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Chlorogen800 is a green coffee bean based weight loss supplement advertised to help people lose weight without having to exercise.

Chlorogen-800-logoChlorogen800 is simply coffee beans that are yet to be roasted. Coffee beans have been shown to have the ability to reduce human body weight. The ability to reduce weight is believed to be through the actions of the presence of high levels of chlorogen acid in these unroasted coffee beans. The presence of this acid in the body will prevent the body from developing diabetes, heart disease and of course it will help the body control the levels of fat storage and its overall weight.


Chlorogen800 supplement works by using the combination of coffee beans together with other acids to help reduce your body weight in an almost instant manner. This product contains 100% pure coffee extracts that are good in helping you to naturally lose your extra weight. Besides body weight loss, these coffee extracts will help your body with extra nutrients which will help your body metabolism. A higher rate of metabolism means a faster rate of shedding fats as compared to normal rate of metabolism.

How Effective Are Chlorogen800 Ingredients?

Recent studies have shown that Green coffee bean extract can be effective in weight loss process. Chlorogen800 is the main component of this product. A subset of Chlorogen800, this is a known fat regulator and antioxidant is highly required in the body for proper functioning. The fact that this product has high quantity of this component, much of it is absorbed into the bloodstream making the body to exert energy mainly from the fatty cells. This process will lead into the production of more energy at the expense of using extra fats which will ultimately lead to weight loss.

Caffeine is another ingredient making Chlorogen800 product. The manufacturer has ensured that the amount of caffeine in this product is kept low which is essential in any weight loss process. Lots of caffeine in the body can make some people hyperactive thus affecting the continuity of usage of the drug.

Chlorogen-800-chlorogenic-acidHow to Use Chlorogen800?

For better results, just use Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract 2 times a day. With this, you will be assured of a quicker process of shedding your extra weight.

Do’s – Don’ts and of Chlorogen800?


* It enhances the rate of metabolism and it makes the entire body to start consuming body fats leading to a quick loss of excess of body weight.
* There is no need for you to do standard body exercises, since chlorogenic acid in this coffee extracts will make your body burn excess fat.
* It is good in regulating your blood sugar levels which is good in diabetic individuals.
* Besides burning your extra weight, coffee bean extracts will give you high tons of energy.
* Taking of raw coffee extracts will guarantee you quick weight loss with no serious side effects.
* By taking these coffee extracts, there is no need for you to starve yourself from taking your favorite food amount.


* One downside of these coffee extracts is that you need at least 800mg of pure extra for a substantial weight loss.
* Pure raw green beans are not good to drink.
* You can only find these extracts in form of tablets and capsules.
* Not good for pregnant women.

Does Chlorogen800 Have any Side Effects?

According to the manufacturer, there are no side effects of taking this supplement.

Does Chlorogen800 Interact With Other Medications?

Just like other caffeine-based products, coffee extracts will also interact with other medications. For instance, if you take coffee extracts with other stimulants such as mate or guarana will trigger a synergistic effect which might in turn increase the levels of your blood pressure. In addition, a high intake of caffeine will trigger the loss of magnesium and calcium from the body. There is also a long list of other prescriptive medications that can interact with caffeine. These medications include those used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure and those used for depression.

Are Those Chlorogen800 Customers Testimonials Real?

Most of the testimonials in regards to chlorogen800 are real and can be taken as prove to the effectiveness of this product. Customers have provided their identities and the region where they come from.

Is There Any Safety Concerns Associated With Chlorogen800?

The only problem with all supplements is the lack of standardization. In other words, manufacturers are not under the obligation to follow a certain specific formula in producing all green coffee extracts. You will get one coffee extract containing more caffeine than the other and completely different from each other. You will get bottles of coffee extracts of the same grams containing different amounts of caffeine from the bottles next in line.

In case you happen to get a concentrated dose of caffeine, the chances of developing headaches are high. The other side effects you can get from concentrated caffeine contents include insomnia, anxiety, and nervousness, irregular heartbeat, ringing in the ears or even more serious problems in some people. Further, if you start using caffeine-based weight-loss products and then stop instantly you are more prone to developing withdrawal symptoms such as muscle tension headache, trouble concentrating, fatigue, depression, nervousness and a flushed face.

Final Verdict about Chlorogen800!

