen, which leads to younger looking skin. When you want to look younger, Kollagen Intensiv can help you get the skin you want.

When you want to rediscover your natural beauty, use this miracle product to give your skin the firmness and smooth texture that will help it look younger. From repairing damage done by the sun or the natural aging process to reducing the appearance of even the deepest wrinkles, you can get the younger looking skin you want with Kollagen Intensiv. If you’re ready to look youthful and have firm, radiant, and glowing skin, this is the best way to get there. Let this clinically proven formula help you find your way back to the skin of your youth. If you want supple, smooth, and radiant skin, this is the way to get there.

Five Simple Steps to Take You to the Youthful Skin We All Dream Of

So many products claim real help when it comes to skin look and anti-aging. Try this cream for age spots, how about this one for wrinkles, here there is one to try for dark circles…

Kollagen-Intensiv-collagenWouldn’t be ideal to have just one cream that would actually work for all the anti-aging aspects? It would be amazing. Actually IT IS amazing as a new product, Kollagen Intensiv, emerged from the Swiss anti-aging labs. An anti-aging cream which is all you need now to look younger following five easy steps.

Step 1 – The key concept behind this product is increasing collagen production of your body. Sure you can get a painful and expensive collagen bust with collagen injections or you can get the best help you will ever get: help your self. Your body’s production of collagen is the natural and healthy way to provide more of the key component of any anti-aging product, collagen. We need this bust as we get older and our bodies start being less and less able to provide the necessary collagen amounts to keep the skin smooth and young.

Step 2 – Another key factor in maintaining a great looking healthy skin is moisturizing. Proper moisturizing keeps the skin in great shape. A dry skin looks older and saggy. This anti-aging cream was formulated to help skin stay hydrated, retain enough water to look younger and smoother.

Step 3 – Photo-aging is caused by extended exposure to sun light and UV radiations. With age our skin is affected by UVs faster and the result is more fine lines, wrinkles, skin roughness, dark spots. This anti-aging cream not only protects against photo-aging but helps skin’s rejuvenation after photoaging damage.

Step 4 – Women in their mid 30s go through a hormonal change and as a result they can have higher levels of interleukins in the plasma. Interleukins slow down skin tissue regeneration causing what we call wrinkles and reducing skin’s healing potential. This anti-aging cream counteract the effects of glycation helping skin keep its elasticity and youthful look.

Step 5 – Minimize the dark area around your eyes. Every women wants a product that will do minimize or eliminate the dark under eye circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. Why? Because beside the esthetic aspect of the issue these are also aging signs. This cream was designed for total facial anti-aging skin treatment taking years off your face by plumping and firming the skin.

What Are Some Alternatives to Expensive Collagen Injections?

Collagen is a very important and complex protein contained throughout the body. This protein is responsible for keeping our skin firm and smooth. As we age the collagen in our body decreases resulting in our skin losing its original smoothness and elasticity. This also leads to wrinkles and fine lines in our skin.

The fastest way to restore collagen to our bodies is through the use of injections. Collagen injections are usually targeted directly to the area that needs improvement and it helps to restore fullness to the area of injection. The results of these injections can last for months. The downside of collagen injections, aside from the pain of the needles, is the treatment is very costly. Collagen injections range in price but if you require multiple injections it can cost as much as $1,000 per treatment.

For most people the cost of collagen injections and other similar treatments is far too costly and outside of their budgets. Fortunately for them there are alternative products on the market that are far less painful and cost far less. The best anti-aging products are able to provide users with great results while costing far less. The most advanced anti-aging creams leverage technology that can actually begin showing results within seconds while others take several applications before you begin to see great results.

Most of these products are formulated with very potent ingredients that are designed to address all of the issues associated with a loss of collagen in our bodies. They are effective at stimulating the body’s ability to reproduce collagen while also stimulating blood flow in the impacted areas which both help to increase fullness in the areas where it is applied. This is one of the methods used by the best lip plumpers to make lips look fuller.

One of this year’s best anti-aging creams is Kollagen Intensiv. The main active ingredient in this cream is SYN-COLL which has been clinically proven to increase the skins natural production of collagen. In a clinical trial, it was able to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 354%.

As we discussed, diminished collagen levels can lead to a reduction of firmness in the skin and the formation of wrinkles and lines in our skin. Kollagen Intensiv has also been proven effective at helping to restore the firmness and texture of our skin. It also reduces the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles, and repairs other conditions like age spots.

Boost Collagen Naturally – No More Injections

If you’re reading this article, you may be wondering why anyone would want to boost collagen levels naturally? Most people take the injections.

This article is for those people who want to boost their collagen levels without the expense and pain of injections. Which I would think, would be just about everyone.

