HyperGH 14x has natural ingredients that stimulate the body’s own production of natural growth hormones.


As a gym freak who is exercising at all times, you will not be much happy to know that the efforts you put in are not worth it. So, you might be looking for some product that can help you out have improved muscles and great body. HyperGH 14x is the organic complement for muscle development, an enhanced sequence of safe and useful organic substances especially made for men of all ages. Being regarded as the best HGH supplement, it has become a popular name in the field of muscle-building.

HyperGH-14x-logoBefore you buy HyperGH 14x, it is important to know what it does, the way it works, its side effects and what it contains. HyperGH 14x is the most powerful, advanced and effective HGH supplement available to the weightlifters, fitness freaks and bodybuilders. Using a blend of oral capsules and spray, you can easily have the kind of muscles you always wished to flaunt.

Dropping your excess fat and easily replacing it with muscles, HyperGH 14x serves as the top HGH supplement, boosting your metabolism and fighting fat from your body.

Benefits of HyperGH 14x

HyperGH 14x has the following benefits packed into its spray and capsules. Have a look at what these benefits are:

Increased EIGR (Exercise Induced Growth Hormone Response)
Better energy during workouts
More release of HGH during and after the workouts
Increased workout speed, better recovery time and improved muscles
Improved sleep quality

And a lot more

You will see difference between the result that you were getting with simple gym workouts and the results you achieve with HyperGH 14x supplementation. Definitely, the results will help you have less fat and more lean muscle.

So, what is it that goes into the making of HyperGH 14x?

HyperGH 14x Ingredients that make it a powerful product:

HyperGH 14x is made with a series of useful and safe ingredients that stimulate the body, boosts the HGH level and makes your body all the more healthier and fitter. These very ingredients are the key to natural production of HGH in the body, even during the rest hours and even after the workout sessions.

HyperGH 14x ingredients include L-Arginine which is popular for increasing fat burning, building muscle tissue, enhancing male fertility, and much more, L Lysine that has great effects on the genital functioning when used with arginine and L Tyrosine which leads to reduced fatigue and enhanced metabolism. Other powerful ingredients in the product include L Glysine, Tribulus Terrestris Extract, GABA, GTF Chromium, Phosphatidyl Choline, Deer Antler Velvet, Colostrum and Astragalus Root Extract. These are in fact just some of the ingredients that make up the powerful and effective HyperGH 14x.

These ingredients are surely the natural sources that help the body achieve maximum results. HyperGH 14x is 100 percent legal, does not require any prescription and is easily available online.

Easy to use system

Apart from its active and powerful ingredients, HyperGH 14x also comes with enteric coating absorption system which ensures that the body takes in the precursors effectively. The enteric coating system further makes certain that the capsules are not just easily digested but the ingredients also make their way to small intestine where they can be properly absorbed by the body.

The dosage and administration

Well, HyperGH 14x is the advanced HGH supplement that gives you the ultimate way to achieve stronger muscles and better body build up. For the best of results, you can take 2 capsules of HyperGH 14x in morning before the workout and then 2 capsules before going to bed. It is indeed effective to take the capsules during this time as it helps in intensifying the release of GH during workouts and thus the lean muscle growth is the best at the time of sleeping or resting.

Buy HyperGH 14x?

So, if you are convinced with what HyperGH 14x offers, buy this HGH supplement today and you will have a muscular body in no time. Do read the HyperGH 14x reviews from real users and you will be mesmerized to know their experiences and positive stories.


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HyperGH 14x Real Review and Results

Want to realize the benefits of human growth hormone legally and naturally without painful injections and visits to your doctor? Then HyperGH 14x might be for you. Similar to other products we’ve reviewed, Hyper GH is a sophisticated high releaser that uses a potent combination of vitamins and amino acids to naturally stimulate your body’s production of human growth hormone.

Human growth hormone or HGH is a powerful and complex anabolic hormone critical for muscle growth, skeletal growth, and general health. Some people suffer from a natural deficiency and are prescribed injections of an artificial substitute, but HGH can offer a number of benefits for healthy individuals, especially athletes.

