HerSolution Gel is a lubricant that has been clinically approved and promises to increase sex drive in women.


HerSolution Gel promises the immediate and long-lasting results in a matter of seconds. Women will be able to invigorate their sex lives which may have gone stale in the past few months or years. Due to the hormonal, psychological and physical strains that affect the overall perception women have on sex, they may always be the type of individuals who no longer enjoy and feel satisfied making love.

HerSolution-Gel-logoHaving these in mind, changes in personal outlook will also result and women will be more likely to feel negatively about themselves. This product aims to eliminate all that providing instant and effective changes that will surely guarantee satisfaction.

What is HerSolution Gel?

It is a topical cream made from the richest and safest natural herbal essences. The ingredients are medical-grade and clinically approved ensuring that they are acquired in their freshest and purest form.

Through topical application on the genital area, HerSolution Gel stimulates blood flow which improves muscle control, relieves dryness and excites the nerves. As a result, women will feel more sensations during sex, less likely to experience pain or dryness and improve their sexual appetite, performance during sex and orgasms as a whole.

The product is very safe and easy to use. It will not irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions since it is water-based and pH balanced. Effects can be noticed after several seconds so tired, hormonally affected and older women can now renew the vigor and excitement in their sex lives.

Some users report that the added sensations and control during sex help them feel more expressive and confident about themselves. There is a theory that the increased blood flow to the area can also help achieve conception although this has not been fully tested.

The Ingredients

HerSolution Gel contains quality natural botanical essences and vitamins that are very safe and effective since they are acquired right before blending. Olive squalene, cocoa butter, aloe vera extract and shea butter are useful ingredients which increase blood flow to the genital area. These provide very comfortable warmth which relaxes the muscles and excites the nerves for more pleasurable sensations during sex and climax.

Menthol, citric acid and purified water act as detoxifiers as well as astringents for faster absorption of nutrients in the skin. L-Arginine is considered an aphrodisiac which improves sexual appetite leading to increased stamina, enhanced performance and more powerful orgasms. The formula is calibrated concisely to achieve the desired results. Applying more will produce longer effects as needed by the user. Overall, the mix produces a fresh scent.

Does HerSolution Gel Really Work?

Thousands of women have reported the obvious effects after using the product once. Users commonly report changes in sensations during sex, increased libido and enhanced climax. Users report that the blood rush towards erogenous tissues provided very comfortable warmth which made penetration more enjoyable and fun. Muscle control is also another factor which made them explore more and improve in their performance and stamina.


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Articles and Reviews about HerSolution – Female Enhancement Gel


Best Moisturizing Gels and Lubricants For Vaginal Dryness

Many women are scared to approach or be approached by their partners for the sheer fear that entry of penis would rip apart their vaginas. The soft tissues in the vagina are so spongy, soft and flexible that they can accommodate any kind of male organ. If the women are properly excited during the foreplay, the vagina gets lubricated. Simple point to keep in mind is that if a woman can expel the baby from her vagina then where does the size of a male organ stand?

Vagina is like a roomy passage, which extends upwards and backwards several inches with soft, well bolstered comfortable walls and the pleasurable dewy secretion that lubricates the opening, makes it easy to slip out and slip in. This lubrication is generated by the vaginal walls which pour the secretion ahead. Actually a lubricated vagina is indicative of its readiness to accept entry of male organ.

The best way for women to keep her vaginal muscles in perfect shape is to do exercise with vaginal muscles by way of expansion and contraction. This process would also strengthen the muscles and tighten them also.

But sometime due to certain health problems, lubrication is not generated. This results in vaginal dryness which causes an intense pan and discomfort during intercourse. The good news is that there are some high quality moisturizing gels and lubrication creams that can help you solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

HerSolution Gel and Vigorelle are the two best lubricants available online that are highly recommended and efficient female enhancement gels. These lubricating gels not only improve arousal and lubrication, but also instantly stimulated female sexual responses, increases libido and stimulate blood flow to the genital areas. These products are all natural made of botanically derived ingredients extracted from potent herbs from around the world. They are absolutely the products of choice for women who want to revitalize their sex life.

HerSolution Gel Review – Restores That Hot Steamy Sex You Been Missing

Many women today find that they desire sex less often than before. There are many reasons for a decrease in libido, from having children to aging. Stress often plays a major role. Yet women still want intimacy and to be touched, even though their bodies may not respond the way they should. HerSolution Gel is a product that makes hot, steamy sex a reality again for women suffering from low libido and for other women, Oh my God! Sex becomes a reality.