After a careful analysis of the pros and cons for this product, it would be okay to say that for now the cons have outweighed the pros. Also considering that you will have to folk out about $20 per month, this is the amount you can spend in other more productive supplements for your body weight loss.





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Articles and Reviews about Chlorogen800 - Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract

Regarding 60% of People in america are overweight or even obese. It's a great bet that numerous, if not many of them want to slim down but that's easier in theory.

You're about to provide legs to which dream - that they'll slim down WITHOUT addictive weight loss supplements or excessive amount of time in the gym, along with Chlorogen800, that has the same specifications since the coffee extract utilized in a clinical research that helped sufferers lose:
* 17 lbs of Weight17 lbs of Weight
* 10% Overall Body Weight10% Overall Body Weight
* 4.4% Overall Body Fat4.4% Overall Body Fat

And also the amazing part - they didn't have to adjust their diet or even set foot inside a gym. They burned fat by simply taking a green beans supplement three times each day!

Chlorogen-800-healthyThe caveat here's chlorogenic acid. Doctor. Oz is really specific: you require a coffee extract with a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acid to determine those kind associated with results, and without any fillers or chemicals to dilute the merchandise...

Chlorogen800 Green Beans Extract uses only top quality unroasted coffee coffee beans with 50% chlorogenic acidity - a significant 30% increase more than weaker products - providing you with the SAME potential weight reduction benefits as the folks in the research.

That means EASY weight reduction, along with a healthy diet plan. Just take Chlorogen800 Green Beans Extract twice each day and the lbs come off!
60 days money-back guarantee

You're going to love Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract. We'll vouch for that, with our generous, iron-clad 60 money-back guarantee during which you can try the product and return it if you're not satisfied.

We're very confident that Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract will help you effortlessly shed unwanted pounds. We know it will - and the study and thousands of customers who've made Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Extract their favorite green coffee extract attest for that too.

Try Chlorogen800 Coffee Bean Extract for 60 days. At any point during that time, if you're not convinced that it's the real deal, just send it back to us and we'll refund every cent minus shipping and handling.

We offer Chlorogen800 Coffee Bean Extract because it's awesome. We've seen the lives changed, the convenience of easy weight loss courtesy of this supplement made of top-grade green coffee bean extract.

Use Chlorogen800 Bean Extract as suggested and you'll lose weight. Hold us to it!

Product Format:

A bottle of 60 veggie capsules. Each capsule is 800mg and taken twice a day. The bottle should last a month.

Target Audience:

Men and women 21+ who want to lose weight, in the United States or abroad, with little effort or as part of a traditional weight loss regimen.

Chlorogen800: Is It Really A Best Weight Loss Supplement?

Chlorogen800 is a green coffee bean based weight loss supplement advertised to help people lose weight without having to exercise. The first time the term green coffee bean extract was heared, it was on the Dr Oz show. Dr. Oz stated on his show that unroasted coffee bean could indeed help user lose a few pounds and ever since the market has been flooded with all kinds of supplements made from the extract of the unroasted green coffee bean.


Chlorogen800 is probably the latest coffee bean based product in the market. Does it really have anything different to offer. If you’ve been interested in trying a green coffee bean product in the past, this review will help you decide in case you were thinking of giving Chlorogen800 a try.

Manufacturer Information of Chlorogen800

Chlorogen800 is a product of Leading Edge Health, a company founded in 1999 by a group of medical professionals whose vision has been to provide customer with much safer supplements that do not cause any side effect.

Ever since its creation, Leading Edge Health has focused on suppling the market with products that can enhance youthfulness, sexual performance and skin texture. Today the company has built a strong relationship with its customers and its products are patronized by thousands. For that reason, you should not be surprised to find some of its supplements in your local pharmaceutical store. You might even find Chlorogen800 on your favorite retail’s store shelves.

What’s In Chlorogen800?

The most important compound to think of when looking at a product like Chlorogen800 is chlorogenic acid. The main ingredient in the supplement is green coffee bean extract but the main reason why the bean was not roasted in the first place is because it is in that green state that it contains the most chlorogenic acid.

Preliminary research on chlorogenic acid suggests that it participates in the regulation of blood sugar and that can help users have better control over their appetite. To see significant result with the use of green coffee bean it is specified that each capsule should contain at least 45% chlorogenic acid.