My Results With HyperGH 14x

HyperGH-14x-benefitsI had a chance to personally test out a 3 months supply of HyperGH 14x, and I have to say the results were pretty amazing. The directions stated to take the oral capsules and the spray 2X a day, and for the first few days I didn’t see any major difference. But then after the first week or so I started to notice very subtle changes, like not feeling sore after a pretty heavy workout session and better quality of sleep.

3 Weeks in is where the major changes started to happen. For the first time in about 12 years, I actually started to see my abs popping back out. What was even better was, unlike when I was 21 with a scrawny but ripped physique, I actually had packed on a decent amount of muscle. I’m not gonna say I looked like Thor or anything, but there was a very, very noticeable difference. The fact that my body was changing didn’t get passed on the ladies as well… 😉

I also noticed that my overall energy and mood was significantly enhanced. I was sleeping better, having better sex, and just felt overall better. I would say that it worked pretty similarly to some of the T-Boosters I tried in the past, but without any side effects.

I decided to cycle* HyperGH 14x and take a week off, so I could continue seeing benefits. After about 3 months I had gained about 15 lbs. of pure muscle, and felt like I achieved the body I had been looking for. Since then, I have cycled it on and off from month to month, and the benefits are still there.

How Does HyperGH 14x Work?

So how does Hyper GH give you such great results? Well, HyperGH 14x uses a combination of 15 all natural ingredients that are responsible for helping you build lean, hard muscle, recover faster, strip away fat, and enjoy more restful sleep. These include:

Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Astragalus Root Extract
Deer Antler Velvet
Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
Pituitary (Anterior) Powder
Phosphatidyl Choline
GTF Chromium

For those of us not in the medical field, that list is a little intimidating, but, as you’ll see, their effects are not very complicated. Nearly half of the ingredients — anything starting with “L” — are amino acids, and amino acids are the basic building blocks of muscle and other tissue. Your body uses these building blocks for a variety of reasons, explaining why so many are included in just one bottle of HyperGH 14x.

For example, L-arginine releases nitric oxide into your bloodstream, and nitric oxide forces your blood vessels to dilate, promoting better circulation. L-glutamine is believed to stimulate the anterior pituitary gland, which is responsible for excreting testosterone. More testosterone, of course, is great for building muscle. L-valine and L-lysine are base proteins essential for muscle growth and tissue recovery. L-tyrosine and L-glycine improve the quality of sleep and reduce stress, and, finally, L-ornithine facilitates the removal of ammonia and increases the efficiency of energy consumption.

Does HyperGH 14x work?

Heck yeah it does! I was actually pretty surprised at my results, as I originally thought these all natural HGH supplements were a crock of s$%t. While the spray has kind of a nasty taste to it, there is nothing a little gatorade washdown cant handle. I would say that for anyone looking to augment their current supplement regimen seriously consider using HyperGH 14x. For the value and the results, it’s pretty unbeatable. I would also suggest you get AT LEAST a 3 months supply, but consider the 6 months supply as it can take quite a bit of time to start working just right.

Frequently Asked Questions I Get About HyperGH 14x

Is this safe to take?

For all intents and purposes, yes. I never experienced any side effects from HyperGH 14x, but of course there is always a possibility. As long as you follow the directions on how to take it you should have no adverse effects.

How Do I Take It?

The directions on the label say that you should take both of the pills and the spray 2x a day.
Can I just take the pills instead of the spray?

Well, you could, but personally I don’t think you would get the same results. The spray is supposed to be used in conjunction with the pills, because I believe it helps you absorb the ingredients much more efficiently.

HyperGH-14x-try-it-risk-freeWill I pop a drug test?

I researched the ingredients thoroughly, and none of them seem to trigger a false positive or cause you to “pop hot” on a drug test. I would recommend you bring the supplement with you to the lab and let them know you are taking it to avoid any red flags.

Where can I buy it?

As of this review, HyperGH 14x is only available on their official website. If you come across it on any other sites then it is most likely a counterfeit product and you should avoid it at all costs. If you order larger quantities you can receive a pretty hefty discount, but unfortunately I have not found any coupon or discount codes you can use to get it cheaper.

Will it help me grow taller?