Kollagen-Intensiv-clear-faceWhat exactly is collagen? It’s a type of protein that helps to keep the skin together and gives it it’s elasticity. As we get older, our collagen levels decline, causing our skin to sag and wrinkle.

When we don’t have enough of this important protein, our skin just isn’t tight and firm anymore, like it was in our youth. Many people are so concerned with aging that they resort to expensive and painful injections.

Fortunately, there is a much simpler and less expensive way to boost your collagen levels.

Finally, there are now several very good face creams that can make your skin tighter and reduce wrinkles. Some of the best all-natural products don’t even contain collagen. They contain the raw ingredients your body needs to produce more collagen on it’s own. This is the way nature intended. Collagen produced by your own body is far better than the kind you get from an injection. A lot less painful too.

One very high quality face cream that I know of, is called “Kollagen Intensiv”. It is specifically designed to nourish your skin and to speed up your skin’s natural healing process. It basically stimulates your natural production of collagen. This causes your skin to look younger and firmer.

It also helps to maintain flexibility and elasticity of the skin. And it works well in promoting moisture retention.

How does it work?

What’s in it that has such great anti-aging properties? SYN-Coll. It’s a patented synthetic peptide developed in Switzerland. In clinical trials, it’s been found to be highly effective at reducing wrinkles and firming the skin. This causes the skin to look many years younger than it actually is.

It’s been proven to reduce deep wrinkles and lines on the face. It also tones the skin, moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It can also help to reduce age spots and damage to the skin caused by sun exposure.

Besides the anti-aging benefits of it’s main ingredient SYN-Coll, it’s also packed with important anti-oxidants and effective moisturizing ingredients. The high quality ingredients in “Kollagen Intensiv” are many. Here are just a few of the more important ones. Shea Butter, Glycerin (Plant Derived), Tocopherol (anti-oxidant), Retinol, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Oil, Cucumber Fruit Extract, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin C Palmitate, Hyaluronic Acid and many more.

This truly is a do-it-all face cream. No longer is there a need for many different jars of expensive creams and lotions. This single product has in it everything you need to boost your collagen levels naturally, protect, moisturize and firm your skin. The manufacturer of this product believes so strongly in it, they’ll let you try it risk-free for three months.

If you suffer from wrinkles, under-eye puffiness and dark circles, this may be something you’ll want to look into. I think it will go a long way in helping you to look and feel better about yourself by improving your appearance and making you look years younger than you are.

Where To Buy Kollagen Intensiv – An Alternative To Expensive And Painful Injections

Are you looking to buy Kollagen Intensiv, or have you considered a course of injections to reduce your skin’s signs of ageing?

In this article I will be discussing the ways of fighting the ageing process, using treatments containing collagen. You will also discover where to get more information on the anti-ageing treatment, Kollagen Intensiv.

The signs of ageing creep up on us all without warning and it can come as a shock when one day you look in the mirror and notice that wrinkles and fine lines have suddenly appeared.

There are so many treatments and creams on the market it can be a little confusing trying to work out what to use.

One of the options that can be considered when looking at reducing those signs of ageing are courses of collagen injections. There are several disadvantages to this type of treatment. The injections are painful, must be administered by a professional and are very expensive. A course of injections for a year can set you back as much as $2,800.

There are cheaper, less painful alternatives that can be just as effective.

What To Look For When Buying An Anti Ageing Treatment

The best topical treatments on the market work on speeding up the renewal process of the skin by naturally stimulating the production of collagen.

Collagen keeps the skin looking young and firm. There are some ingredients to look out for in a good quality treatment that will naturally stimulate the production of collagen.

These include:

Kollagen-Intensiv-before-afterSyn-Coll – reduces lines and tones the skin. It also helps reduce sun-damage.

Shea Butter – has been used for hundreds of years and naturally softens the skin. It also reduces the appearance of scars and burns

Cyclopentasiloxane – an emollient that temporarily helps plump out skin, removing fine lines and wrinkles giving a smooth silky feel to the skin.

Glycerin – this is a plant derived ingredient that softens the skin and prevents dryness.

Stabilised Vitamin C – also has collagen boosting abilities.

Soybean Oil – this oil promotes the skin’s healing process.

Retinol – this is an antioxidant which has received a lot of good press in recent times. It neutralizes free radicals and helps the process of skin cell rejuvenation.

Cucumber Fruit Extract – the natural acids tone and whitens the skin. It also protects the skin from the sun and has anti-inflammatory abilities.

Kollagen Intensiv is one such product that contains all the above ingredients and is highly effective in the process of rejuvenating cells and speeding up collagen production.


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Kollagen Intensiv – Collagen Renewal To Reduce Wrinkles