HerSolution-Gel-doctor-vieiraHerSolution Gel is a blend of aloe, shea butter, and cocoa butter, with botanical extracts that is designed to overcome the problem of dryness that can ruin sex for so many women while enhancing their desire and reaction to help them to enjoy sex to the fullest extend possible.

When applied directly to the vaginal area, the creamy, but not greasy texture of the gel aids in lubricating things in a natural way that just feels better than most drugstore gels or oils because it feels more natural. The botanical extracts penetrate the skin quickly and work to dilate the blood vessels in that area to increase blood flow. The result is an immediate rush of moist heat such as is experienced when being kissed deeply by someone who really turns you on.

The best part is that the sensation in that area is intensified by foreplay and lovemaking so that it just keeps building to the most intense climax one could ever experience as long as there is still physical contact and motion. Multiple orgasms are not only possible, but very likely. And, they will be of an intensity guaranteed to rock your world.

HerSolution Gel is a product that claims a great deal. Unlike most libido enhancing products, this one really delivers.

The Benefits of Using HerSolution Gel For Female Sexual Dysfunction

HerSolution Gel is a lubricant that has been clinically approved and promises to increase sex drive in women. It is very much like Viagra for men. Although it makes many women slightly skeptical, it is impossible to ignore the women who have tried it. There are so many reviews available written by women who claim HerSolution Gel is a product that really works. Because of the increase in sex drive, HerSolution Gel is known to make women feel better about themselves and have a more positive outlook on life.

HerSolution-Gel-satisfaction-guaranteedHerSolution Gel contains ingredients that are completely natural and safe to use. Olive Squalene, Aloe Vera Extract, Cocoa Butter, and Shea Butter not only helps increase the blood flow, but they also create warmth to the touch. The warmth helps relax muscles and excites the nerves, making the experience all the more enjoyable. In addition, Menthol GSP, Citric Acid, and Purified Water helps as an astringent to let your body absorb all of the nutrients contained in HerSolution Gel. There is also an ingredient called L-Argenine that is supposedly an aphrodisiac. This is used to increase a woman’s appetite for sex. This is not all it does. L-Argenine is the secret ingredient that improves a woman’s stamina and ultimately makes sexual experiences better.

Although this Gel seems to be an amazing product that can work every time, many women are scared to buy it. It may be hard to figure out if it is the right product to use. In addition, women who are inflicted with anoragasmia may want to try the product, but feel they do not deserve it. Doctors for women who deal with this disease have recommended HerSolution Gel. Anoragasma is a term used when a person is unable to climax during sexual intercourse. There are two types of Anoragasmia, one in which a person has never achieved climax or one in which a climax is only achieved through masturbation.

HerSolution Gel may very well be a solution for many women who have never experienced pleasurable sexual intercourse. It has been said that the product works. It is discreetly packaged for women who do not want others to know about their lives. It is recommended that women should use the product for at least four to six months to achieve the ultimate results. If it is used for six months and there is still no change, it is possible to get your money back. You can order gel by phone, online, by fax, or even by mail. It is completely up to you. It does not matter how you order it, the HerSolution Gel company guarantees complete freshness and absolute secrecy.

HerSolution Gel Review – Must Read Before You Buy HerSolution Gel!

I am now forty five years of age. My interest in sex started lowering in my early forties. My vagina became dry. When my partner wanted sex I was reluctant to respond. He was actually in his prime as far as sex was concerned. I understood him, but could not help. I also feared that he may stray to other younger women and I may lose him as a result. I could never think of him having sex with other women, not even flirting with them. You may call me jealous.

I knew this condition is natural in most women of my age. But I longed to enjoy sex and also wanted to save our relationship. I talked to a few close female friends of mine who are about the same age as me. All of them told me they had similar experience. But two of these friends told me that they overcame the problem with HerSolution Gel. They explained to me the positive results they got from HerSolution Gel. They experienced better sex on the first night itself.

HerSolution-Gel-Before-And-AfterAnyway, I decided to try HerSolution Gel. I ordered a tube on the internet. It came within five days. It was applied on the lower part of my abdomen. The gel had a nice smell. My partner said that the sexy smell itself was provocative and he wanted sex immediately. I found the dryness in my vagina had gone. I continued to use the gel every day. By the end of the second week I felt aroused by the sight of my partner. My vigor and energy has come back. The high voltage desire for sex I had in my younger days came back. I was happy and my partner too was very happy.