From what I can tell, I don’t think it’s intended to work that way. As a matter of fact, I don’t think there is any supplement on the market that can actually help to grow you taller. Anyone who makes this claim is likely not telling you the whole truth.

Is HyperGH 14x legal in the UK, Australia, and Canada?

After pouring over the ingredients and checking with the regulatory agencies in these countries, I don’t see any that are subject to a ban. That being said, the rules change all the time, so check with your local commerce department on the latest info.

Who Makes HyperGH 14x?

This supplement is manufactured in a cGMP facility and distributed by a company called Leading Edge Health.

HyperGH 14x Reviews – Growth Hormone Releaser

Growth hormone, which is known in medical circles as HGH, stimulates cell growth, regeneration and reproduction. Although its main uses are in the treatment of growth disorders in children and growth hormone deficiency in adults, it is also used as an anabolic agent by bodybuilders. Thus, HGH pills and HGH spray products like those provided by HyperGH 14x™ are popular in the fitness industry.

Benefits in General

As an anabolic agent in the form of oral pills and topical sprays, HyperGH 14x™ provides for several benefits toward the achievement of a toned and muscled body. Among these benefits are:

* Increase in calcium retention that, in turn, strengthens bone mineralization
* Improvement in lean muscle mass
* Boost in protein synthesis, a process essential for building muscle mass and strength
* Stimulation in the capacity of the immune system, thus, leading to faster recovery times in the muscles after workout sessions

Indeed, the use of HGH pills and sprays among bodybuilders is highly recommended by fitness experts. It should be emphasized, nonetheless, that proper use of these HGH products must be strictly adopted for best results and when we say best, we mean safe, effective and long-lasting results. Always remember that HyperGH 14x must not be abused in any way, shape or form lest side effects occur.

Benefits in Particular

Most, if not all, users of these excellent HGH pills and HGH spray products report several observable benefits from using these items. We have to note that HyperGH 14x™ products are manufactured in hygienic, FDA-compliant and cGMP-certified manufacturing facility. Plus, users can try it risk-free for 60 days, thus, adding to the benefits discussed below.

HyperGH 14x™

* No painful injections required since these HGH pills and HGH spray products obviously involve oral consumption and topical application only.
* No doctor visits and prescriptions necessary. However, it should be noted that when HGH injections are involved for medical purposes, federal law requires doctor’s prescriptions.
* No synthetic HGH involved. The HGH pills and HGH spray products all contain natural ingredients, discussed in the following section, which stimulate your body’s natural production of the peptide hormone. This is because these ingredients are natural precursors to hormone production.
* No elaborate dosing patterns to follow. The doses are delivered 2 times per day via the pills and sprays – once in the morning just before working out and once in the evening before hitting the sack. This simple dosing plan also maximizes the body’s own production and release of natural HGH, thus, optimizing the results of the HGH pills and HGH spray products.

With proper and regular use of HyperGH 14x™ pills and sprays, most users report stacking on lean muscle mass and stripping away excess body fat in an easier, faster and more effective manner than with any other HGH products. Add in the fact that the body is provided with an extra boost of energy from the HGH pills, users also observe bigger muscles from the same workouts. Think of HyperGH 14x™ as a complement to your high-intensity interval strength training program.

As previously mentioned, HyperGH 14x™ has natural ingredients that stimulate the body’s own production of natural growth hormones. To name a few of these ingredients:

HyperGH 14x™

Deer Antler Velvet
Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Phosphatidyl Choline
Astragalus Root Extract

Each of these ingredients in the HyperGH 14x™ HGH pills and HGH spray products work synergistically with each other, multiplying their effect. Take one ingredient away or lessen the dosing pattern and you cannot expect to enjoy the abovementioned benefits.

The decision to buy HyperGH 14x™, certainly one of the most popular HGH pills in the market today, is an easy one for many reasons. For one thing, it contains a synergistic blend of natural ingredients including beta-sitosterol proven effective in building lean muscle mass, melting excess fat and boosting the immune system. For another thing, it is the safest alternative to HGH injections because it is administered in oral capsules and oral sprays in a two-times-daily dosage.