In the case of Chlorogen800, each capsule is claimed to contain as much as 50% of the active ingredient. The manufacturer has pointed out that this is 30% more than other poor quality green coffee products found in the market. When taking into account the fact that each capsule weighs 800 mg, we can assume that users are going to enjoy 400 mg of chlorogenic acid anytime they swallow this pill.

Recommended Use

The official website recommends taking one capsule of Chlorogen800 twice a day. This should be enough to shed pounds every month. For better results it is advised to combine the use of this supplement with good eating habits and exercise.


It is a fact that the extract from unroasted green coffee bean also contains some amount of caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant known to be too strong for certain sensitive people. Keep that in mind when considering trying this supplement.

Potential side effects that may result from the use of this product include headaches, insomnia and palpitations. Pregnant women and those nursing should not even bother to try this pill.

Expert Opinion

It is certainly one of the few out there proposing a capsule much richer in chlorogenic acid, which is good news. Considering the fact that the supplement is from a genuine company, we will assume that it does contains as much chlorogenic acid as the manufacturer claims. So you should pretty much be happy with the results you get out of it.

Final Verdict

Research on how chlorogenic acid affects the body is ongoing. We don’t know exactly how it works but it seems that by taking more of that compound, users tend to lose weight. So why not give Chlorogen800 a try.

In terms of the best green coffee bean supplements on the market, Chlorogen800 is in Nokeena’s view the best on the market.

With many people in the United States now looking more closely at this remedy for weight loss after Doctor Oz’s green bean recommendation, the Chlorogen800 product is handily placed to satisfy customers wanting a genuine real deal.

Now, green bean and green coffee products have chlorogenic acid in them – that’s the magic ingredient that helps with weight loss.

However, none of them have the high concentration of chlorogenic acid that Chlorogen800 – it wipes the floor with the competition in terms of ingredients. At Nokeena we don’t know of any other green bean coffee product that is made up of 50% chlorogenic acid – but Chlorogen800 does, which is why our review of Chlorogen800 is so positive.

The reason I choose Chlorogen800 is firstly the higher concentration is has of chlorogenic acid, plus the fact that when combined with a little discipline it really has aided my weight loss. I love it and would recommend it to any of my friends, so am more than happy to include my feedback on your Chlorogen800 reviews page.

I’ve always wanted to lose weight but didn’t always have the correct mindset. Having heard about green coffee bean extract and the benefits I searched out Chlorogen800 as I heard it was the best supplement on the market. Having the bottle in my hand spurs me on to lose weight, and the extract has given me even better results. I’ve sped up my weight loss and wouldn’t have bought it unless I’d seen some of the fantastic online reviews of Chlorogen800.

What can I say apart from thank you? I read an online review of Chlorogen800 and decided to try it out. Needless to say I’ve not looked back since… I love the results, my husband really loves the results. My advice to people thinking about buying Chlorogen800 is to give it a go now. You have nothing to lose, especially given the money back guarantee promise.

Clorogen-800-orderSo is Chlorogen800 right for you? Well, if you want to lose weight then you will already know that the key to success is to burn calories, and ensure that you are burning more than you are taking on board – pretty simple right?

Now, the great thing about green coffee bean extract is that it can exacerbate this process, and Doctor Oz’s study on the product showed that women using green bean coffee extract where losing more weight on average, than those who didn’t use green coffee bean supplements.

Why Chlorogen800 Beats the Competition

What sets Chlorogen800 apart from the competition, and the reasons why we consider it to be the best green coffee bean supplement is down the following facts about the product – and of course the existing Chlorogen800 reviews that you can read further up the page.

* Chlorogen800 has 50% chlorogenic acid – more than other green coffee bean products
* Chlorogen800 is 800mg per serving – the correct amount to maximise weight loss
* Chlorogen800 is undiluted – no artificial or useless fillers included
* Chlorogen800 is offered by a reputable company – customer service guaranteed
* Chlorogen800 guarantees the product for 60 days – your money back if not happy

When you look at this stats there it means that Chlorogen800 is quite simply the leading product that we consider when it comes to green coffee bean supplements. The manufacturer is not trying advertise the product with the words “green coffee” in the title, and this is probably due to the fact they are so confident about the product so don’t need to over-emphasise the ingredients.

Full Ingredients and Label. The label of the Chlorogen800 product bottle.