Now, we are having sex whenever and wherever we are alone in a secure place. It is spring time again for us. We enjoy the company of each other. I find a new pleasant sensation during sexual intercourse after the use of HerSolution Gel. This gel is really a great blessing for me. Now I take the initiative for sex.

HerSolution Gel has only herbal ingredients. The ingredients have been proved to be effective for female sexual enhancement by their use through the ages. Ii is clinically established that HerSolution Gel has no side effects. In spite of me using it for the last six months, I have not encountered any side effects. HerSolution Gel is a pH balanced, water based remedy for women. It is hypoallergenic. Application of this gel improves the blood flow by dilating the blood vessels. That is why you are getting a better sensation during sex.

HerSolution Gel Review – Legit Or Not? A Must Read!

Vaginal dryness is a common problem amongst women. During this time, sex may become joyless and in many cases, it may even become painful. Many women just can’t lubricate themselves properly. All hope is not lost. Vaginal lubricants have become widely used and widely available. They help to lubricate the vagina allowing you to finally have pleasurable and satisfying sex. HerSolution Gel is one example of a multipurpose vaginal lubricator that not only helps to lubricate the vagina but also increases its sensitivity to touch and improves pleasure.

When most women are unable to properly become “wet” they try many ways to produce proper lubrication. Women end up trying various methods such as reading romantic novels, taking bubble baths and lighting scented candles. Unfortunately, failure to lubricate is a physical problem. HerSolution is a product which helps you overcome vaginal dryness and it helps improve blood flow to the vagina and clitoris areas and hence intensifying the sensations to come. This Gel can help women get proper lubrication when their own is not enough.

HerSolution Gel is a lubricant that has many other functions as well. The ingredients are such that it not only lubricates the vagina but also make you hunger for sex and give you such intense pleasure that sex will never be the same or as intense. Not only does HerSolution contain natural body revitalizing substances, it also contains select aphrodisiacs that help kick the sex drive into overdrive.

HerSolution Gel contains all natural ingredients which means that your body will more readily accept the effects and hence produce fewer side effects. Most synthetic drugs produce varying and, in some cases, severe side effects because they try to force a sudden chemical change in your body. The gel slowly enhances the body’s sex drive naturally and hence without nasty side effects. HerSolution herbal nature also means that you will have to wait some time before effects fully develop.

For truly memorable, wild, passionate and pure ecstatic sex, lubricants such as HerSolution Gel are the answer. Although there are minimal side effects, it is advisable though to consult your physician or gynecologist first and discuss with them various lubricants such as HerSolution Gel.

Reasons Your Libido is Low – Fix it With Hersolution, A Natural Herbal Enhancer for Women

Now if you are like most women you are running around with the kids trying to get them where they need to be along with yourself. With dropping them off at school and getting to work on time and then having to worry about picking them up along with all your other daily activities, it gets pretty rough. Your libido might be decreasing little by little and you might not even know it yet.

Stress is a factor in your libido level. If you are very stressed out all the time, chances are you aren’t getting pleasure when the time comes. If you are even in the mood. Having a low libido isn’t fun either, it can bring your confidence down and lead to many other things that won’t be fun.

You will learn about a couple things that you can do to restore your libido with natural herbal enhancers meant for women and also why does your libido crash where it’s at.

Before we get into a couple reasons on why your libido is low, we will bring up two important female libido enhancers that are natural and bring an increased libido to your world with a capsule or gel. Hersolution is the company that produces the “female viagra” of it’s time. They have two very credible products that you might have seen on morning shows or newscast on the television. Hersolution Pills and HerSolution Gel are the two contenders that deliver natural results. Now what do these have to do with your libido? Everything, just keep reading.

If you are one of the many women out there that are on birth control pills or any medications, your libido is at risk for being low. The majority of women that do indeed take birth control have a low libido. You should just expect to have no sex drive while on any medications or birth control pills. Even if you switch to a lower dose or different pill, your libido is just hanging by a thread. That is why HerSolution Gel is the right natural supplement for you to enhance your libido. It’s basically an instant libido boost when you apply it to yourself. You might have to wait a minute or two depending on your body and how you react to the natural ingredients. However HerSolution Gel is great for women who take birth control or any medications because most people don’t like overloading on pills as it is. Why take any more pills then you have too unless you don’t care about what goes into your body. It’s just common sense to use this method unless your spread your pill intake throughout the day if you do decide on the Hersolution Pills.