But there are certain precautions that must be taken when purchasing these top-of-the-line HGH pills. You want to purchase only the real deal for the simple reason that you are putting your health, not to mention your pockets, at stake here. Well, you can always keep in mind the following tips when planning to buy HyperGH 14x™.

Only Order from Authorized Websites

The first common-sense tip when buying these HGH pills is to order only from authorized websites. At present, HyperGH 14x™ can only be ordered online from the official website and affiliates so if anybody offers to sell these bodybuilding supplements through other methods, then beware. You may become the next victim of a scam.

HyperGH 14x – Is This Growth Hormone Releaser Really Safe, Legal and Effective?

The first thing to remember about HyperGH 14x is that it is used to help you grow lean muscles by releasing HGH into your system. If you are not comfortable with this fact, you should probably try a different type of dietary supplement. If your goal is to effectively supplement your workouts and grow your muscles at a faster pace, these HGH pills will probably work for you. This product can be used by men of all ages and can actually improve your health when taken properly. This is not just a growth hormone, but is rather a dietary supplement that helps you to tone your muscles, while providing you with an energy boost without the use of sugar or caffeine.

Unlike many growth hormone products on the market, in user reviews, HyperGH 14x has been frequently reported to do exactly what it claims. The product has been reviewed by many professionals in the field and they have found nothing to suggest that the product does not work. In addition, these HGH pills are entirely legal, since you are simply using them to help you out in your workouts, rather than relying on them for all of your muscle growth. In addition, HyperGH 14x does not require a prescription, do you do not have to worry about going to a doctor to begin this process.

Before purchasing a growth hormone, you should always look at the health benefits that it will provide. This is because many of these products can actually have a negative effect on your body in the long run. HyperGH 14x, however, helps you to reduce your body fat and increase your muscle mass naturally, so you are not relying on a chemical to achieve your fitness goals. You will also find that these HGH pills help you recover after a workout, from an injury or whenever you get sick at a much faster pace. This occurs because HyperGH 14x optimizes your body’s performance, so things that would normally keep you down no longer have the same impact. You can begin achieving results in about six weeks, so you will not have to wait to achieve your new look.

When you begin taking HGH pills like HyperGH 14x, they help your muscles to grow and to maintain this growth over time. When you exercise intensively, a growth hormone is naturally produced by your body, which is what causes your muscles to gain in size. Unfortunately, different people produce this hormone at different rates, which is why some people have trouble generating lean muscle growth. HyperGH 14x helps your body to release more of this hormone naturally; this helps you to grow your muscles. It also shortens the amount of recovery time needed between workouts and helps your body to hold up for longer periods when exercising. In the end, you will end up with leaner and stronger muscles through this process.

Men of all ages can use HyperGH 14x, as it provides safe and natural growth for everyone. This growth hormone is far less dangerous than other popular items like anabolic steroids and synthetically produced HGH because all HyperGH 14x does is help the body’s natural processes. In addition, HyperGH 14x HGH pills are completely legal, unlike these other methods of building muscle. To build your strength, endurance and overall health naturally, there are very few better supplements than this product. But remember, these pills do not contain growth hormone; they merely increase your natural ability to produce it.

HyperGH 14x Review -Are You Sure Of Buying HyperGH 14x?

Growth hormone, also called as HGH or human growth hormone enables the stimulation of cell growth, reproduction and regeneration. Though the main uses are for treatment of growth disorders in case of children as well as GH deficiency in the adults, HGH is even used as the useful anabolic agent by athletes, bodybuilders and others. Thus, HyperGH 14x comes into mind when we talk of bodybuilding HGH spray and pills. This HyperGH 14x Review includes Benefits, Side Effects, User Reviews & detailed ingredients information.
So, what exactly is HyperGH 14x? Let’s discover…

HyperGH 14x is the natural HGH bodybuilding supplement that is featured with safe and secure ingredients. These ingredients in turn stimulate the production of growth hormone in the body. Some of these ingredients include:

L Glycine
L ArginineHyperGH14X
L Glutamine
L Tyrosine
L Valine M
L Lysine
Deer Antler Velvet
Astragalus Root Extract
Tribulus Terrestris Extract