Just the fact that they’re not milking ‘Green Coffee’ dry by calling it ‘Chlorogen800? separates the product from its competition. In terms of the amount of chlorogenic acid in Chlorogen800 it’s just the correct dosage to help with weight loss – and you can get confirmation of that by reading the academic study that started all the buzz around green coffee bean extract which was published in 2012 within the journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity. This showed that people who took the largest doses of green coffee went on to see the most weight lost. Now with Chlorogen800 it comes with 800mg per dosage which means it’s the optimum amount in order to lose weight and to get those calories burned. Quite simply it will lead to results as you can see from our Chlorogen800 reviews.

Why Use Chlorogen800?

Assists with weight loss, making the whole process so much easier.
You can get fast and speedy results. You don’t need to change your diet, simply use Chlorogen800
If not happy you can get your money back with a 60 day guarantee.

Any Negatives to Chlorogen800?

In terms of a green coffee bean supplement it doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses, perhaps the only downside to it would be the name.

Those users who are unaware of the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract probably won’t understand the name, which is why Chlorogen800 is very well suited to educated customers aware of what green coffee can do for weight loss.

Another negative potentially is the fact that the product is only available to purchase online. You won’t find it in the stores, simply via the official Chlorogen800 manufacturer website which you can access via the links here on our Chlorogen800 reviews page.

Chlorogen800 Reviews: The Final Verdict

If you want a fantastic green coffee bean supplement to aid with weight loss then Chlorogen800 is as good as it gets. You will see visible changes within month one and even better results if you stick with the program. In our view, and it’s backed up by the

Chlorogen800 reviews that we’ve shared, if you want the best when it comes to green coffee bean extract weight loss solutions, then

Chlorogen800 should be your preferred choice.

Green Bean Extract Weight Loss Reviews/Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract


You have often seen the Dr. Oz segment about green coffee bean. Now peel away the layers of promoting hype and you will find some pretty awesome amounts from the study released in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Weight problems…

Chlorogen-800-before-and-afterNormally, each participant lost:best green coffee bean extract supplement

* 17 pounds of Weight

* 10% Total Body Weight

* 4.4% Total Body Body fat

As well as the amazing part – they were not needed to change their dietary plan or set ft in the gym. They burned body body fat simply by taking a green coffee bean supplement three occasions every day!

The caveat here’s chlorogenic acidity. Dr. Oz is extremely specific: you’ll need a eco-friendly coffee extract with a minimum of 45% chlorogenic acidity to determine individuals type of results, with no additives or chemicals to dilute the merchandise…

Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract uses only top quality unroasted coffees with 50% chlorogenic acidity – a notable 30% increase over less strong items – giving you an identical potential weight reduction benefits because the individuals the research.

Which means EASY weight reduction, together with a healthy diet plan. Simply take Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract two times each day and also the pounds appear!


Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract is undiluted. We pay more to create our extract than competing items because we all know that fiftyPercent chlorogenic acidity helps to make the difference for: chlorogenic green coffee bean extractgreen bean extract weight loss reviews

We’ll have more specific with how much. The research participants lost greater than 17lbs normally over 22 days utilizing a similar dosage to that particular in Chlorogen800 Eco-friendly Coffee Bean Extract.

So presuming you haven’t any underlying health problems, it is a good wager you are able to lose 2-4lbs per month – and them off as this is not a dietary fads.

You do not even need to grind Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract since it is a standardized 800mg extract that you simply take like a pill!

Simply take Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract two times each day and you are on the right path to easy weight reduction. Actually, we’ll guarantee it, having a 2 month no-risk money-back guarantee!


Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract is miracle. They fit easily right into a traditional weight reduction regimen or can easily burn pounds for those who do not have time for you to put hrs in in the club.

Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract provides you with that choice. You will see achievement – as well as an eye-catching body – for it included in a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training without a doubt.

Try not to worry if you cannot either, because Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract is really a natural body fat-buster. The folks within the study counseled me overweight and just required the supplement three occasions each day. They lost 17 pounds normally. That’s pretty awesome, especially considering they provided no changes to dieting and exercise frequency!

Now take into account that Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract is really a greater dose than many supplements, at 800mg, and incredibly well-tolerated for those who have no specific health issues.

Mix by using the 50% chlorogenic acidity in Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract (in comparison towards the 45% utilized in the research) and also you visit a pattern.

Chlorogen800 Green Coffee Bean Extract is really a superior supplement, simple to use, while offering lengthy-term, sustainable and healthy weight reduction!



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