Now another reason your libido might not feel like it was is because of menopause. If you are going through this stage in your life and you feel there is no return. Then you might want to scoop up some Hersolution Pills and give the natural ingredients a test. Many women who have tried Hersolution while under this stage have found the pills to be very effective in boosting the libido and providing a better and more intense orgasm to their sex life.

Now you know what could be doing this to your libido. The stress, the medications, or life changing stages to diminish your libido. It’s up to you on how you want to live and treat your low libido. The Hersolution products won’t give you harsh side effects unlike it’s competitors, it will only give you an increased libido and other great features that will only help you out.

HerSolution Gel Vs Hersolution Pills – Which Natural Female Enhancement Is Right For Your Situation

There are many things you can do to try to attempt to get your low libido back where you would like it and get the pleasure you deserve. The main things that stick out that effective your life are right in front of you. You might have to make lifestyle changes for these attempts to fix your diminished libido. You are what you eat so why not try sticking to healthy, libido boosting foods that might work for you after you eat them consistently for a couple months. Or you can even give a shot and get the blood flowing by working out and exercising in hopes your libido will go up. Those are tough and in the long run, it might not even work. So what are the best and most effective ways to boost the female libido.

Luckily you have found this article which will review the differences between female enhancements which are natural and effective to increase the female libido for sure. Those two style of female enhancements are Hersolution Pills and HerSolution Gel. They are both medically researched products made and endorsed by doctors and researchers that put together an effective and potent blend of natural ingredients to boost your libido.HerSolution-Gel-Ingredients

So what is the difference between these great natural female enhancements? You will find out which one is right for you and your situation depending on how you want to handle enhancing your libido once and for all.

Now which one will give you the best results is the next question. If you are on any medications or any substances like birth control then this will apply for you. Hersolution Pills might not be your first choice due to the fact it’s a pill and you might not want to swallow any more pills then you have to. HerSolution Gel is the instant libido boost for you then if you fall under that category.

First you have to understand how the HerSolution Gel works. It uses technology which absorbs all the ingredients through your skin and your clitoris. Leaving you with a great sensation blast and rapid increase in your libido.

The Hersolution Pills are totally different. With those the herbal ingredients will take a couple days to be saturated throughout your body. The pill method will maintain your libido throughout the days you are taking it. Unlike the HerSolution Gel unless you applied it to yourself every day to maintain the natural ingredients in your body.

If you are unsure about which Hersolution female enhancement is right for you, then I suggest purchasing both of the enhancers to see which one you are pleased with. The results will benefit you to the fullest and you won’t be upset with your libido after this one.

Review of HerSolution Gel

When was the last time you and your partner had a great time together in the bedroom? Of course you have sex occasionally during these times, but do you really like it? Or perhaps you occasionally feel that sex is more of a task to accomplish than an act of pleasure?

Possible causes to why a woman may have a low sex drive is stress, hormones, emotions and diet. You do not have to remain living with a low sexual libido. HerSolution Gel is a unique product that helps you rediscover the thrills and excitement of being a woman.

HerSolution is a sexual enhancement gel that helps you experience sensations and orgasms that you never thought possible. Here are just some of the benefits that HerSolution Gel can provide:

– Alleviates vaginal dryness with its astonishing slippery-wet velvety texture.
– Increases blood flow to the clitoris by dilating the blood vessels.
– Intensifies sensations throughout the sex session by making your erogenous zones more sensitive to touch.
– Helps you achieve powerful, mind-blowing climax.

HerSolution Gel has been formulated by complete clinicians who chose exclusive the best and highest quality ingredients to go with the product. It’s unique blend of botanicals, vitamins, and moisturizers are specially combined by hand to guarantee top quality throughout the process. Let’s examine several of the ingredients of HerSolution Gel that results in this being one of the most wanted items on the market currently:

Olive Squalene – A unique emollient oil derived from olives, it naturally enhances skin permeation, making your body more sensitive to the pleasures of being touched. Create an alluring blend, both sensual and warm, with a combination of cocoa butter, shea butter and aloe extracts – oh, so inviting! This detailed comination feels like it is actually making love to your skin.

Menthol USP, Citric Acid, Purified Water – Act as detoxifiers as well as astringents for faster absorption of nutrients in the skin. As your entire reproductive system becomes nourished, your responses and enjoyment will be as strong and as sensational as ever.