And more…

HyperGH 14x benefits to expect

The product offers various benefits to the users to achieve a muscled and properly toned body. These benefits include the following-

Protein synthesis boost
Better muscle mass
Calcium retention increase
Strengthened bones
Better and faster recovery time after workouts
Enhanced immune system

HyperGH 14x Results – See Before & After Pics Of User

Evidences that make HyperGH 14x a trusted HGH supplement

Various researches have proved that boosting the HGH levels help men to enjoy effects and benefits of aging process as well as genetics on fast loss and muscle development. So, HyperGH 14x offers boost in high levels of HGH using its natural ingredients and great composition.
HyperGH 14x Dosage and administration

HyperGH-14x-Before-and-AfterHyperGH 14x includes two parts of easy to use dosage plan-

2 times a day oral capsules
2 times a day oral spray

If you take HyperGH 14 X properly and regularly, you will enjoy better lean muscle mass and saying goodbye to extra body fat. All this can be enjoyed in faster, effective and easy manner when you take the HGH supplement at regular times.

Added benefit that you will enjoy with using this releaser is the increased energy levels with bigger and stronger muscles. Just think of this wonderful supplement as a great complement to your overall high intensity strength training process.

When you take the HyperGH 14x spray and pills, you actually take the path towards enhancing the growth hormone production power of your body. General fact is that more the amount of growth hormone your body produces and secretes, faster is the process of muscle growth. It is as simple as that.

The Oral spray

HyperGH 14 X oral spray is especially made with Alpha GPC which is clinically proven to help in increase of the HGH production during the workout sessions. The product also uses top grade enteric absorption system that is rarely found in any bodybuilding products. This is the reason that the assimilation of main ingredients is reached up by 90 percent when you take HyperGH 14x.

Human Growth Hormone Releasers – How Do They Help Promote Muscle Development?

When you think of growth hormone releasers, the first thing that probably comes to mind is HGH pills like HyperGH 14x. These products are said to work by helping your body to grow its lean muscle mass quickly and efficiently. They are used as a supplement to your workouts and you will not gain muscle mass if you do not put the work into the process.

It doesn’t matter how old you are when you begin using growth hormone releasers, as these products are known even to improve health of men later on in life. Remember that studies have shown certain pills can actually help improve your health, rather than hinder it — these pills are not an allopathic medication; they are a nutritional supplement that promotes the release of Growth Hormone. In the end, you have the choice to select a growth hormone releaser to supplement your diet and help you tone your muscles without the use of any illegal products, as this will help your overall levels of fitness and health.

HyperGH-14x-growth-hormoneIf you are looking to purchase any kind of HGH pills, you should first look at the benefits that these items will provide for you. Just like anything else, some of these products can harm you if not taken properly. And some of the better hormone releasers, such as HyperGH 14x, are said to work well because they help you reduce your body fat percentage and increase your muscle mass in a natural way.

These pills do not pump extra HGH into your system, but rather help your body to produce more naturally, leading to healthy muscle gains. It is dangerous to rely on synthetic HGH for muscle gain because it can cause health problems in the future. By getting your body to produce additional growth hormone, however, you do not have to worry about these drawbacks.

Supplements like HyperGH 14x can also help you to recover from a workout, as they allow your muscles to return to their previous state at a quicker pace. Whenever you workout heavily, you will end up with tiny tears in your muscle fibers from the weight that you have lifted.

In order for your body to grow, you must wait for those tears to heal. The tears heel by generating additional muscle fibers, which is why your muscles grow. HGH pills can help this muscle fiber regenerate at a faster pace, which means that you need less time in between your workouts. In the end, this can allow you to gain results in as little as six weeks, without taking any illegal supplements.

Exercise also causes your body to produce growth hormone, although people produce this at different rates. Those who find themselves producing the hormone at low rates often look to HGH pills to help them out. The problem is that synthetic HGH can be harmful and once you begin seeing the results, people often find it difficult to stop.

Products like HyperGH 14x, however, are not synthetic, as they simply help your body to produce more of the hormone on its own. This is perfect for those who are willing to put the work in, but simply want their bodies to respond and recover faster.

HyperGH 14x is safe for men of all ages and unlike anabolic steroids or synthetic HGH pills, it is completely legal. If you want to get better results when working out without taking drugs, a natural growth hormone releaser is probably right up your alley.

HyperGH 14x Reviews Reveal A New Animal – Or Is That Just Deer Antler Velvet in A Bottle?

Have you read any HyperGH 14x reviews? If you are someone who wishes to experience a tremendous improvement in your fitness levels, reading these reviews could prove to be a very eye-opening experience. Or maybe just save you from wasting your money. Let’s see.

Fitness minded consumers are certainly interested in HGH products due to the amazing improvements in health and appearance which can be gained from using HGH pills. There are quite a few pills and supplements on the market. One of the more popular of recent releases is HyperGH 14x. This is a solid HGH spray and pill combinations which can deliver excellent results.

What would be these results? Simply reading a few well written HyperGH 14x reviews will reveal some truly eye-opening information. The person using these HGH pills would gain increased energy, reduced body fat levels, improved sexual performance, enhanced lean muscle mass, and a variety of other physical and mental benefits. Many may look at HyperGH 14x as a “magic” supplement. The truth here is there is no magic involved at all. Rather, legitimate science is employed through this supplement to replace the Human Growth Hormone that we lose as we age.

Among the most helpful benefits of HGH pills is they greatly reduces recovery time after workouts. Issues surrounding recovery time is one of the common impediments to an older person hitting the gym. With improved recovery time, an older person can go to the gym with regular frequency and achieve the desired results. (Just be sure to avoid over-training) Among these desired results would be a great improvement in lean muscle mass, lower levels of body fat, and improved natural strength.

HGH is very important for a great many metabolic functions. As we grow older, the amount of HGH we produce diminishes. Since HGH levels are diminishing, the various metabolic functions performed by HGH equally diminish. This is why so many people wish to increase their HGH levels. The problem is that the only way to do so would be to acquire a prescription for HGH injections. It should go without saying that most would prefer to avoid prescription injections and instead take natural HGH pills. The arrival of HyperGH 14x provides a viable alternative to the common approach of injecting HGH.

The combination of HGH pills and a spray is a novel approach to the delivery of this supplement. Such a two-pronged approach definitely enhances the ability for the product to deliver on expectations. Sprays provide a more effective means of absorbing the supplement into the bloodstream. When combined with daily capsule supplements, the potential to achieve excellent results improves. Considering the fact that most people want to see expedited results as quickly as possible, an approach such as this is quite appealing.

Also appealing is the fact that there have been no reported serious side effects associated with the use of this supplement. This is not to say no one will ever suffer from side effects but as of present you will not find any reports to the manufacturer by consumers. That might be one of its most appealing achievements.

The prices on the supplement are also fair as discounts are weaved into the mix. Depending upon how many months of HyperGH 14x you order, an incrementally increasing discount will be provided. This opens the door for great cost savings which are not always common when seeking to purchase bodybuilding and physical health supplements.

HGH pills and sprays are found in aplenty today but there is a tremendous range in quality among the different supplements. When you opt for HyperGH 14x, we feel that you will be acquiring an excellent health supplement which can present a great many positive results, but that you should always refer to consumer reviews to examine other user experiences, before making any purchase.

#1 HGH Releaser – HyperGH 14x

Increased lean muscle mass and reducing fat are the goal of most bodybuilders and guys who work out regularly. You want to be stronger and look better. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) plays a real role in these goals. This is well-known and well-established science. Unfortunately, like a lot of good things, we lose most of our HGH when we get older. Injections are available, where you get synthetic HGH shot into your body, but that requires a prescription, and it’s really meant only for people with real deficiencies, not for guys who just want to get bigger.

HyperGH-14x-productHyperGH 14x is an alternative solution. This all natural supplement can increase your body’s own natural production of HGH. They call it an HGH secretagoguewhich is just a technical way of saying that it triggers the HGH making faculties in your body to get to work. And the benefits of more HGH are not just for bodybuilders. There are a whole host of good things available to you through the use of HyperGH 14x.

How HyperGH 14x Works?