Dispropylene Glycol acts as a provoking nutrient. These nutrients are delivered right through the skin, so there’s no loss of potency, and no question about where you’ll get the benefits. It also gives a delightfully light, spa-quality fresh and natural scent.

L-Arginine – Keeps the muscles around the blood vessels at ease, maximizing blood flow to the clitoris, making for a peak sexual experience each and every time. If you’re looking to increase female libido and enhanced pleasure during intercourse, then HerSolution Gel is a worthy option that you should definitely consider.

The Best Review on Female Libido Enhancement Gels

Female libido enhancement gels have been a big thing lately.You might have seen them on morning shows for proper ways to increase the female libido and have the drive you need to. It could be causing problems with relationships or just putting a strain on yourself mentally. Here you will find out reviews on two of the best female enhancement gels you can possibly get.

We have took their ingredients into consider along with their customer testimonials. Ingredients are a big thing for taking supplements of this kind to make sure they contain natural ingredients and not chemically made ingredients that usually give off harsh side effects.

Another thing we will look at is the guarantee that the companies offer. Every one acts different towards different supplements like this so it would only be right for a company to give the best return policy possible.

Now the first great female libido enhancer that we will look at is called HerSolution Gel. It has been a notable female enhancement for quite some time now along with the natural ingredients it contains. A couple of those ingredients in HerSolution Gel are Cocoa Butter, L-Arginine, and Aloe Vera Extract. All of those are ingredients that help with increasing libido and providing an extra sensation boost to the female gentials. A wide percent of women find this female enhancement gel very unique and effective. It can be easily carried considering it’s in a tube.

The guarantee is very secure for skeptical buyers. HerSolution Gel will allow a full money back if your try their product up to 90 days to be eligible for the return policy. If you don’t find Hersolution useful or effective then you have up to 6 months from the time of purchase to return it. If that isn’t a good female libido enhancement.

Now if you think that’s the only female libido enhancement gel out there that is a good one, think again because Vigorelle is a top of the line gel. This female enhancement is such an instant libido burst along with the same effects of HerSolution Gel. The ingredients slightly differ but still deliver mind blowing effects that you will for surely feel.

Vigorelle has a slightly different guarantee then Hersolution by allowing you to try the product out for 60 days and if it doesn’t work you have 7 days after the 60 days to return it. They will give you a full a refund which is a great benefit of Vigorelle.

Gels are becoming a very common thing in the night stand drawer. They also have female enhancement capsules out there that do the same thing which might work better for people who want a serious boost all day, every day. The female enhancement gel is good for women who are on additional medications like birth control or anti-depressant. Overloading on pills/capsules might make some women want another way to enhance their libido. Also if your pregnant or breast feeding the enhancer gels are ideal because you don’t swallow any of the herbs.

Female Enhancement Gels – The Fastest Way to Increase Your Libido When It’s Time For Sex

Have you ever thought about trying female enhancement gels when it is time for you and your lover to enjoy a night of sexual pleasure? What do you do to get in the mood for love? With so much stress in your life, there has to be some way of getting sexually aroused, especially, if you are having female libido problems. Maybe the solution for you could be some type of female enhancer gel.

You see, female enhancement gels are growing by leaps and bounds since the introduction of them on top shows and the internet. It is possible that you have heard talk about these enhancers on popular TV shows as being one of the best ways to increase women libido at the precise time you are in need of it. You need a product like this if you are having problems in your relationship or with your libido. Today you will read about one of the best sexual enhancement gels for women with low libido.

HerSolution Gel is the female libido enhancement gel you will be reading about today. According to the hit TV show “The Doctors” this may be one of the top sexual enhancement gels for women who are in need of a solution to their decrease in libido. It contains all natural ingredients to help you restore your sexual arousal and puts you in the mood when you and lover are ready to handle business.

Some of the ingredients in these types of female enhancement products are, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera Extract. Along with these two ingredients, there are others ingredients that are included to help with increasing your libido giving you a sexual boost to your vagina area. A lot of women have found this product to be handy just in case they encounter in sexual activities.

This female enhancement cream or gel, as some call it, has a 100% money back guarantee if you use their products for 90 days. This has to be done in order for you to be eligible for the guarantee. Also you are given six months from the time you buy the product to return it and if you are not satisfied, you can receive all of your money back no questions asked.

As stated earlier, since these products have been featured on some of the top television shows, a lot of women have put this product to use and found it to be a good product for increasing their libido. If you decide to do some research on this female enhancement gel you might find that this is a product you have been searching for all this time.


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HerSolution – Female Enhancement Gel