By increasing HGH levels with HyperGH 14x, you can expect to see:

· More lean muscle mass

· Less body fat

· Increased energy and stamina

· Better results from your current diet and workout routine

· Boosted sex drive

· Reduction of the effects of aging on your skin, mind, and body.

HyperGH 14x increases HGH levels by introducing a number of HGH precursors into your body at the precise times when they are most beneficial. HyperGH 14x comes with both tablets and an oral spray. Using the proper dosing regimen of 2 tablets and 3 sprays in the morning (before working out) and 2 tablets and 3 sprays in the evening before bed will coincide best with your body’s own natural schedule for producing HGH.

Your body goes into HGH production mode after getting rigorous exercise. It returns to this mode while you’re sleeping. So this dosing schedule assures that HyperGH 14x is providing the precursors necessary to make the production process result in more HGH.

HyperGH 14x Review and Results

HyperGH 14x has been successfully used by thousands of men looking to boost their lean muscle mass. I personally got a chance to use a 6 month supply of it, and the results were astounding.

Now, I’m not a bodybuilder by nature. Genetics aside, it’s not easy for me to pack on lean muscle. I struggled through most of my life with being a bit on the heavy side, and have tried countless other supplements in the past, usually with very little results.

For the first few weeks I didn’t notice anything, and thought i might have gotten ripped off. Then, right around the 3 week mark I started to feel the difference. I originally weighed in at around 200 lbs., but was now tipping the scales at around 195 lbs.

Not a huge difference, but a difference nonetheless. About the end of the first month, I started getting compliments from friends about how much “bigger” i looked, yet i was losing weight so I was left scratching my head as to why they thought i looked bigger.

HyperGH-14x-man-lifting-dumbelThen it clicked…you tend to look bigger when you get more defined, even if you havent actually packed on any lean muscle. At this point, I was determined to give HyperGH 14x the full go ahead.

3 months in was a real shocker. I had lost about 15 pounds, but felt stronger then ever. My bench went from a paltry max of around 185 lbs. for 1 rep, to an astounding 265 lbs. in those 3 months.

I was starting to FINALLY see my abs again, and was no longer afraid to take my shirt off at the beach. I decided to stop taking it once I reached my goals, and give the rest of it to a friend in need. Unfortunately, I did not

HyperGH 14x Ingredients

For the most part, HyperGH 14x tablets and HyperGH 14x spray contain largely the same ingredients. Yet there are specific reasons they chose to use the dual dosing method. Both the pills and the spray contain the important precursors like:

· Arginine

· Lysine

· Glycine

· Colostrom

· Deer Antler Velvet

· Glutamine

The tablets use an enteric coating that helps the ingredients to be more completely and efficiently released into your system. The spray contains Alpha GPC which activates the “fast twitch” fibers in your muscles for better, more effective muscle contractions and endurance.

HyperGH 14x Benefits

· HyperGH 14x pills and spray are made with precise ingredients and dosing in mind for the greatest effectiveness.

· There is a 60 day money back guarantee.

· HyperGH 14x is completely safe and legal.

· Almost all the HyperGH 14x reviews we saw were favorable.

HyperGH 14x Drawbacks

· It can get kind of pricey.

· It can take up to 6 months to experience the full benefit.

Where to Buy

You can purchase HyperGH 14x through its official website. Several different packages are available. The more you purchase at once, the better per-month price you’ll pay. All HyperGH 14x orders come with a 60 day money back guarantee. It applies to 2 empty boxes and 2 empty bottles as well as any unopened product that you return along with it. That way, you can take advantage of bulk price discounts and still be covered under the satisfaction guarantee.

The Final Word

The benefits of HGH are clear. In terms of muscle building, fat loss, and all around anti-aging, more HGH is better than less. For most guys, HGH injections would be illegal, difficult to come by, expensive, and painful. Natural HGH releasers are a safer, less invasive choice. And when it comes to HGH releasers, HyperGH 14x uses the most advanced formula and offers the most precise and effective dosing schedule. We recommend you buy 6 months worth at once. That’ll give you enough time to achieve the best results, and if you find you don’t like HyperGH 14x, you can return it all for a full refund.


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HyperGH 14x – HGH Pills & Spray for Bodybuilding